New Bachelorette 2024 Season 21 Men Revealed By ABC

New Bachelorette 2024 Season 21 Men Revealed By ABC

Hey, Bachelor Nation fans. As we previously reported, the new 2024 edition of The Bachelorette aka season 21 is just right around the corner with a Monday, July 8, 2024 premiere date. Jenn Tran from Joey Graziadei’s recent season of The Bachelor will be the headliner of this new Bachelorette season. That means ABC had to go out and fetch a whole new group of guys for Jenn to choose from, and we’ve found out who they are, courtesy of ABC’s official website.

We did a count, and we’ve learned that Jenn will have a total 25 men competing for her love and affection in this new season. We extracted their names, what they do for a living and where they’re from for you guys. So, with no further ado. We’re going to go through Jenn’s list of guys right now, starting with 29 year old Aaron. He’s an Aerospace Engineer from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Second on the list is 28 year old Austin. He’s a Sales Executive from San Diego, California. 30 year old Brendan. He’s a Real Estate Broker from Vancouver, British Columbia. 28 year old Brett. He’s a Health & Safety Manager from Manheim, Pennsylvania.

33 year old Brian. He’s an Aesthetics Consultant from Boynton Beach, Florida. 27 year old Dakota. He’s a Sommelier from Paradise Valley, Arizona. 28 year old Devin. He’s a Freight Company Owner from Houston, Texas. 24 year old Dylan. He’s a Medical Student from Elk Grove, California. 30 year old Grant. He’s a Day Trader from Houston, Texas.

29 year old Hakeem. He’s a Medical Device Salesman from Schaumberg, Illinois. 28 year old Jahaan. He’s a Startup Founder from New York, New York. 29 year old Jeremy. He’s a Real Estate Investor
from New York, New York. 25 year old John. He’s a Medical Student from Delray Beach, Florida. 27 year old Jonathon. He’s a Creative Director from Los Angeles, California.

35 year old Kevin. He’s a Financial Analyst from Denver, Colorado. 31 year old Marcus. He’s a Army Ranger Veteran from Raleigh, North Carolina. 28 year old Marvin. He’s a Luxury Event Planner from
Santa Monica, California. 27 year old Matt. He’s an Insurance Executive from Atlanta, Georgia.

25 year old Moze. He’s an Algebra Teacher from Albany, New York. 28 year old Ricky. He’s a Pharmaceutical Representative from Miami, Florida. 27 year old Sam M. He’s a Contractor from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. 25 year old Sam N. He’s an Entrepreneur from Carlsbad, California. 30 year old Spencer He’s a Pet Portrait Entrepreneur from Dallas, Texas.

31 year old Thomas N. He’s a Retirement Adviser from Tucker, Georgia, and 27 year old Tomas A. He’s a Physiotherapist from Toronto, Ontario. You guys can see photos of all of Jenn Tran’s men over on ABC by Clicking Here.

Again, the new 2024 edition The Bachelorette with headliner Jenn Tran is currently scheduled to make its big debut on Monday night, July 8, 2024, starting at approximately 7 pm central standard time. It will be a 2-hour event.

Alright, guys. That is a wrap for this latest, “The Bachelorette” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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