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CW Released New Buffy’s Sarah Gellar ‘Ringer’ Rooftop Spoiler Clip

sarah michelle gellar in ringer rooftop  image
CW released new Buffy’s Sarah Gellar ‘Ringer’ rooftop spoiler clip. CW recently released a brand,new,sneak peek,spoiler clip (below) for their new “Ringer” TV show,featuring former Buffy The Vampire Slayer star Sarah Michelle Gellar. In it, she plays character Bridget who has taken on her twin sister Siobhan’s identity.

In the clip,Bridget is seen on the rooftop,talking with a friend on the phone. She reveals that Siobhan killed herself,and now everyone thinks she is Siobhan because she is the only one that knows she’s dead. Read more »

Vampire Diaries Released New ‘Secret Circle’ Confrontation Spoiler Clip

faye in cw secret circle  image
Vampire Diaries released new ‘Secret Circle’ confrontation spoiler clip. The CW in association with Vampire Diaries producer Kevin Williamson,has released another,very interesting new spoiler clip (below) for their new “Secret Circle” witch show. The show is based on the book,written by the same writer who wrote Vampire Diaries.

In the new clip,character Cassie is being confronted by a group of kids about a fire that took place the previous night. Cassie is very confused,and continuously asks them why they brought her there,and is weirded out by the whole thing. Read more »

HBO Released New True Blood Season 4 ‘Hooked’ Poster

    adam lambert at american idol 10 finale image

HBO released new True Blood season 4 ‘Hooked’ poster. HBO networks recently released a brand new poster for their upcoming “True Blood” season 4,with a tagline that reads, “You Know You’re Hooked,” and blood dripping down from the “hooked” part. I like it. It looks pretty cool.

As previously reported, the new season is scheduled to debut on June 26th. The first episode will see Sookie journeying away from Bon Temps,while Eric and Bill will try to win back the human public. Jason will learn that no good deed goes unpunished. Read more »

Scotty McCreery Won ‘American Idol’ Season 10 Tonight

scotty mccreery image
Scotty McCreery won ‘American Idol’ season 10 tonight. Tonight’s season finale episode kicked off with an introduction of the finalist Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery. Then the top 13 contestants returned to the stage to sing Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way.” After the break,James Durbin hit the stage with “Sting” to sing a song.

After that, they showed more video outtakes from this season,featuring Randy Jackson’s “In It To Win It” line. Next, Jacob Lusk hit the stage with Gospel singer Kirk Franklin to sing a song called, “I Smile.” Singing legend Gladys Knight also hit the stage to help out. Read more »

Vampire Diaries Released New ‘Secret Circle’ Water Magic Spoiler Clip

cassie and adam in secret circle image
Vampire Diaries released new ‘Secret Circle’ water magic spoiler clip. The CW in association with Vampire Diaries producer Kevin Williamson, recently released a new,extended spoiler clip for their new show “Secret Circle,” which is derived from a book that’s written by the same writer of the Vampire Diaries.

In this clip, Adam and Cassie do some water floating magic. Adam explains to Cassie that their energy is connecting when they touch hands,and asks her to try again. Then they start chanting, “a drop of water as light as air” over and over again until the water starts floating. Read more »

MTV ‘Jersey Shore’ Ronnie Fist Fought Mike The Situation In Italy

mike and ronnie on jersey shore italy image
MTV ‘Jersey Shore’ Ronnie fist fought Mike The Situation in Italy. According to TMZ, MTV Jersey Shore stars Ronnie and Mike the Situation finally got into a punching brawl while filming the 4th season over in Italy,and it looks like Mike probably got his ass kicked.

They say that the two stars got into a major fist fight with each other two nights ago,and that their pictures indicate Ronnie may have been the winner as Mike had red marks covering his face around his left eye. Ronnie’s knuckles were torn up and bleeding. Read more »

WB Released New Batman 3 ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Character Bane Photo

    bane in batman 3 dark knight rises image

WB released new Batman 3 ‘Dark Knight Rises’ character Bane photo. Warner Bros. Pictures recently released a new photo for their upcoming Christopher Nolan “Batman 3: Dark Night Rises” movie. The new photo shows Tom Hardy as character Bane.

Bane is one of Batman’s more physically and intellectually powerful enemies. He’s a virtually unstoppable juggernaut, and is best known for breaking Batman’s back in the “Knightfall” story arc for the DC Comics.

The movie stars: Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Juno Temple, Josh Pence, Daniel Sunjata, Nestor Carbonell, Matthew Modine, Tom Conti, Joey King, Brett Cullen,and Chris Ellis. Read more »

Nina Dobrev Dropped New,Dark Vampire Diaries Season 3 Spoiler Teasers

Nina Dobrev dropped new,dark Vampire Diaries season 3 spoiler teasers. Vampire Diaries starlet Nina Dobrev recently dropped some new season 3 spoiler teasers while in Paris,France with co-star Ian Somerhalder this week. The teasers sound pretty interesting as she claims season 3 will feel like a totally new show,but dark,and more.

According to, Nina explained to the press, that the 3rd season is going to be like a blank slate,and she thinks it will feel like a completely new show now that Stefan has gone to the dark side. Read more »

Justin Bieber Spotted On Movie Date With Selena Gomez Other Night

Justin Bieber spotted on movie date with Selena Gomez other night. According to Hollywood Life,big time stars Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were spotted out again the other night on a “Pirates Of The Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides” movie date with fellow stars Chris Brown and Disney’s Demi Lovato.

They say they were spotted at a theater in Sherman Oaks,California. Their eyewitnesses said they all left the theater before the movie ended,and were very excited to be hanging out,and kept jumping up and down.

They arrived at the theater at midnight,and didn’t buy any concessions. They just went straight into the movie. Two hours later,they walked out before the film completely ended. Read more »

Kim Kardashian Engaged To Kris Humphries With $2 Million Ring

kim kardashian,kris humphries on people mag cover image
Kim Kardashian engaged to Kris Humphries with $2 Million ring. OK,so now I’m about to report one of the most ridiculous stories I’ve ever heard of in my entire life. Not the engagement part. That’s all special and lovey dovey that Kim Kardashian has gotten engaged to her boyfriend Kris Humphries. Congrats.

What I’m talking about is a report from TMZ. They say that this chick just got a $2 million dollar engagement ring! WTF! No ring in this entire world should cost that much money. Oh,well. That’s Hollywood, I guess. They went on to say that their sources confirmed the engagement ring is indeed valued at $2 million

The ring was designed by Lorraine Schwartz,and features a 16.5 emerald cut center stone with two,2-carat trapezoids that equal out to a whopping 20.5 carats. Read more »