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Bay Rays’ Manny Ramirez Quit Baseball Today After Testing Positive

Bay Rays’ Manny Ramirez quit baseball today after testing positive. According to the New York Times, Tampa Bay Rays’ outfielder Manny Ramirez decided to just go ahead an retire from professional baseball earlier today after testing positive for a performance-enhancing drug.

They say instead of facing a 100-game suspension,he just decided to bow out of the game. He tested positive for the drug during spring training,and was just notified of the results. After the league told Manny there was an issue, he decided to retire as an active player. Read more »

WWE’s Dave Batista Looking To Make MMA Debut In Early 2011

dave batista  image

WWE’s Dave Batista looking to make MMA debut in early 2011. According to TMZ, former WWE champion Dave Batista is very eager to join the MMA,and is looking to make his debut in early 2011. They say that Batista was spotted backstage at Strikeforce this past weekend with MMA honchos,and is more than ready to sign his contract.

Batista met with officials at the MMA organization on Saturday in San Jose,California,and their sources said, “Batista is really eager to get in the ring and show everyone what he’s made of.” There is no official deal yet even though it’s been in the works for months. However, it appears they’re getting close to closing the deal. Read more »

Cubs’ Tyler Colvin Gets Hit With Broken Bat In New Clip Footage

Cubs’ Tyler Colvin gets hit with broken bat in new video clip footage. In the video (below), Chicago Cubs outfielder Tyler Colvin was the victim of a strange incident during a game against the Florida Marlins. Tyler was making his run to home base from third base. Then, all of a sudden, the bat of Welington Castillo split,and sent part of it flying into Tyler’s chest.

Tyler has been hospitalized in Jackson Memorial Hospital and is currently in stable condition. The bat hit very close to his heart. Fortunately, it missed by a few inches,producing only minimal external bleeding. Colvin will reportedly remain in the hospital for a few days for observation. Read more »

Venus Williams Sports Sexy,Controversial Outfit At 2010 French Open

Venus Williams sports sexy,controversial outfit at 2010 French Open. On top of Google trends today is Venus Williams provocative, nighty type outfit that she’s sporting at this year’s French Open tennis tournament,and it’s causing some online controversy. According to the Huffington Post, Venus won her match today over Patty Schnyder in convincing fashion with a score of 6-3,6-3. However that’s not what most people were interested in.

They apparently were distracted by this new,lacy black and red,nighty type outfit she’s wearing. Read more »

Pro Golfer,Erica Blasberg Found Dead Yesterday Due To Unknown Causes

erica blasberg image

Pro Golfer,Erica Blasberg found dead yesterday due to unknown causes. According to the Los Angeles Times , LPGA pro golfer Erica Blasberg was found dead yesterday due to unknown causes. Erica was only 25 years old. She was in her 6th season on the LPGA Tour. She turned pro back in June of 2004,and then qualified to join the LPGA Tour a year later.

She’s originally from Southern, California,and went to high school in Corona. She made two-time All-American at the University of Arizona. Her agent Chase Callahan said that he was very devastated to learn of her passing. He stated, “We are devastated to learn of the passing of Erica Blasberg. Read more »

Jerry Jones Bashes Bill Parcells & Tim Tebow While Drunk In Clip Footage

jerry jones image

Jerry Jones bashes Bill Parcells & Tim Tebow while drunk in clip footage. According to , Dallas Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones let it all hang out the other night when he got drunk and hung out with the fellas. He started ripping and bashing former Cowboys’ coach Bill Parcells and future NFL hopeful Tim Tebow, saying, Bill Parcells isn’t worth sh@@t,and that Tim Tebow would never get on the field.

In the clip (below) He said, “Romo was a miracle. He almost never got in, and he almost was gone. Tebow would neve. Bill’s not worth a shit. I love him. Not worth a shit, but I wanted, they were on my ass so bad. J’s gotta have a yes man. So to get this fuckin’ stadium, I need to bring his ass in.” Read more »

Pittsburgh Steelers’ Ben Roethlisberger Gets Accused Of Sexual Assault

 brooklyn's finest movie poster image

Pittsburgh Steelers’ Ben Roethlisberger gets accused of sexual assault. According to TMZ , Ben Roethlisberger who is the quaterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers has been accused of an alleged sexual assault of a young woman. They say a young woman in Georgia has allegedly accused him of sexual assault. The alleged incident occurred early this morning at a club in Milledgeville,Georgia called, “Capital City.”

The Police said the alleged victim was treated at a local hospital and released. Witnesses are being interviewed ,and the police are going to attempt to interview Ben Roethlisberger. The Georgia Bureau of Investigations is also investigating the case. Also, Ben is being sued by another woman from Reno named Andrea McNulty. Read more »

Shaun White Releases Exclusive Olympic Double McTwist Footage Clip

shaun white image

Shaun White releases exclusive Olympic Double McTwist 1260 footage video clip. The awesome snowboarder, Shaun White has released his amazing video (below) of him doing the incredible Double McTwist 1260. According to UKtodaynews, he scored a 46.8 on his first run. Then on his 2nd run, he took his game to a whole new level by launching his amazing Double McTwist 1260 and landing it perfectly. He built up speed,spun,flipped,and then just kept on flipping,landing perfectly on his feet.

It makes me wonder how you even go about learning to do something like that. Well, he’s learned it very well,and the Double McTwist 1260 gave him a huge score of 48.4,which put him in first position. Read more »

Newsy Airs Olympic Luge Tragedy Crash Clip & Reveals What Caused It

2010 olympic luge crash image

Newsy airs 2010 Olympic luge tragedy crash video clip & reveals what caused it. Helena over at just emailed me this exclusive video clip (below) of the 2010 Olympic luge tragedy crash. It shows the exclusive footage of the terrible incident that 21 year old Nodar Kumaritashvili had,along with reasons as to why it happened. In the video (below), they say he experienced a G-force that literally collapsed his body rendering it difficult to control the sled,which in this case he was not able to do.

They also determined that the Olympic organization blames the athlete. The Toronto Sun said the sport needs to do a better job, monitoring. They stated, “Nodar was ranked 44th in the world and as such was short in both experience and expertise. Read more »

Danica Patrick Wrecked At Daytona Yesterday

danica patrick daytona 500 crash image

Danica Patrick wrecked at Daytona yesterday. According to TMZ, the very hot, brunette professional race car driver, Danica Patrick wrecked her “Godaddy” race car yesterday in the Daytona on lap 68. They say that Danica Patrick made her NASCAR Nationwide Series debut yesterday at Daytona ,but unfortunately got into a wreck on lap 68,which knocked her out of the race (video below). It’s a good thing she wasn’t hurt,though. That’s the most important thing.

Danica Patrick was driving a green # 7 “Godaddy” car,and it got caught in a pileup when she was trying to come out of turn four at the Daytona International Speedway. Read more »