Bachelor In Paradise September 27, 2022 Eliminated No One (Recap)

Bachelor In Paradise September 27, 2022 Eliminated No One (Recap)

Hey, Bachelor Nation fans. Tonight, September 27, 2022 the very first, premiere episode of Bachelor In Paradise 2022 edition hit the air. We didn’t see anyone get eliminated in it, but it already featured some heavy drama.

Tonight’s premiere episode kicked off with the usual intros of the initial castmembers. After that, we started seeing their arrivals to the island. After most of the people arrived and got settled in, we saw Andrew and Teddi start to talk.

Jacob from Gabby and Rachel’s season showed up wearing nothing but a leaf with his butt showing. He approached the women. They thought he had a lot of confidence for showing up almost naked.

Genevieve revealed to the private cams that she definitely wasn’t happy to see Shanae arrive. They were arch enemies on Clayton’s season of The Bachelor. Genevieve told the private cams she always wanted to meet Justin Glaze. So, they started talking. Shanae and Jacob starting chatting, and they kissed at one point.

Lace showed up, and Hailey told the private cams that Lace’s season was too long ago saying, “Six years ago. Girl, you’re done here.”

Brandon showed up, and asked Serene to go talk. They both told each other that they’ve been waiting to meet each other. After a little flirting, they started kissing. Romeo showed up telling the private cams he wanted to pursue Jill. So, they started talking soon after his arrival.

However, Kira showed up also looking for Romeo. So, she interrupted Romeo and Jill’s conversation. If that wasn’t enough, Kira also took Jill’s drink! That, of course, caused Jill to get very angry. So, she got up and walked off. She told the other girls what Kira did, and they were appalled. Jill told the private cams, “Kira has always tried to take the guys I like.”

Michael and Brittany started talking at one point. Then, he was seen talking with a number of different girls. The other guys were impressed.

At one point, host Jesse Palmer talked with everyone in a group setting and let them know the rules. He also revealed that the guys will be handing out the roses this week. So, one of the ladies will end up getting eliminated during the first elimination.

Sierra, Brittany and Hailey all mentioned that they like Michael A. Elsewhere, Teddi told the private cams, “I really do like Andrew, but you never know what can happen.” Andrew ended up getting the first date card of this season, and he asked Teddi for a date. She said yes. So, they went to have drinks and talked about their first experience in Paradise.

They started laughing and having a good time. Teddi told Andrew ,”You remind me of joy.” Andrew told Teddi, “I’m very attracted to your confidence,” and they kissed. They also got in a hot tub and kissed.

Justin and Genevieve talked some more. He told her,”I’m interested in you.” Genevieve said, “That’s surprising.” Then, they flirted some more and kissed. Genevieve told the private cams, “Justin is a good kisser, and I’m picky about kissing.”

Brandon and Serene were seen kissing again on the beach. Lace told the private cams, “This is the most boring season ever. I don’t understand why I’m not being pursued.” Shanae talked with Lace and gave her a pep talk. Lace told Shanae that she was interested in talking to Logan.

Lace ended up telling everyone it was her birthday to get attention, but it wasn’t really her birthday. Lace ended up talking to Logan. Lace told Logan, “I’m not interested in anyone but you. I’m 32. I have no time to waste.” They started laughing and having a good time until Logan called her Luce. Apparently, he didn’t quite know her correct name yet. She got a bit upset about it. Logan apologized and said,”I like getting to know you. Please, don’t get upset.”

Sierra and Michael talked. Michael told the private cams, “Me and Sierra are just comfortable together. I could see a total future with her.”

Jill and Romeo talked again. This time, they talked about what happened with Kira earlier. Romeo told Jill, “I don’t have a connection with Kira. I just wanna move on and have a clean slate.” Jill said, “I just wanna see more action from you,” and they kissed. Jill told the private cams, “I feel like I’m getting know Romeo on a deeper level, and I’m excited.”

Kira saw Jill and Romeo kissing and told the private cams, “I just feel like Jill’s just trying to get a rose.” Then, Kira made her way over to Jill and Romeo. Jill said, “Oh no. Here she comes again.” Romeo asked Jill to leave and let him take care of it. So, Jill left.

Then, Romeo and Kira talked. Romeo told Kira, “Jill and I are starting to connect romantically, and I don’t want our friendship to interfere with that. If you could let me pursue Jill in peace, that would be great.” Kira said, “I respect that, and I’ll let you see it through if that’s what you want,” and they hugged. However, Kira told the private cams, “I just got played, and I hate that. I hate them.”

From there, we got intense footage of Kira pulling Jill aside for a confrontation! Kira asked Jill,”Why do you keep avoiding me everytime I walk up?” Jill said, “Because you intentionally try to interrupt my connection with Romeo!”

At this point, the tension went up a notch. Kira told Jill, “I feel very disrespected by you!” Jill said, “I feel like you’re attacking me, and I’m running from it!” Kira said, “I feel like you’re slut-shaming me!” Jill said, “We’re not getting anywhere with this,” and walked off.

After that, Kira eventually went to go flirt with Casey, and they talked about going to the “boom boom” room together.

Elsewhere, Genevieve told the private cams, “I feel good about Justin and getting his rose.” However, another Victoria from Peter’s season of The Bachelor showed up telling the private cams she’s looking to pursue Justin. And that was tonight’s episode, guys.

There was no elimination tonight. It was just an introductory episode. We’ll see things continue right where they left off in the next, new episode 2 on Monday night, October 3, 2022, starting at approximately 7 pm central standard time.

Alright, guys. That’s a wrap for this latest, “Bachelor In Paradise” TV show, recap report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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