The Bachelorette June 26, 2023 Eliminated 6 Guys In Premiere Episode (Recap)

The Bachelorette June 26, 2023 Eliminated 6 Guys In Premiere Episode (Recap)

Hey, “Bachelor Nation” fans. Tonight, June 26, 2023, The Bachelorette 2023 edition with headliner Charity Lawson finally premiered its very first episode 1, and we got to see the first batch of guys to get eliminated at the very end.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with the intro of headliner Charity Lawson. She revealed her background and said she has a good life, but she’s looking for someone to share it with. Shortly after that, we got footage of Charity being greeted by host Jesse Palmer at the mansion. Then, her 25 guys starting pulling up in the limo. A few of them tried to do something to stand out from the rest of the pack.

Aaron B told Charity that the sparkle of her dress matched her eyes. He also brought a lucky coin gimmick. Joey gave her a special flower to wear in her hair. Warwick told Charity that he booked them a flight to Ohio or something. It was interesting. Xavier told Charity, “I’m looking for a cure to a lonely heart.”

Caleb A is a doctor, and he brought Charity a stethoscope. He told her, “My heart is beating just for you.” John Henry showed up wearing an old-school diving helmet and said, “I just want to dive in with you.” Aaron S is a firefighter, and he brought a lighted candle so the two of them can blow it out and make a wish.

Tanner brought Charity a towel that he named the “Tanner towel.” Chris did a back flip and said, “You made me flip out.” Brayden and Charity toasted to a shot at love. Spencer taught Charity some martial arts moves. Peter is a pilot,and he told Charity, “Maybe we can be each other’s co-pilot.”

Michael is a yacht captain, and he gave Charity a bracelet with a little boat charm. Sean brought one of those giant sweepstakes checks and told Charity, “I wanted to make a donation to Charity.” John brought Charity a fortune cookie, and it said, “You will meet the man of your dreams. His name is John.”

After the 25 guys made their intros to Charity, Charity’s brother Nehemiah showed up to congratulate her on being the new Bachelorette, but he told the private cams, “I’m watching out to see everything the guys say and do.” Then, he revealed that he was going in undercover as a bartender to talk with the guys at the cocktail party.

Charity went inside to greet the guys and thank them for being there. Then, she started up her 1 on 1 talks. She talked 1 on 1 with Joey at some point. He told her, “It’s nice to see how genuine you are.” Charity told the private cams, “Joey gives me butterflies.”

Charity talked with James. He showed her a letter from his mother, which showered Charity with complements. Charity said, “This is so sweet.” She told the private cams, “James is a precious lamb. He’s so sweet.”

Charity talked with Xavier. Their conversation went well, and they kissed. She told him, “I’m happy you’re here.” Charity told the private cams, “His kiss is almost too good to be true.”

Charity talked with John. They had a good talk and kissed. She told him, “I like your energy.” John told the private cams, “That was one of the best moments of my life.”

Charity talked with Spencer. Spencer told the private cams that he has a child and hasn’t told Charity yet. They talked about them both being in the healthcare profession. Then, he told her he has a son. Charity told him, “I think it’s beautiful that you’re here, and I wanna know more.” He told her, “You’re so awesome for that.”

Aaron B played the piano for Charity, and they talked. He flipped a coin again for a kiss, and they kissed. Charity told the private cams, “Aaron B is a charmer. I feel good about him.”

Charity talked with Brayden. He told her he was impressed with the empathy she showed during her season. Then, they kissed. Charity told the private cams, “Brayden and I immediately hit it off.” Elsewhere, Brayden was seen telling the other guys all about the kiss he had with Charity. He even went as far as to say that he thinks he could get the first impression rose.

Charity’s brother Nehemiah told the private cams that Brayden came off as very cocky. Nehemiah eventually revealed his real identity to the guys. He told them that he heard some things that were a little questionable.

Nehemiah told Charity that he went in undercover as a bartender to talk with the guys. He mentioned that he was pleasantly surprised with Aaron B saying, “He seemed authentic.” On the other hand, Nehemiah told Charity, ‘Brayden was very, very energetic, but he seemed a little arrogant. So, that could be a problem. He even went as far as to say he might get the first impression rose.”

After all of that, Charity told the guys about her conversation with Nehemiah. Then, she pulled Brayden aside for a chat. Charity told Brayden, “Nehemiah told me that you seemed overconfident.” Brayden said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to come off as overconfident. If I was in your shoes and we had that moment, I would give you the first impression rose. So, I didn’t really mean it to be arrogant. I was just really happy about the moment we shared.” Charity said, “Thank you for explaining that. I have some thinking to do.”

A few minutes later, Charity came back and told Brayden, “You had every single reason to feel our moment deserved a first impression rose,” and she gave him the rose. They kissed. Charity told the private cams, “I like that Brayden is excited about me and is not afraid to make that known.”

Shortly after that, the rose ceremony took place, and Charity gave: Aaron B., John, Xavier, Joey, Caleb B., Warwick, Aaron S., Caleb A., Adrian, James, Sean, Michael, Tanner, Dotun, Kaleb K., John Henry, Josh, and Spencer a rose to join Brayden who got the first impression rose.

That unfortunately means that poor: Joe, Taylor, Peter, Nic, Khalid and Chris did not get a rose and were eliminated. Alright, guys. That was tonight’s show. Charity got rid of 6 guys on the first night, leaving only 19 left.

Alright, guys. That is going to be a wrap for this latest, “The Bachelorette” TV show, recap report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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