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New Law And Order SVU Season 15,Episode 20 Official Spoilers,Plotline Revealed By NBC

Recently, CBS served up the new,official synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming “Law And Order: SVU” episode 20 of season 15. The episode is entitled, “Beast’s Obsession,” and it sounds like things will get pretty damn intense and very interesting as Benson’s worst nightmare returns when crazy William Lewis escapes from prison, and more!

In the new,20th episode press release: Sergeant Benson’s nightmare is going to continue when William Lewis (Guest Star Pablo Schreiber) escapes from prison. Press release number 2: The sadistic William Lewis (Schreiber) will escape from prison, arbitrarily killing as he goes. Concerned for Benson’s safety, a security detail is going to get assigned to her 24/7, but it won’t take long for Lewis to get her back where he left off. Read more »

New Arrow Season 2,Episode 19 Official Spoilers,Plotline Revealed By CW

Recently, CW released the new,official,synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming “Arrow” episode 19 of season 2. The episode is entitled, “The Man Under the Hood,” and it sounds like things will get extremely intense and dramatic as one of Arrow’s team members gets severely injured, major fight scene footage takes place, and more.

In the new,19th episode press release: Oliver, Canary, Diggle, and Felicity will return to the lair and find Slade waiting for them. An epic battle is going to break out and one member of Team Arrow will get sent to the hospital. Thea will hit her breaking point, but just as Oliver is about to reach her, Slade is going to intervene and Oliver will be faced with a choice, his battle with Slade or his family. Read more »

New Captain America 2 Stand Down Movie Clip Hit The Net Today

New Captain America 2 Stand Down movie clip hit the net today. Earlier today, Marvel Studios served up this new movie clip (below) for their upcoming “Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier” super hero/action flick, and it looks extremely cool, featuring the Cap, single handedly taking down a huge aircraft that tries to shoot him off his motorcycle. He does a whole bunch of jumping and flipping action ,and stabs a couple of vital plane parts with his mighty shield, and voila. Ship gone. Check it out,below.

The movie stars: Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson, Robert Redford, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, Cobie Smulders, Frank Grillo, Georges St-Pierre, Hayley Atwell, Toby Jones, Emily VanCamp, and Maximiliano Hernández. Read more »

New NCIS Los Angeles Season 5,Episode 20 Official Spoilers,Plotline Revealed By CBS

Recently, CBS released the new,official,synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming “NCIS: Los Angeles” episode 20 of season 5. The episode is entitled, “Windfall,” and it sounds like things will get pretty intriguing as NCIS L.A. team tries to crack a case, involving a former marine who’s in some deep trouble, and more.

In the new,20th episode press release: The team will investigate a case that will call Nell to join Deeks in the field, while Eric is given a new partner in OPS. Press release number 2: When the NCIS: Los Angeles team investigates a case involving a former marine who is being tracked down by members of al Qaeda for embezzling money from Iraq, Hetty will assign Nell to join Deeks in the field. In the meantime, Eric will be given a new partner in Ops. Read more »

New Walking Dead Season 5 Spoilers & Speculation Revealed By The Cast,New Clip

New Walking Dead season 5 spoilers & speculation revealed by the cast,new clip. Recently, AMC dropped this new featurette/spoiler clip (below) for their upcoming “The Walking Dead” season 5. It shows the cast and crew,speculating and giving spoiler hints about what we can expect to see in the new season 5. It also shows some of the extreme scenes that went down in season 4, and more.

In the new clip, it’s revealed that we’re going to see a completely different version of Rick in season 5. He will be willing to do anything, and never think of any motive or decision about it, and just goes in full throttle. The craziness is going to get scaled down in season 5, yet things will still get harder for the group. Read more »

Shameless Season 4,Finale Episode 12 Three New Spoiler Clips Hit The Net

Last night, Showtime served up these three,new,sneak peek/spoiler clips (below) for their upcoming “Shameless” season finale episode 12 of season 4, and they appear to be quite interesting as Frank finds out he’s married for the first time and even has some new Native American kids, and more. The episode is titled, “Lazarus.”

The first clip is a promo. It’s revealed that Frank was totally unaware that Sheila married him,lol!!! Fiona continues to encounter major problems in jail. Sheila tries to tell Sammie to take a hike. Amanda questions Lip about knowing Mandy. It’s revealed that Frank’s new liver isn’t working correctly. Sammie is spotted having a hardcore temper tantrum, and wants to F somebody up. Then Fiona insists she’s not addicted to drugs. Read more »

New Revenge Season 3,Episode 18 Official Spoilers,Plotline Revealed By ABC

Recently, ABC released the new,official,synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming “Revenge” episode 18 of season 3. The episode is entitled, “Blood,” and it sounds like things will get very interesting as Aiden and Emily dig some long,buried family secrets, and more.

In the new,18th episode press release: Emily will help Aiden face his demons as Victoria seeks out a familiar face. Press release number 2: Investigations into Pascal are going to lead Emily and Aiden to uncover some long, buried family secrets, while Victoria pays a shocking visit to former ally ,Mason Treadwell, as she gets ever closer to exposing Emily. Guest star Roger Bart is going to return as Mason Treadwell. Read more »

New Good Wife Season 5,Episode 16 Second Shocking Spoiler Clip Hit The Net

Recently, CBS served up this new,2nd ,sneak peek/spoiler clip (below) for their upcoming “The Good Wife” episode 16 of season 5, and it appears to be very shocking and dramatic as Alicia is told that Will has actually been shot and killed, and more! The episode is titled, “The Last Call.”

In the new clip, Alicia is spotted, receiving a very disturbing phone call from Kalinda, telling her that Will has been shot at the courthouse by one of his clients. If that weren’t enough, Kalinda goes on to tell Alicia that Will has actually been killed! Oh no! WTF? From there, Alicia is seen in utter dismay as she just can’t believe it. Read more »

New Avengers 2 Set Clip Shows Quicksilver,Scarlet Witch,Hawkeye & More In Action

New Avengers 2 set clip shows Quicksilver,Scarlet Witch,Hawkeye & more in action. Recently, website dropped this new set clip (below) for the upcoming “Avengers 2: Age Of Ultron” super hero/action flick, and it looks pretty interesting as it gives us a new glimpse at Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen), Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner, and more, filming some scene action.

The first scene, featured Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) and Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnson). She was seen, waiting on the Roman bridge, looking nervous until Quicksilver arrived. The two shared a quick bit of dialogue, and that was it. It was a very brief scene. Read more »

New Vampire Diaries Season 5,Episode 18 Official Spoilers,Plotline & Clips Hit The Net

Last night, CW released the new,official synopsis/spoilers and promo/spoiler clip (below) for their upcoming “The Vampire Diaries” episode 18 of season 5. The episode is entitled, “Resident Evil,” and it appears to be very intriguing and dramatic as Elena gets pretty distraught over her constant Stefan sex dreams, and more.

In the new,18th episode press release: Both Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) are going to suddenly have unsettling dreams of an alternate version of the life they might have had together. Bonnie (Kat Graham) is going to have a disturbing encounter with Grams (guest star Jasmine Guy), who will warn her about frightening changes on the other side. Read more »