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New Supergirl Season 2 Not Yet Confirmed,Still Waiting For CBS’ Announcement

Hey, “Supergirl” peeps. We regrettably have to tell you that we’re just not sure ,yet, if Supergirl will be returning a for a new season 2, because CBS is taking their sweet, precious time to confirm if it is or not.

There is some good news. Apparently, the folks over at Zap2it seem to think that a season 2 renewal is a lock without the official CBS confirmation, because the Executive Producers, Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kresiberg, have discussed plans for new casting in season 2. Read more »

New Suicide Squad 3rd Movie Trailer Hit The Net With New Scenes

This past Sunday night, Warner Bros. Pictures dropped this new, 3rd epic movie trailer (below) for their upcoming “Suicide Squad” super hero/action flick, and it looks very extreme and action-filled, showing us new-look scenes that features lots of explosions, fighting, shooting. The whole 9 yards.

We also see a couple of comic relief scenes with Will Smith aka Deadshot cracking a few jokes, along with Margot Robbie aka Harley Quinn. Check it out, below.

The movie stars: Will Smith, Jay Hernandez, Jared Leto, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Viola Davis, Adam Beach, Common , Ike Barinholtz, Joel Kinnaman, Read more »

New Walking Dead Season 7 Greenlit,New Spoilers On The Way

Hey, “The Walking Dead” peeps. We’re glad to be able to inform you that your favorite show was officially greenlit by AMC to come back for a new season 7. Apparently, this renewal has been known for a couple months now according to TV LIne, who reported it way back in December 2015.

This great news also means that you guys can expect to get served up new spoilers,photos, videos and more over the next couple of weeks and months, so get yourselves prepped for all that great stuff. Read more »

New Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Is Happening,New Spoilers On The Way

Hey, “Pretty Little Liars” peeps. It is with great pleasure that we can officially tell you that Freeform has given your favorite show a brand new season 7! Apparently, this is quite old news as TV Line revealed it about a year and a half ago back in June 2014.

However, here’s something that was more recently revealed. One of the main stars, Lucy Hale aka Aria, told the press that the upcoming season 7, will definitely be the last, saying: “It is ending. We’ve been doing it for six years, and I think that all good things must come to an end.” She also desires that it ends with a big tragedy in the plotline. Read more »

New Deadpool 2 Sequel Movie Definitely Happening,Writers Already Working It

Recently, the folks over at The Hollywood Reporter dished out some new intel, revealing that we’re definitely going to see a sequel to the movie that’s got all the buzz, right now, Deadpool!

20th Century FOX has already delivered the greenlight for the 2nd installment, most likely due to all the money it’s raking in at the moment. It’s on track to rake in, at least, $70 million during its opening weekend! Writers: Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, are currently writing the script for Deadpool 2.

FOX definitely wants to keep the whole creative team together for the sequel. Read more »

New The Choice Movie Received Mostly Bad Reviews From Major Critics

Lionsgate dropped their new romantic/drama movie, “The Choice,” into theaters today, February 5th,2016, and all the major,top movie critics have delivered their review opinions, and it turns out they weren’t very good opinions for this flick to say the least. They gave it only an overall 25 score out of a possible 100 across 14 reviews at the site

The film features: Alexandra Daddario, Benjamin Walker, Maggie Grace, Teresa Palmer and Tom Welling. We’ve posted comments from a couple of the critics, below.

Richard Roeper at the Chicago Sun-Times, gave it a very less Read more »

New Kung Fu Panda 3 Movie Received Mostly Positive Reviews From Major Critics

20th Century FOX dropped their new animated/comedy movie, “Kung Fu Panda 3,” into theaters this weekend, and all the major, top movie critics, and it sounds like it resonated quite well with the majority of them as they gave it an overall 65 score out of a possible 100 score across 22 reviews at the site.

The film stars: Angelina Jolie, Bryan Cranston, David Cross, Dustin Hoffman, J.K. Simmons, Jack Black, Jackie Chan, Lucy Liu and Seth Rogen. We’ve posted blurbs from a couple of the critics, below.

Gary Goldstein over at the Los Angeles Times, gave it a very nice 80 grade, saying: Read more »

New 5th Wave Movie Received Mostly Bad Reviews From Major Critics

Columbia Pictures dropped their new action/thriller movie, “The 5th Wave,” into theaters this weekend, and all the reviews are in from the major,top film critics, and it turns out that most of them were none too pleased with it, giving it only an overall 34 score out of a possible 100 across 26 reviews at the site.

The film features: Bailey Anne Borders, Chloë Grace Moretz, Gabriela Lopez, Maggie Siff, Matthew Zuk, Nick Robinson and Ron Livingston. We’ve added statements from a few of the critics, beloiw.

Brian Truitt over at USA Today, gave it an 75 score, saying: “The 5th Wave finds a way to make the most of Moretz’s talents, Read more »

New Wonder Woman 2017 Movie First Featurette Clip Hit The Net

Recently, Warner Bros. Pictures dropped this new, first featurette movie clip (below) for their upcoming “Wonder Woman” 2017 flick with hottie, Gal Gadot. We see new scenes from the movie where her character is looking pretty sleek as her alter ego, Diana Prince, and then she’s spotted in some heavy dramatic stuff as Wonder Woman. Major fight scenes are shown, Read more »

New Zac Efron Dirty Grandpa Movie Received Extremely Bad Reviews From Major Critics

Lionsgate delivered their new comedy movie, “Dirty Grandpa,” into theaters today, January 22nd, 2016, and straight up, the top, major movie critics made it perfectly clear that this was one of the most horrible movies they’ve ver seen, giving it just an overall 14 score out of as possible 100 across 7 reviews at the site.

The film features: Aubrey Plaza, Dermot Mulroney, Jason Mantzoukas, Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman, Julianne Hough, Robert De Niro, Zac Efron and Zoey Deutch. We’ve added statements from a couple of the critics, below.

Clayton Dillard from Slant Magazine, gave it a really bad 25 score, stating: ” As in Judd Apatow’s films, crassness is boasted Read more »