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New ‘Spider Man: Far From Home’ Movie Critic Reviews Are Mostly Positive

Hey, movie fans. Yes indeedy, the new “Spider-Man: Far From Home” movie is officially out in theaters nationwide. It was released by Columbia Pictures aka Sony this past Tuesday,July 2, 2019, and all the critic reviews have been turned in.

They look mostly positive. It scored a 69 out of a possible 100 across 53 critics over on Read more »

New ‘Downton Abbey’ 2019 Movie Trailer And Synopsis Released

Hey, “Downton Abbey” fans. It looks like your favorite TV show has now officially become a movie! Focus Features along with Universal Pictures International recently released the very first movie trailer (below) for it!

This is definitely a follow-up to the TV show which ended in December 2015. When it ended, the timeline was New Year’s Eve 1925. Read more »

New ‘Joker’ 2019 Movie Teaser Trailer And Plotline Revealed

Recently, Warner Bros. Pictures posted a brand new teaser movie trailer for their upcoming “Joker” movie. I know we’re a little late on this. Heck, we’re actually a lot late, but who cares? We were busy with other things.

What’s important is that we’re posting this teaser trailer (below) now for the brand new “Joker” flick that’s about to hit theaters in a couple of months. Read more »

Actor Robert Pattinson Will Officially Play Batman Now In New ‘The Batman’ Movie

Hey, Robert Pattinson and Batman fans. Today, we’ve got great, big news for you guys. It turns out that the internet is currently a buzz over the fact that Warner Bros. Pictures has officially come out and confirmed that the former Twilight Saga main man Robert Pattinson will now jump into his next major role as Batman! Read more »

New Movies Hitting Theaters This Week May 17, 2019 Revealed

Hey, Movie fans. We know what you’re here for and we’re here to give it to you. A couple of big, wide release movies are indeed hitting theaters this week, May 17, 2019. Two of them appear to be dramas while the other one is surely a hit action flick, and that’s the one I’ll be going to see in particular.

The first movie that’s set to hit theaters in wide release on May 17, 2019 is: “A Dog’s Journey.” It’s listed as being a family movie. It’s also a drama too. So, we’ll call it a Family drama flick. It’s rated PG. Read more »

Peter Mayhew, Former ‘Star Wars’ Chewbacca Star Sadly Died

Hey, Star Wars fans. We’ve got some very sad news for you guys today. News has just recently broke that former Star Wars, Chewbacca star Peter Mayhew passed away a few days ago on Tuesday, April 30, 2019. According to his official Wikipedia page, he died of a heart attack at his home in Boyd, Texas just two weeks before he was to turn 75 years old. Read more »

New ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Movie Critic Reviews Revealed, And They’re Mostly Positive

Hey, Marvel Movie fans. The huge, new Marvel “Avengers: Endgame” movie officially hit theaters nationwide today, April 26, 2019, and a lot of the reviews are in from the top movie critics in the country. After skimming over a few of them, I can already see that most of them are quite positive. It got an overall 77 out of a possible 100 score over on the site. Read more »

X-Men:Dark Phoenix Star Sophie Turner Claims Director Bryan Singer Was Unpleasant

Hey, Marvel fans. We’ve got some pretty interesting X-Men set news for you guys today. This one is in reference to the big, upcoming X-Men: Dark Phoenix main star Sophie Turner. She’s playing The young Dr. Jean Grey in the flick. Read more »

More Marvel’s X-Men, Deadpool And Fantastic Four Movies Might Get Made Very Soon

Happy Wednesday, fellow Marvel Movie fans. You read the headline right. We’ve got some super great news for you guys. It turns out that we may indeed see a lot more X-Men, Deadpool and Fantastic Four movies come out of the woodworks in the future!

According to a new report from the folks over at , Disney and Fox are about to close a merger deal if they haven’t already. Read more »

Marvel Studios Is Currently Developing New TV Shows For A Couple Of Major ‘Avengers’ Heroes

According to a new report from the folks over at, Marvel Studios is currently looking to develop new, TV shows for a couple of major heroes that have appeared in the popular “Avengers” movies.

The heroes I’m talking about are Falcon and Winter Soldier. It’s also been rumored that Scarlet Witch and Loki might get a TV show too! In the Variety report, they said that writer Malcolm Spellman has already been hired to write for the Winter Soldier and Falcon TV shows. Read more »