Bachelor In Paradise October 11, 2022 Salley Quit, Romeo Left With Kira & More (Recap)

Bachelor In Paradise October 11, 2022 Salley Quit, Romeo Left With Kira & More (Recap)

Hey, Bachelor Nation fans. Tonight, October 11, 2022, another new episode of Bachelor In Paradise 2022 edition hit the air, and we saw some interesting exits take place as they had nothing to do with a rose ceremony.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with Salley Carson from Clayton’s season of The Bachelor finally making her arrival after canceling three times. It was revealed that she was supposed to arrive on the first night, but she kept delaying it.

Justin started talking with Salley. He told some of the other guys that he does have an interest in pursuing her.

Salley told Genevieve and Shanae that she’s not going to date anyone unless she sees herself at the end with that person. It was revealed that Salley had actually delayed coming there because she wanted to go see her ex, and Genevieve and Shanae knew it because Wells told them before hand. So, Genevieve and Shanae called Salley a liar during their private conversations.

Genevieve told the private cams, “Salley needs to go home because she’s taking up a spot for someone who really wants to be here.” Genevieve and Shanae eventually went to confront Salley about her going to see her ex before coming there. Sally said, “I felt like I needed to have a conversation with him out of respect for him.”

Shanae told the private cams, “I’m confused why Salley needed to ask her ex for permission.” Salley went off on Genevieve and Shanae saying, “I’m here to take care of my business. If you can’t understand that I did what I did out of respect for my ex then I don’t even wanna be here. This is exactly why I skipped three flights!”

Then, Salley ran off and started crying. She told Justin, “I can’t be here. I’m pissed off because I didn’t want my ex’s name to be brought up here. I gotta go,” and she left within an hour of arriving. Justin was pretty upset as Salley seemed to be his best shot at getting a rose this week.

Next, Peter from Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette arrived with a date card. He pulled Victoria for a chat. He talked with her mostly about his pizza business, and she wasn’t feeling it. He talked with Shanae. She told the private cams “Peter seems cocky. I don’t think many of the girls will like him.”

Peter talked with Brittany. She told the private cams, “Peter’s kind of cute. I would like to get to know him.” Peter asked Brittany on a date, and she accepted. She was excited for it too.

Peter and Brittany went on a yacht for their date. As their date progressed, Brittany told the private cams, “Peter seemed more interested in himself than me. I felt confused on this date.”

Peter mostly talked about his pizza business again. Then, at times, he would try to flirt with Brittany and move in for a kiss. She definitely didn’t want to kiss him. So, that didn’t work out well at all. Brittany told the private cams, “Peter is just not my person. I can’t wait to get out of this date.”

Elsewhere, Jacob got a date card. He asked Jill out on a date. Meanwhile, Brittany returned and told the other girls that the date with Peter basically went very bad. She told the private cams, “Peter is not someone I want in a person.” Peter told Casey and Romeo that he thought Brittany was just an Instagram model who’s there to get more followers.

Andrew talked with Brittany, and that connection went much better. She told Andrew, “I enjoy talking to you.” Andrew said, “I’m really attracted to you,” and they kissed.

On their date, Jacob took Jill to see a female Shaman. She had them do some tantric breathing exercises, and they started growling at the moon like werewolves. It was pretty funny. After that, the Shaman asked them to get naked. So, they got naked.

The Shaman had them stand with their backs against each other and tell each other what they most liked about each other. They both ended up telling the Shaman they’re ready to fall in love. They finished up the date in a hot tub and kissed.

Brandon gathered up the rest of the cast to celebrate Serene’s birthday. Brandon told Serene, “I will do anything for you,” and they kissed. Serene told the private cams, “I’m excited to give Brandon my rose.”

Logan decided to take some initiative and pull Shanae from James. He took her to the pool and gave her some lucky beads or something. They talked and kissed. Shanae told the private cams, “Logan went the extra mile, and I’m so happy about it, but I’m torn between James and Logan. I don’t want to send the wrong one home, and then I get screwed again.

Jared and Ashley finally got to do their thing in the Boom, Boom room. Jacob and Jill had nice things to say about each other to the private cams when they got back from their date. They also told everyone about how great their date was.

Then, Kira who was previously eliminated from the beach returned. She said she had unfinished business with Jacob. Kira told the private cams, “I didn’t like how I left Bachelor In Paradise. I want to get Jacob back.” Meanwhile, Jill told the girls that Kira is really shady and bizarre for doing this.

Kira made a pitch to Jacob saying, “I thought what we had was real. I still have feelings for you. You felt like home to me. That’s why I was really devastated to not get your rose. So, I had to return to see if there’s something between us.”

Jacob seemed to be quite moved by Kira’s pitch and he held her hand at one point. That made Jill get really upset, and she stormed off to her room. So, Brittany confronted Jacob saying, “Jacob, what is going on? You just pissed off Jill.” Jacob and Kira said, “We’re just having a conversation.” Then, Jacob told Kira,”I admire that you put yourself out there, but I think our connection was just too forced. There’s a real connection with me and Jill, but I wish you the best of luck.”

From there, Jacob went back to comfort Jill and explained what Kira said. “I just wished her good luck, and she cannot break us up. We had such a great time.” So, Jacob and Jill made up and everything was blissful again.

Romeo talked with Kira and comforted her. She told him, “You’ve always been so nice to me, and I really appreciate you.” He told Kira, “It would’ve been better for me if I had given my rose to you.” Kira said, “I think we would make a really good couple,” and they kissed. Kira asked Romeo, “Would you leave Paradise with me tonight?” Romeo said, “Yes,” and they left.

Kira told the private cams, “Me and Romeo did Paradise right. We explored other connections and found our way back to each other.” And that was tonight’s show, guys. Just to recap, Salley from Clayton’s season quit within an hour of arriving, and Romeo quit to run off with Kira.

Alright, guys. That is a wrap for this latest, “Bachelor In Paradise” TV show, spoiler report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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