Bachelor In Paradise October 4, 2022 Eliminated Kira, Hailey & Hunter (Recap)

Bachelor In Paradise October 4, 2022 Eliminated Kira, Hailey & Hunter (Recap)

Hey, Bachelor Nation fans. Tonight, October 4, 2022, another new episode of Bachelor In Paradise 2022 edition did indeed hit the air, and we saw the first eliminations of this season by the time it was over.

Tonight’s new episode kicked off with cocktail party footage. During it, there was a continuation of Romeo crying up a storm after realizing how much he messed up with Kira, Jill and Brittany. Elsewhere, Kira told the private cams, “I’m interested in Jacob.” Lace also told the private cams, “I want to get to know Jacob.”

Hailey made a pitch to Jacob, and they ended up kissing. Lacey also kissed Jacob at one point. Kira and Jacob ended up kissing after she showed up in a very provocative outfit. After seeing Jacob with Kira, Lacey and Hailey started to get nervous about whether or not they could get a rose from Jacob.

Victoria told the private cams, “I think Justin is awesome.” Later, Victoria talked with Justin.. Justin asked Victoria, “Do you want to get to know me more.” Victoria said, “Of course. I really like you. We’re vibing. I want to see what else this is.” Justin reciprocated those words.

Meanwhile, Genevieve told the private cams, “I’ve started to lose faith in Justin.” Justin did go to talk with Genevieve. He brought her a birthday cake. Genevieve told Justin, “I don’t feel that you’re still into me at all.” Justin expressed that he didn’t like her attitude towards him in that moment. Genevieve said, “I just need some validation from you.” Justin got frustrated saying, “I’ve been showing you actions that I care about you.”

Elsewhere, Victoria told the private cams, “I’d like to still explore other options, and I like Johnny. I hope he gives our connection a chance.” Victoria talked with Johnny. They said they make each other nervous, and they ended up kissing right in front of Hunter who Johnny had been dating. Needless to say, Hunter didn’t like that very much. She started looking very sad.

After all of that cocktail party footage, we finally saw the first rose ceremony of this season. During it, Andrew gave Teddi a rose. Brandon gave Serene a rose. Michael gave Sierra a rose. Logan gave Shanae a rose. Casey gave Brittany a rose. Jacob gave Lace a rose. Justin gave Genevieve a rose. Johnny gave Victoria a rose.

Romeo apologized to Jill and said, “I want to give you this rose to try and repair our relationship or for you to explore a new relationship.” So, Jill accepted Romeo’s rose saying, “Yes, I accept it because I know nothing in Paradise is guaranteed.” That means poor Kira, Hunter and Hailey were roseless and got eliminated.

The next day, Jill told Genevieve, “I’m not giving Romeo another chance, and I will use his rose to explore other relationships.” Logan told the private cams, “I’m excited to get to know Shanae more.”

Genevieve told Justin, “I feel so good about this, and I won’t make you feel bad again.” Genevieve told the private cams, “I think I have the right mindset to do this now. I’m a totally different person.”

James and Aaron made their arrivals to the beach, and host Jesse Palmer gave them a double date card to stir things up.

Aaron pulled Genevieve aside to talk. Genevieve told the private cams that she liked the conversation she had with Aaron. Aaron also pulled Shanae aside to talk. They seemed to have a good conversation. When it came down to the decision, Aaron ended up asking Genevieve out on date, and she accepted his invitation. James asked Shanae for a date, and she accepted it. Justin was pretty upset and told the private cams,”It’s hypocritical that Genevieve would accept Aaron’s date.”

James, Aaron, Genevieve and Shanae went swimming for their double date. Genevieve and Shanae appeared to get along quite well considering all the drama they had during Clayton’s season of the Bachelor.

Genevieve told Aaron she likes what she’s seeing from him. Aaron told Genevieve, “I think we have great chemistry, and I want to do this again.” Genevieve said, “You make me feel special. I think we’re on the same page,” and they kissed for a really long time. Genevieve told the private cams, “This was so unexpected.”

Shanae and James talked, and they kissed. Shanae told the private cams, “I feel really good about James.” Elsewhere, Jill told Romeo, “I have no interest in being romantic with you. That ship has sailed and is in the Middle East by now.”

Bachelor Nation couple Ashley I and Jared from Bachelor In Paradise season 2 showed up to make an appearance and give some advice.

Teddi told the private cams, “I don’t think Andrew and I are as far along as some of the other couples here.” Then, Rodney from Michelle Young’s season of the Bachelorette showed up and got a date card from Jesse. A lot of the girls seemed interested in Rodney.

Rodney pulled Jill aside for a talk. They seemed to have a really good conversation. Rodney also talked with Teddi. She told him, “I’m excited to see you.” Rodney reciprocated, and they seemed to have a really good conversation.

Afterwards, Teddi got very emotional and told the private cams, “My conversation with Rodney made me realize that there is really something missing with Andrew, and I feel so bad because he is a really good guy.”

Next, we saw Teddi pull Andrew aside for a serious talk. She told Andrew she was having doubts about their relationship because she just wasn’t really feeling all in on it. Andrew said, “I understand. I guess we just weren’t quite the right fit. I’m disappointed, but I understand. It’s your choice.”

From there, Teddi walked off and started crying. Jill went to talk with her. She told Jill, “If this process can’t work with someone as great as Andrew, I don’t know if it can work at all,” and Jill gave her a hug.

Shortly after that, we saw Teddi pack her bags. She told the producers, “I just wanna go now. I don’t want to have a big goodbye. I just wanna leave privately.” So, she left without telling anyone goodbye. Serene was the first one to find out Teddi was gone because she went looking for her, and couldn’t find her. Finally, bartender Wells had to tell her that Teddi left.

Serene was shocked and went to ask Andrew about it. Andrew was shocked to learn Teddi left. He said, “I tried with Teddi, but I didn’t want to smother her.” Andrew got really upset and talked with Michael about it saying, “I tried with Teddi, and she just left.”

Next, an unaware Rodney told the private cams that he wanted to ask Teddi out for a date. So, everyone had to tell Rodney that Teddi left. Needless to say, Rodney was quite shocked to hear that. And that was it for tonight’s episode, guys. Again, we said goodbye to: Hunter, Kira and Hailey in this episode. How do you guys feel about that? Let us know in the comments section.

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