New Survivor May 10, 2023 Episode Preview Revealed

New Survivor May 10, 2023 Episode Preview Revealed

Hey, “Survivor” fans. We’ve got some great news for you, right now, because CBS is going to serve up another new episode of Survivor tonight, May 10, 2023. That’s right, guys. Tonight’s new episode will be the 11th installment of Survivor’s current season 44, and we’ve got some new preview information for it.

CBS was nice enough to give us an official press release for tonight’s new, May 10, 2023 episode. So, we’re going to certainly take a look at it right now. Let’s get into it.

To start, CBS let us know that tonight’s new, May 10,2023 episode is officially labeled/titled, “I’m Not Worthy.” In tonight’s new episode, you guys are going to see the remaining contestants battle it out in another immunity challenge to guarantee themselves a spot in the final 6!

CBS gave us a hint for what this immunity challenge will entail. Apparently, it will involve something where they have to keep their heads above water. So, definitely get ready to see what that’s all about. Of course, there will be another tribal council meeting session where another unlucky contestant will get voted off the island and into jury at the end.

CBS’ official description for this new, May 10, 2023 episode 11 of Survivor season 44 reads like this, “Castaways must keep their heads above water in the immunity challenge to be guaranteed a spot in the final six. Then, it’s a mad dash before tribal council as castaways must decide who to target on SURVIVOR.”

CBS’ press release confirmed that Survivor will be brand new again tonight, May 10, 2023, and it will hit the air at approximately 7 pm central standard time. It will also be available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+.

Alright, guys. That’s going to wrap it up for this latest, “Survivor” TV show, preview report, but definitely stay tuned for more. Also, we will be back on later on tonight with a full recap report of this episode. So, be on the lookout for it.

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