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New Leftovers Finale Episode 10,Season 1 Official Spoilers,Plotline Revealed By HBO

Recently, HBO delivered the new,official synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming “The Leftovers” finale episode 10 of season 1. The episode is entitled, “The Prodigal Son Returns,” and it sounds like things will get very interesting as an unexpected ally arrives on the scene to give Kevin a helping hand, and more.

In the new,10th episode press release: An unexpected ally will help Kevin (Justin Theroux) get out of a jam near the town of Cairo. In the meantime, an elaborate Memorial Day initiative by the Guilty Remnant, is going to plunge Mapleton into chaos. Holy Wayne (Paterson Joseph) will grant a final wish. Tom (Chris Zylka) is going to cope with his new reality. Read more »

New Doctor Who Season 8,Episode 2 Intense Spoiler Promo Clip Hit The Net


Last night, BBC served up the new promo/spoiler clip (below) for their upcoming “Doctor Who” episode 2 of season 8 and it appears that things will definitely get quite hectic and intense as the Doctor,Clara, and the crew get heavily attacked, and more! The episode is titled, “Into The Dalek.”

In the new, 2nd episode, A Dalek fleet is going to end up, surrounding a lone rebel ship, and the Doctor will be the only one that’s able to rescue them. With the Doctor facing his toughest enemy to date, he will most certainly require the assistance of Clara by his side. Confronted with a decision that could change the Daleks forever, he will have Read more »

New Teen Wolf Season 4,Episode 10 Third Spoiler Clip Hit The Net

Recently, MTV served up this new, 3rd sneak peek/spoiler clip (below) for their upcoming “Teen Wolf” episode 10 of season 4, and it definitely takes weird to a new level as they attempt to try and get an understandable conversation out of Meredith again to no avail. The episode is called, “Monstrous.”

In the new clip, Sheriff Stilinski and Lydia are seen, telling Peter that Meredith is the one who stole his money, while looking at her through an interrogation room window. Peter can’t seem to believe it, and asks them if they’re sure. After that, they just tell him to go talk to her. From there, Meredith delivers her trademark weirdness by successfully Read more »

New Teen Wolf Season 4,Episode 11 Short Teaser Spoilers & Title Hit The Net

Recently, MTV offered up a new,very short teaser spoiler for their upcoming “Teen Wolf” episode 11 of season 4. We’ve also got a title for it, which is labeled, “A Promise to the Dead.” It turns out that Scott and the gang will start up a huge, dangerous battle against an old foe.

Their official synopsis reads like this: “Episode 4.11 – A Promise to the Dead: Scott and his Pack begin a dangerous battle against an old enemy.” Episode 11 is set to air on Monday night, September 1st at 9pm on MTV. In addition to that, we’re happy to tell you guys that MTV has definitely renewed Teen Wolf for a new season 5! And it will serve up a whopping 20 episodes that will be split into two parts. Read more »

Big Brother 16 Cody Won The POV Comp For Week 9 Yesterday,New Details

Alright, so yesterday afternoon, August 23rd, the Big Brother 16 POV competition for week 9 took place, and Cody, who is also this week’s reigning HOH, won it to insure his 6 man alliance will have the opportunity to pick whether to send Nicole right back to the jury house, or end Donny’s run at the $500,000.

Again, they’ve just made it an extremely boring and predictable season so far for the live feeds with this big alliance running the house. The only thing we can hope for now, is maybe Donny or Nicole can win HOH or POV next week. If that doesn’t happen, then we’ll just have to hope that the final 6 gives us one hell of a show when they have to start turning on each other. Let’s just hope they Read more »

New Mission Impossible Set Pics Show Tom Cruise Dangling From Rooftops & More

Recently, acquired some exclusive,new set photos for the upcoming “Mission Impossible 5″ action flick, and they look quite entertaining as Tom is seen, doing some major, high wire stunts by hanging from buildings with a female in tow atop of Austria’s iconic Vienna Opera House. You guys can view the new pics at by Clicking Here.

They report that Tom was practicing a very dangerous and tricky stunt yesterday afternoon, August 22nd. In the scene, Tom sported a suave black suit and white shirt. Tom is, of course, reprising his Ethan Hunt role, and was also spotted filming scenes with returning favorite Simon Pegg aka Benji Dunn. Once the Vienna filming wraps up, the production with then head on over to the UK to film some more scenes. Read more »

New Mission Impossible 5 Set Shows Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt In Action With Benji Dunn

Recently, acquired a new “Mission Impossible 5″ exclusive set set pic that confirms the return of character, Benji Dunn, played by actor Simon Pegg as Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt character is seen, having a few chuckles with him in this particular scene. You guys can see the new pic at by Clicking Here.

As previously reported, Mission Impossible 5 filming kicked off this past Thursday, August 21st over in Vienna, Austria. Tom Cruise shot a few scenes at the opera house on that day and did some high wire stunt action. Tom will also be working with other former castmembers in this installment. They are: Jeremy Renner, Rebecca Ferguson, Alec Baldwin and Ving Rhames. Read more »

New Batman V Superman Masonic Temple Scene Spoilers Revealed

According to a new report from Batman News and their sources, a new spoiler scoop for the upcoming “Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice” super hero/action flick, has popped up in regards to a Masonic temple scene that was shot in Detroit,MI last week.

Apparently, their source was able to tell them everything that went down in this scene. It involved a big MMA fighting arena and lots bets being placed on which fighters would win and so on, and so forth. Here’s the full description from their source: “The Masonic Temple is a reception hall for weddings, parties, banquets, etc. and they transformed a large kitchen into an underground MMA fighting arena and bar. Kind of like in the movie Fight Club. Read more »

New Doctor Who Season 8,Episode 2 Official Spoilers,Plotline Revealed By BBC

Recently, BBC released the new,official synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming “Doctor Who” episode 2 of season 8. The episode is entitled, “Into The Dalek,” and it sounds like things will get quite dramatic and intense with the new Doc and company find themselves having to deal with an enemy Dalek fleet, and more!

In the new, 2nd episode press release: A Dalek fleet will surround a lone rebel ship, and only the Doctor will be able to help them now. With the Doctor facing his greatest enemy, he is going to need Clara by his side. Confronted with a decision that could change the Daleks forever, he is going to be forced to examine his conscience. Will he find the answer to the question, am I a good man? Read more »

New True Blood Season 7,Finale Episode 10 Second Spoiler Clip Hit The Net

Recently, HBO served up this new, 2nd, sneak peek/spoiler clip (below) for their upcoming “True Blood” series finale episode 10 of season 7, and it appears to be somewhat interesting as Sookie questions if her existence was a mistake or not with Reverend Daniels, and more. The episode is titled, “Thank You.”

In the new clip, Sookie is seen, chatting with Reverend Daniels about how things used to be so much simpler when they didn’t even think vampires existed, much less, all the other supernatural creatures that have popped up onto the scene since then. At one point, the Rev is surprised to learn that Sookie is actually a Faerie. The clip concludes with Sookie Read more »