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New Avengers 2 Movie Pic Shows Black Widow Cool Motorcycle Riding Action


New Vampire Diaries Season 6 Long Spoiler Teaser Clip Served Up By 2014 Comic Con


New Batman Vs Superman Movie Pic Shows Wonder Woman First Look Action


New Fifty Shades Of Grey First Movie Trailer Hit The Net


New Batman Vs Superman Movie Pic Shows Ben Affleck Batman Close Up Action


American Horror Story Season 4 Three New Characters Arriving For Action,New Spoilers

Recently, E! Online delivered their new spoiler chat session, and revealed that we’re going to be seeing 3,new characters in the upcoming “American Horror Story” season 4. They’ll go by the names: Larry, Bobby, and Sammy. One of them, will a gentle giant, another will be a very tall man, and the last one will someone who needs a shitload of prosthetics.

In their spoiler chat report, they stated: ” Freak Show is currently casting a few new roles, including that of the comedic Larry, an extremely, extremely tall man, described as a gentle giant, named Bobby, and Sammy, a role which will require prosthetics…and that’s all we’re revealing right now. (Hey, reporters gotta have their secrets!)” Read more »

New Californication Season 7,Finale Episode 12 Official Spoilers,Plotline Revealed By Showtime

Recently, Showtime released the new,official, synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming “Californication” finale episode 12 of season 7. The episode is entitled, “Grace,” and it sounds like things will get quite intriguing as Hank will have a life-changing decision he’ll need to make, and more.

In the new,12th episode press release: Hank is going to make a life-altering decision. In the meantime, Karen will step in to smooth over the situation when Hank doesn’t approve Becca’s plans. Later, Hank and Levon will reconnect with Hank’s old student Tara, and Hank is going to reassure Julia ,and will also invite her to a special dinner. Read more »

New True Blood Season 7,Episode 2 Official Spoilers,Plotline Revealed By HBO

Recently, HBO dished out the new,official,synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming “True Blood” episode 2 of season 7. The episode is entitled, “I Found You,” and it sounds like things will get very interesting when Sookie and Jason attempt to discover the fate of Bon Temps, and more.

In the new,2nd episode press release: A trio of hostages taken in the Bellefleur’s attack, are going to look to a familiar face as a possible liberator from the H-vamps. Sookie and Jason (Ryan Kwanten) will visit the neighboring town of Saint Alice, where a young woman’s diary is going to offer clues to the potential fate of Bon Temps. Read more »

True Blood Season 7 Pam To Search The Earth For Eric & More,Extra Details

Recently, TV Line delivered even more new spoiler teasers for the upcoming “True Blood” final season 7, via Pam star, Kristin Bauer Van Straten. She revealed that Pam is going to search high and low to find her beloved maker, Eric Northman, and will also struggle with who the hell she is without Eric.

In their spoiler report, they stated: “With Eric still M.I.A., his progeny is a woman on a mission. “I’m on the hunt for Eric; I would cross oceans for him — and I do,” Kristin Bauer Van Straten revealed. “It’s a huge year in terms of emotions and relationships, which is so fitting because it is the last season.” Read more »

Teen Wolf Season 4 Lydia To Further Hone Her Banshee Powers & More,New Details

As previously reported, Teen Wolf showrunner, Jeff Davis, recently spilled out a lot of season 4 spoiler goodness to the TV Line folks. And in this segment, we learned that Lydia is really going to get serious about strengthening her Banshee powers, learning how to trigger them and what not. However, we’ll also see Lydia suffer a big setback in the romance department due to her increased focus on other things.

Jeff told them: “Lydia’s a very important character this season, and we actually learn a lot about her history, and her family. Her banshee abilities are crucial to this season. You’ll see her sort of mastering them now as she learns how to trigger them. It’s an interesting thing to see play out on screen, because it’s something I’ve never seen. Banshees, in folklore and whatnot, usually aren’t helpful at all. Read more »

Teen Wolf Season 4 New Young Freshmen Arriving For Action & More,New Spoilers

As previously reported, TV Line recently talked with Teen Wolf showrunner, Jeff Davis, and he dished out a lot of new spoiler teasers for the upcoming season 4. In this segment, he said ,Allison aka Crystal Reed’s, absence will be greatly felt, and a new group of young, freshman characters will arrive on the scene to keep giving the show a young perspective.

Jeff told them: “With Crystal, she was very professional and gave us plenty of time to plot a new exit. You see the repercussion of that this season. You see how these kids have matured, how a death like that really forces them to grow up. That’s one of the reasons why we’re bringing in some new freshmen characters. As our teenagers – like Scott and Stiles and Lydia — mature and become adults, Read more »

Hart Of Dixie Season 4 New Spunky Fire Fighting Coach To Arrive,New Spoiler

As previously reported, E! Online delivered their new spoiler chat session, and revealed a new character spoiler for the upcoming “Hart Of Dixie” season 4. It turns out that a new volunteer fire department is going to show up on the scene, and it will be headed by a new character, named Jaysene. He’s described as being spunky and sarcastic.

In their spoiler chat reveal, they explained: “Prepare to meet Bluebell’s volunteer fire department, which will be headed up by Jaysene, the spunky and sarcastic new coach who must get the rag tag gang into firefighting shape. Hm…we wonder which dashing Bluebell leading man Read more »

New Batman Vs Superman Updated Lexcorp Building Logo Revealed

Recently, we revealed to you guys what the Lexcorp logo was going to look like, via some leaked Twitter pic, and well it had the overall general theme of the logo correct, accept it was in all blue coloring. Now, this new updated version has arrived, based on set photos that were shot of the building earlier this week. It looks like the blue one we showed, earlier, accept this one is sporting a white,red, and grey color.

Youtube user, Comicbookcast2, dropped the new video clip (below), featuring the new logo, along with a few comments. He pretty much approves of it. Read more »

New Batman Vs Superman Set Clip Shows LexCorp Helicopter Flying Action

Recently, Youtube user, Rommel C, served up this new video clip (below) from the set of the upcoming “Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice” super hero/action flick, and it gives us a new look at the LexCorp helicopter, taking to the skies for some flying action. You can’t actually see the LexCorp logo in this clip because it’s to far from the camera, but oh well.

As previously reported, a close up shot of the LexCorp helicopter was spotted on set. There were also claims that actor, Jesse Eisenberg aka Lex Luthor, was seen out there, and even a few photos, but the photos were quickly removed due to some doubts that they were legit. Read more »

New Mistresses Season 2,Episode 4 Third Spoiler Clip Hit The Net

Recently, ABC served up this new,3rd,sneak peek/spoiler clip (below) for their upcoming “Mistresses” episode 4 of season 2, and it appears to be pretty interesting as Karen dishes her shady,new dating tactics to April, and more. The episode is titled, “Friends With Benefits.”

In the new clip, Karen is spotted, chatting it up with April , and revealing that she’s been using a different identity on everyone of her new dates, because of her notoriety and what not. She also claims to have done this about 5 or 7 times, so far, but hasn’t gotten around to actually sexing up any of them, yet, but has been quite tempted. Read more »