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New Sleepy Hollow Season 2,Episode 12 Official Spoiler Pictures Hit The Net

Recently, FOX released these new spoiler photos for their upcoming “Sleepy Hollow” episode 12 of season 2, and they feature new, close up looks at mostly Ichabod doing his thing, and more. The episode is titled, “Paradise Lost.”

The official plotline for episode 12, reads like this: “Reeling from the events of their standoff with Moloch, Ichabod and Abbie are going to encounter an angel, Orion, that they believe can help them. Read more »

New Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 Movie Might Be A Total Reboot,New Spoiler Details

According to a new report from and their sources, Orlando Bloom, who starred in the first three “Pirates of The Caribbean” movies, is claiming that this 5th installment, may just be a total reboot all together, and that he’s currently in talks to come back to the franchise.

Orlando told the press: “I’m not entirely sure that I’ll be back just yet, but there are talks. Basically, they want to reboot the whole franchise, I think, and do something with me and the relationship with my son. I’m of course Davey Jones now, so I’m down the bottom of the ocean. It might be kind of fun to do something where I’m rumbling round the bottom of the ocean, Read more »

New Constantine Episode 9,Season 1 Official Spoilers,Plotline Revealed By NBC

Recently, NBC released the new,official synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming “Constantine” episode 9 of season 1. The episode is entitled, “The Saint Of Last Resorts: Part 2,” and turns out that we’re going to see some intense and intriguing stuff takes place after John gets a demon to enter him. Chas and company try to get the demon out, and more!

In the new, 9th episode press release: John will put his life on the line as he gets even closer to the source of the rising darkness. Press release number 2: In order to fend off a vicious attack, Read more »

New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 2016 Movie To Bring On Villains Bebop,Rocksteady & More

According to a new report from and their sources, the new “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2″ flick is about to get a lot more exciting as the new director, David Green, is bringing on popular villains from the classic 80’s cartoon show, Warthog Bebop and Rhino Rocksteady!

Additionally, they are also looking to bring on the Turtles’ human friend, Casey Jones for action. Producers ,Brad Fuller and Andrew Form, confirmed this new, stating: “We can say that Bebop and Rocksteady are in the film, and Casey Jones is a character that we love and we’re trying to fit him in as well.” Read more »

Nashville Season 3 Major Divorce Drama To Go Down In 2nd Half & More,New Spoilers

Recently, TV Guide served up their latest Mega Buzz, spoiler chat session, and dished out new spoiler scoopage for some of the stuff we can expect to take place in the upcoming second half of “Nashville” season 3.

It turns out that one of the show’s couples will undergo some major divorce drama. In the meantime, we’ll see Luke Wheeler start getting more flirting action in. In their spoiler chat report, they said: “After all that wedding drama, look for the show to try something different: One of the show’s couples is heading to divorce court! Read more »

CSI Season 15,Episode 11 Two New Spoiler Clips Hit The Net

Recently, CBS served up these 2,new sneak peek/spoiler clips (below) for their upcoming “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” episode 11 of season 15, and they give us new looks at the team, encountering a very strange death that involves a man appearing to have jumped to his death, but with nowhere to jump from, and more. The episode is labeled, “Angle Of Attack.”

In the new episode 11 official plotline: “The investigation of an apparent hit-and-run accident, will to lead the CSIs into the world of aeronautics.” Guest stars feature: Alimi Ballard as Det. Kevin Crawford, Arjun Gupta as Capt. Jack Ferris, Read more »

New Revenge Season 4,Episode 11 Official Spoilers,Plotline Revealed By ABC

Recently, ABC released the new,official synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming “Revenge” episode 11 of season 4. The episode is entitled, “Epitaph,” and it turns out that we’re going to see some very emotional and intense drama take place as Emily and Victoria both put on a sobbing exhibition. David tries hard to protect people precious to him, and more. The episode is labeled, “Epitaph.”

In the new, 11th episode press release: “As Emily and Victoria grieve, David will spring into action to protect his loved ones.” It stars Emily VanCamp as Emily Thorne, Madeleine Stowe as Victoria Grayson, Josh Bowman as Daniel Grayson, Nick Wechsler as Jack Porter, Read more »

New X Men Apocalypse & The Wolverine 3 Small Movie Details Revealed By Hugh Jackman

According to a new report from, X-men and Wolverine movie star, Hugh Jackman (left), chatted with Josh Horowitz from MTV news on one of his podcasts, and delivered some brief, vague details about the upcoming “X-Men: Apocalypse” and The 3rd Wolverine solo movie. He’s currently working really hard on Wolverine 3 and some really exciting things are happening with the Apocalypse project.

Hugh told them when speaking about Apocalypse: “I have been speaking to the guys, and I’m not at liberty to tell exactly what’s going on, which is largely framing my answer here. Read more »

Nashville Season 3 Will Possibly Getting A New,Famous Boyfriend,New Spoiler

Recently, TV Line delivered their latest spoiler chat session and dished out a new,interesting teaser spoiler for Nashville season 3 in regards to a new character arrival. It turns out that they’re bringing on a new character, named Kevin Shay, who’s described as being a gay and famous singer/song writer.

They also go as far as to speculated that he might be a new boyfriend for character, Will. In their spoiler chat report, they explained: “Will’s about to find out that being gay and a popular country music artist don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Read more »

New Jurassic World Movie Pic Shows Extreme Dinosaur Chase Action

Recently, Entertainment Weekly served up this new movie pic from the upcoming “Jurassic World” action/thriller flick and it gives us a new look at main character, Owen (Chris Pratt), getting majorly chased down by hungry Dinosaurs. All I can say, is he better hope that motorcycle never runs out of gas in this particular scene. Read more »