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New Blacklist Episode 15,Season 1 Official Spoilers,Plotline Revealed By NBC

New Blacklist episode 15,season 1 official spoilers,plotline revealed by NBC. Recently,NBC delivered the new,official,synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming “The Blacklist” episode 15 of season 1. The episode is entitled, “The Judge,” and it sounds like thins will get pretty intriguing as big time Prosecutor is finally found after being missing for 12,long years, and more.

In the new,15th episode press release: When a prominent Prosecutor is found after being missing for 12 years, Red is going to believe that this is the work of Ruth Kipling also known as “The Judge.” Only a myth, the Judge runs an underground criminal appeals process in which those who have wrongly imprisoned and punished others are judged and punished themselves. Read more »

New Following Season 2,Episode 7 Official Spoilers,Plotline Revealed By FOX

New Following season 2,episode 7 official spoilers,plotline revealed by FOX. Recently,FOX released the new,official synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming “The Following” episode 7 of season 2. The episode is entitled, “Sacrifice,” and it sounds like things will get quite interesting as Ryan’s past actions start haunting him, and more.

In the new,7th episode press release: Past actions will come back to haunt Ryan. Press release number 2: Ryan and the FBI are going to continue their hunt for Lily Gray, and will be forced to redirect their search when a new threat enters Max’s life. Meanwhile, Joe, Emma ,and Mandy will arrive at their latest hideout, but will quickly realize things aren’t what they seem. Read more »

New Castle Season 6,Episode 17 Official Spoilers,Plotline Revealed By ABC

New Castle season 6,episode 17 official spoilers,plotline revealed by ABC. Recently,ABC released the new,official,synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming “Castle” episode 17 of season 6. The episode is titled, “In the Belly of the Beast,” and it sounds like things will get extremely intense and interesting as Beckett’s life gets put in major danger while undercover, and more!

In the new,17th episode press release: an undercover mission is going to go bad, putting Beckett’s life in danger. Press release number 2: Beckett is going to get recruited to assist on a Narcotics investigation, but a routine mission will turn deadly when an undercover operation goes bad. To survive, Beckett is going to have to engage in a battle of wits against some of the most dangerous men in the New York underworld, including a powerful enemy from her past. Read more »

Bachelor 2014 Juan Pablo Reportedly Picks Nikki Ferrell In Finale Episode 11,New Intel

nikki ferrell image

Bachelor 2014 Juan Pablo reportedly picks Nikki Ferrell in finale episode 11,new intel. According to a recent report from our trusty source, Reality Steve, we’ve got our annual finale, major spoiler reveal. And it turns out that the cute blonde chick ,Nikki Ferrell (left), is going to be the victor over her arch enemy, Clare Crawley, in the finale episode 11, which is set to air on Monday night, March 10th.

In addition to this, Reality Steve also says that Juan will not actually propose to Nikki in the finale episode like they usually do. He’s just going to pick her over Clare as, I guess, someone he would propose to if he ever had any intention of proposing to any of these women at all, lol!! I’m actually hearing that’s what the case is. Juan actually never planned to really ever propose to anyone of these girls, from the get-go, and that he’s just in it for the fame and other possible opportunities. Read more »

New Castle Season 6,Episode 17 Spoiler Pic Features Beckett In Dramatic Action

New Castle season 6,episode 17 spoiler pic features Beckett in dramatic action. Recently, ABC delivered this new spoiler photo for their upcoming “Castle” episode 17 of season 6, and it appears to be quite interesting, featuring Beckett caught up in some heavy drama as she engages in a battle of wits against some dangerous men, and more. The episode is titled, “In the Belly of the Beast.”

In related news, ABC revealed new spoiler info for this episode in one of their new press releases. It reads like this: Beckett is recruited to assist on a Narcotics investigation, but a routine mission turns deadly when an undercover operation goes bad. Read more »

Amazing Race 24,All Stars Eliminated Natalie & Nadiya Anderson In Episode 1 Tonight

Amazing Race 24,All Stars eliminated Natalie & Nadiya Anderson in episode 1 tonight. Tonight’s premiere show, kicked off with an introduction to all the returning all-star teams. However, it was revealed that Bopper from team Mark & Bopper had an inflamed pancreas,so the doctor could not give him the ok to race as it was a life-threatening condition. So, Bopper gave Mark his blessing to do the race with another partner, who turned out to be Mallory Ervin from Amazing Race season 17.

Next, host Phil Keoghan, told the teams, they had to catch a flight to China, but first, they had to race to get clues in order to be allowed to hop in their Ford Fusion cars to head to the airport. Once they arrived in China, they had to head the “Street Of Wedding Dresses” shop to get their first clue for this leg of the race. Read more »

New X Men,Days Of Future Past Time Travel Details Revealed By Director

New X Men,Days Of Future Past time travel details revealed by Director. Recently, Collider got to chat it up with “X-Men: Days Of Future Past” movie director, Bryan Singer (left), and dished a lot of new scoopage for the film. In this particular segment, he discussed in further detail, the time travel elements. It turns out that the movie will also be very dark, militant, and more.

Bryan told them: ” This one actually delves into being a time travel movie. Once I took on that and figured out a methodology for it I embraced the fact that like Time Machine, Back to the Future, Terminator, Looper, I’m now in that world or trench, but it’s a very fun opportunity to see maybe this is a future. Read more »

Kristen Stewart Spotted Happy Hangin With Fans Yesterday To Direct A New Music Video

Kristen Stewart spotted happy hangin with fans yesterday to direct a new music video. Recently, Hollywood Life acquired a new,exclusive photo of former Twilight Saga hottie, Kristen Stewart, kickin it with fans out in Nashville,TN yesterday afternoon, February 22nd, and she looked like she was having an absolute blast. They say she was out there,directing a music video,so that’s pretty interesting. You guys can see the new pic at Hollywood Life by Clicking Here.

Kristen directed the music video for her friends from the band, Sage & the Saints. Their sources told them, “This was a really good experience for her. Directing is something she wants to do a lot more of, plus screenwriting.” The video was filmed at Short Mountain Distillery in Nashville, and it really freed Kristen up and let her explore her creativity as a first-time director. Read more »

New Bones Season 9,Episode 16 Spoiler Promo Clip Hit The Net

New Bones season 9,episode 16 spoiler promo clip hit the net. Recently, FOX finally dished out the new promo/spoiler clip (below) for their upcoming “Bones” episode 16 of season 9, and it appears to be pretty interesting as Brennan tries to take more initiative while out on the field, and more. The episode is titled, “The Source in the Sludge.”

In the new clip, it’s revealed that Brennan and Booth’s insurance company thinks that Booth is at more risk than Brennan is while they’re in the field. Freddy Prince Jr. will show up for action. The whole team will be caught up in the newest case. Brennan will show concern that no one is questioning Freddy Prince’s character’s authority ,and more. Read more »

New Teen Wolf Season 3,Episode 20 Third Spoiler Clip Hit The Net

New Teen Wolf season 3,episode 20 third spoiler clip hit the net. Recently, MTV released this new,3rd,sneak peek/spoiler clip (below) for their upcoming “Teen Wolf” episode 20 of season 3, and it looks pretty damn cool and interesting as Kira really amazes Scott with her newfound skills of handling a sword, convincing him that she should tag along to help, and more. The episode is titled, “Echo House.”

In the new clip, Scott doesn’t think the cute Kira chick shouldn’t tag along on his new,dangerous outing. However, that all changes once she really gets down, showing off her brilliant sword wielding abilities that she points out, she’s been brushing up on. Read more »