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New Avengers 2 UK Movie Trailer 3 Released With New Unseen Footage


New ‘Two And Half Men’ Season 11 Premiere Date Recently Revealed By CBS

New ‘Two And Half Men’ season 11 premiere date recently revealed by CBS. Alright, “Two And A Half Men” fans. It’s time to find out when your favorite show will be hitting the airwaves with its new,11th season. We just recently got the Fall 2013 schedule in from CBS,and it turns out that we’re going to have to wait it out until September 26th,2013,and it’ll air in the 8:30 central time slot. So, be sure to jot that down on your TV watching calendars.

Additionally, that’s going to be a big night for CBS as they’ll also be debuting “The Big Bang Theory” and “Elementary’s” new seasons,along with the premiere of new shows, ” The Millers,” and “The Crazy Ones.” Big Bang Theory will serving up it’s 7th season ,while Elementary will be showing its 2nd season in their usual 9pm to 10pm central time slot. Read more »

New Castle Season 6 Possible Beckett,Castle Break Up Spoilers Dished By Beckett Actress

New Castle season 6 possible Beckett,Castle break up spoilers dished by Beckett actress. According to Entertainment Weekly, Castle,Kate Beckett ,main star, Stana Katic , recently commented on the upcoming Castle season 6 as it pertains to the possible break up of Castle and Beckett. It turns out that she offered a new, more positive way to think about it, stating that it might not be so bad as a break up could give the viewing audience a nice change of scenery for a change.

And they also always have the option of bringing them back together in the future. Keep in mind that these could be spoilers in disguise,but of course, Stana swears she’s just pondering what could be. Anyways,with no further ado, Stana stated, “I think it could be a good change of scenery for the audience. And there are ways of bringing it back together. The show has to evolve. The characters have to evolve. There’s ways of drawing these characters together and also giving each character a featured episode. Read more »

New Teen Wolf Season 3 Allison & Scott Spoiler Teasers & More Dished Out By Scott Actor

New Teen Wolf season 3 Allison & Scott spoiler teasers & more dished out by Scott actor. Recently, Entertainment Weekly had a little chit chat session with MTV Teen Wolf’s main Scott guy, Tyler Posey,and he ended up, dishing new spoilerage about Scott and Allison’s relationship dynamic this season. It turns out that the two will just be too got damn busy, fighting for their lives to work on their romantic flame they have for each other,though it is still there,Tyler claims.

Tyler explained, “Allison and Scott have sparks. They have history, and they’ve got a deep love for one another. It’s not really love that could turn into another relationship, but those sparks never really go away. There’s going to be some awkward sexual tension, but I think for the most part, everyone’s going to try to focus on saving each other’s lives rather than getting back together.” Read more »

New Homeland Season 3 Extreme Attack Teaser Spoilers Dished Out By Co Creator

New Homeland season 3 extreme attack teaser spoilers dished out by co creator. Recently, procasting.com, delivered some new ‘Homeland” season 3 spoiler action,via co-creator, Alex Gansa. This site usually just spills out casting news and locations,so this was a rare treat on their part.

Anyways, it turns out that season 3 is going to be dealing with a major,possible attack scenario against the United States,along with everyone, wondering just where in the hell is freaking Brody at? Hello! Where you at? Lol!! In their spoiler statement, they revealed that Alex stated, “the issue in this season is, what happens if it were learned that a major attack on the United States was sponsored by a state? These are the big concerns that we’re going to deal with in the first sweep of episodes. And then there’s the big question about, you know, where Brody is? Read more »

New Dexter Season 8,Episode 2 Official Spoilers,Plotline Revealed By Showtime

New Dexter season 8,episode 2 official spoilers,plotline revealed by Showtime. Recently, Showtime dished out the new spoilers/synopsis for their upcoming “Dexter” episode 2 of season 8. The episode is entitled, “Every Silver Lining,” and it sounds like it’ll be quite intriguing as the hunt for the evil Brain Surgeon villain will still be on, the new Dr. Vogel lady will get Dexter to do her bidding,and more.

In the new,2nd episode press release, Miami Metro will continue their hunt for the Brain Surgeon, while Dr. Vogel will enlist Dexter to do her bidding based on her own personal experience with her previous patients. Debra is going to continue to track down her PI case ,and is going to have to take matters into her own hands. Read more »

New ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Season 9 Premiere Date Recently Served Up By CBS

New ‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 9 premiere date recently served up by CBS. Alright, “How I Met Your Mother” peeps. It’s time to learn when your favorite comedy will be debuting its new, 9th season this year. We just recently got the new schedule in,and it turns out that CBS is going to make us wait all the way until September 23rd,2013,and it’ll retain its 7pm central time slot. So, be sure to mark that date down on your TV watching calendars.

On that same night,CBS will also be debuting 2,new shows,titled, “PM Mom,” and “Hostages.” Then, 2 Broke Girls” will be debuting its new season 3. Later on in that same week, we’ll also be seeing the debut of Big Bang Theory and Two And A Half Men’s new seasons. Read more »

New World War Z Movie Served Up Great Action,Thrills,Suspense & More

world war z movie poster image

New World War Z movie served up great action,thrills,suspense & more. Paramount Pictures released their new action/thriller flick “World War Z” into theaters this weekend. I just watched it,and thought it was excellent,serving up a ton of intense action,thrills,suspense,and more as the zombies were heavy on the attack. I also really dug the plotline. The movie stars: Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos, Daniella Kertesz, James Badge Dale, Matthew Fox, and David Morse.

In the new flick, former UN employee ,Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt), and his family seem all and well in Philadelphia until total chaos immediately breaks out on the city streets,followed by an onslaught of wicked zombies that quickly spread the disease to anyone they bit within minutes,causing a massive epidemic.

Eventually, Gerry and his family narrowly escaped, and fled to an apartment complex to get rescued by a helicopter that was sent by Gerry’s former UN colleague, Thierry. From there, they were taken to a US Navy ship off the coast of New York, where a team of analysts and military personnel, analyzed the scope of the worldwide outbreak. A virologist,named Dr. Fassbach, argued that the plague is a virus, whose origin must be found in order for a vaccine to be developed. Read more »

New Bling Ring Movie Delivered Great Drama And An Awesome Emma Watson

New Bling Ring movie delivered great drama and an awesome Emma Watson. A24 Studio released their new drama flick “The Bling Ring” into theaters,nationwide, this weekend. I just checked it out,and thought it was pretty damn good,serving up crazy drama as it outlined the true story of a bunch of teens that decided to rob the houses of very famous people in Hollywood. It stars: Emma Watson, Leslie Mann, Taissa Farmiga, Claire Julien, Israel Broussard, Katie Chang, Georgia Rock, and Gavin Rossdale.

In the new flick, character Rebecca befriended Marc. Later on, as their friendship progressed, Rebecca started introducing to Mark, new ways to steal from people,starting off by checking for people who leave their cars unlocked,and stealing cash and other valuables. Then it eventually escalated into hitting up houses.

From there, of course, they moved on to celebrity houses,starting with Paris Hilton. After they hit that one up,they bragged to their friends, which included Nicki,played by the gorgeous,former Harry Potter starlet, Emma Watson. Then they started a whole group up and began branching out into other homes that belonged to Megan Fox,Lindsay Lohan,Audrina Patridge,Orlando Bloom,Rachel Bilson,and Lindsay Lohan. Read more »

New Supernatural Season 9 Major Spoilers Finally Getting Revealed In July 2013

New Supernatural season 9 major spoilers finally getting revealed in July 2013. Hey Supernatural fans. We finally have some great news for you guys. We’re finally going to get a whole new slew of season 9 spoilers when the cast,hits up the big 2013 Comic-Con event in San Diego,CA on July 21st,2013. So, mark that date down on your calendars,because we’ll be bringing all the spoiler info to this site for you guys.

The panel will hit up Hall H,and include main stars: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins and Mark A. Sheppard,along with executive producers ,Jeremy Carver and Robert Singer. Jared plays Sam Winchester. Jensen plays Dean Winchester. Misha plays Castiel,and Mark Sheppard plays the annoying demon,Crowley. Read more »

New Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 Movie Details Revealed By Producer Jerry Bruckheimer

New Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 movie details revealed by Producer Jerry Bruckheimer. According to a new report from Comicbookmovie.com, “Pirates Of The Caribbean” Producer, Jerry Bruckheimer, dropped new details about the upcoming production of the 5th installment while promoting the new “Lone Ranger” flick that also features main star, Johnny Depp.

It turns out that they are currently at work on the 5th installment,and everything is looking great. Additionally,filming is scheduled to go down in Louisiana due to the tax breaks. Jerry stated to the press: “We saw their movie early on, maybe six months ago, and I saw some of their other work, which I thought was terrific. Read more »