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New Avengers 2 Fourth Movie Trailer Released Yesterday

Yesterday afternoon, Marvel and Disney dropped a brand new,4th movie trailer (below) for their upcoming “Avengers 2: Age of Ultron” super hero/action flick, and it gives us more new looks at some crazy action as the Avengers fight themselves, Ultron and whoever else gets in their way. I mean, they’re just all over the place. We see scenes with the huge Hulkbuster taking on the Hulk. Ultron goes on the attack and so much more! Check it out,below.

The movie stars: Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, James Spader, Cobie Smulders, Thomas Kretschmann, and Paul Bettany. Read more »

New Agents Of SHIELD Season 2 Second Half Major Spoilers Dished Out By The Producer

Recently, TV Line got to talk with “Agents Of SHIELD” producers ,Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon, to get more spoiler intel on what will be going down in the second half of season 2. It turns out that we’re going to see more questions get raised in regards to Skye’s new Daisy Johnson identity, especially since she will not know exactly what has happened to her yet.

We’ll also quickly learn about Raina’s reaction to the Terrigen Mist and more. In their spoiler report, they stated: “Having established in the winter finale that Skye is not just Daisy Johnson but also an Inhuman, exec producer Maurissa Tancharoen acknowledges that the ABC series is “blending and merging” Read more »

New Jurassic World Movie Pic Shows Major Tension Between Main Characters

Recently, Universal Pictures served up this new movie pic for their upcoming “Jurassic World” action/thriller flick, and it gives us new looks at the main characters, Beth (Bryce Dallas Howard) and Owen (Chris Pratt), in action. Beth looks pretty ticked off an intense in this scene, so there could be some major drama going on here.

As for the movie, it stars: Bryce Dallas Howard, Judy Greer, Chris Pratt, Ty Simpkins, Jake Johnson, Nick Robinson, Irrfan Khan, Vincent D’Onofrio, BD Wong, Omar Sy, Katie McGrath, Lauren Lapkus and Andy Buckley. Read more »

New Sleepy Hollow Season 2,Episode 13 Not Airing Tonight,Delayed Until Next Week

Hey , “Sleepy Hollow” peeps. Yes it’s true. We have to sadly tell you that your favorite show will be showing you guys a rerun tonight for some unknown reason, so a change in plans might need to be made. As for the new episode 13 of season 2 labeled, “Pittura Infamante,” it’s scheduled to air next week, Monday night, January 19th at 8pm central time so be sure to jot that date down on your TV calendars.

CBS did release the promo/spoiler clip (below) for episode 13, last week, in case you haven’t checked it out yet. The official plotline for episode 13, reads like this: “After the mysterious death of an art restorer at the Sleepy Hollow Historical Society Soiree, Ichabod and Katrina will get reminded of a dear friend from their past Read more »

New CSI Season 15,Episode 14 Not Airing Tonight,Delayed Until Late January 2015

Hey, “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” peeps. Yep, it’s true guys. Your favorite show will indeed be missing in action tonight for some unknown reason. Apparently, they’re on some kind of another break for a few weeks, so the new episode 14 of season 15 labeled, “Merchants of Menace,” will not be airing until Sunday night, January 25th at 9pm central time, so be sure to jot that date down on your TV calendars.

CBS did drop a promo/spoiler clip (below) for episode 14, last week, in case you haven’t checked it out yet. The official plotline for episode 14, reads like this: “The CSI team will end up, investigating a homicide at a convention for people who collect macabre murder memorabilia.” Read more »

New Castle Season 7 Second Half Interesting Spoilers Dished Out By The Producer

Recently, TV Line chatted up “Castle” showrunner, David Amann, and he was able to shed a few, new, very interesting spoilers that we can expect to see from Castle and the crew when the 2nd half of the season starts back up. He mentioned more details on Castle getting his P.I. license which we all know of from the recent promos. However, he also discussed that they’re bringing Dr. Kelly Nieman back to hopefully help Rick get to the root of his amnesia issues, and more.

Their spoiler conversation reads like this: “Having been banned from working with the NYPD due to his “mob ties,” Rick sets up shop as a private investigator, “and part of that is driven by his desire to work with Beckett,” says showrunner David Amann. In fact, husband and wife will chase Read more »

New Robert Pattinson ‘Map To The Stars’ 2nd Movie Trailer Released Yesterday

Yesterday, Focus World dropped this new, 2nd movie trailer (below) for their upcoming thriller flick, “Maps To The Stars,” featuring former Twilight Saga main man, Robert Pattinson, in action as a limo driver, Jerome Fontana. It also looks insanely intense as a lot of these people are just overflowing with issues that bubble over into crazy violence, and more. Check it out,below.

The movie stars: John Cusack, Robert Pattinson, Julianne Moore, Olivia Williams, Sarah Gadon, Mia Wasikowska and Evan Bird. The official plot summary for the movie, reads like this: ” Meet the Weiss family, who are making their way in Hollywood rife with money, fame, envy, and relentless hauntings. Stafford Weiss (John Cusack) is a famed TV self-help therapist with an A-list celebrity clientele. Read more »

New Arrow Season 3 Spoilers For Laurel As Black Canary,Suicide Squad & More Dished Out

Recently, TV Line talked with Arrow’s executive producer, Marc Guggenheim, to get more spoiler intel for the back half of season 3. It turns out that we’re going to see Laurel finally put on that “Black Canary” suit. They’re definitely bringing back the Suicide Squad for action, and more.

In their spoiler report, they said: “The three episodes following Oliver’s seeming death “are among the best we’ve ever done. They’re incredibly compelling,” EP Marc Guggenheim promises. The fallout at home not only “makes it necessary” for Laurel to don the Canary costume, but also brings together characters that previously haven’t shared a lot of screentime. Read more »

New Batman V Superman First Movie Trailer Now Reported To Release In February 2015

According to a new report from Batman News, a new Twitter post from Elmayibme of the Latino Review, says that we can now expect to finally see the very first movie trailer for the upcoming, very highly anticipated “Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice” super hero/action flick in February 2015!

It’s supposed to show up as one of the many trailers they will air with the movie theater showings of “Jupiter Ascending” on February 6th, 2015. Read more »

New Hawaii Five O Season 5,Episode 11 Official Spoiler Photos Hit The Net

Recently, CBS released these new spoiler pictures for their upcoming “Hawaii Five O” episode 11 of season 5, and they serve up some new look action at Steve on the job along with Kono looking very stunning while engaged in some undercover activities, and more. The episode is labeled, “Ua ‘aihue.”

The episode 11 official storyline reads like this: “Kono and Chin will end up,going undercover in the world of black market priceless art and get taken hostage. When a tourist is killed after unknowingly transporting a stolen Van Gogh, an undercover Kono Read more »