Fantasy Island Season 2 May 8, 2023 Episode 13 Is The Finale. Season 3 Not Yet Confirmed

Fantasy Island Season 2 May 8, 2023 Episode 13 Is The Finale. Season 3 Not Yet Confirmed

Hey, “Fantasy Island” fans. We hope you guys totally enjoyed and savored every friggin minute of tonight’s episode 13 of Fantasy Island’s current season 2, especially since it was definitely the very last one of season 2 and possibly forever.

Yeah,unfortunately, we will not be able to officially confirm with you, tonight, whether or not you get to see a brand new season 3 of Fantasy Island because FOX has not yet announced if they’re cancelling it or renewing it.

Since we don’t have any confirmed news of Fantasy Island’s future status, we put together a special segment for this article where we will sit down and take a quick look at the LIVE Nielsen ratings and viewership numbers for Fantasy Island’s current season 2. We’re going to do a general breakdown at how it performed for FOX and see if we can’t come up with an educated guess as to what FOX may decide to do with Fantasy Island. Ready? Let’s go.

Alright, according to the LIVE Nielsen ratings numbers, Fantasy Island season 2 averaged just 1.770 million LIVE viewers per episode, and a 0.20 ratings score for the 18-49 year old demographics. The most recent episode 12, which aired last Monday night, May 1, 2023, managed to draw in 1.540 million LIVE viewers, and a 0.20 ratings score. Those averages are down 32.22 percent from season 1.

The most-viewed episode was episode 4 with 2.044 million LIVE viewers. The least-viewed episode was episode 12 with the 1.540 million LIVE viewers. The highest-rated episodes were episodes 4,6 and 7. They all tied for first place with a 0.24 ratings score. The lowest-rated episode was episode 9 with a 0.14 ratings score.

Those numbers seem awfully low for a major network like FOX, but the numbers seemed low for Fantasy Island last year, and it still somehow got a renewal. So, this could definitely go either way. We will say that it’s certainly no surprise that FOX is stalling on a renewal decision for Fantasy Island.

These numbers are a long way from being stellar. I wouldn’t be surprised if FOX is weighing their options to see if maybe a new show would perform better for them in that time slot. I would definitely be crossing my fingers for this one to be renewed. I’ve seen FOX cancel shows that have performed way better for them than this one in the past.

If Fantasy Island does get renewed for a new season 3, I would say it’s probably a pretty inexpensive show for FOX to buy. It’s the only reason I could see for them renewing it at this point unless it’s blowing it out of the water on the streaming platforms. Anyways, guys. You’ll definitely need to cross your fingers really hard for this one.

Alright, guys. That is going to be a wrap for this latest, “Fantasy Island” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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  1. Dawn says:

    I love fantasy island but I don’t have regular t.v only streaming so I have to watch after it’s aired on fox. But maybe there is a way to track ratings from streaming because I know there is a lot more people streaming and not watching live t.v. Because cable and satellite are so costly! I am so very upset that they cancelled this show. Maybe Hulu or Netflix or the countless streaming options can pick this up.(please please please).thank you for a wonderful program I will miss you!

    A faithful Fan

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