‘Yes Man’ (2008) Movie Review

‘Yes Man’ (2008) Movie Review

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“Yes Man” was crazy funny ! It stars Jim Carrey as Carl Allen, a guy that basically says “No” to everything because of issues that he has after his divorce from his wife three years prior. He works at a bank as a loan officer who declines almost every loan,and comes up with silly but very hilarious excuses as to why he can’t go out when his friends, Peter (Bradley Cooper) and Rooney (Danny Masterson) ask him to,or any other opportunity that arises. All his excuses eventually lead to the proverbial answer which is,”No”. Then finally one day after realizing he needs a bit of a change to his life he decides to attend a self help seminar that an old friend named, Nick (John Michael Higgins) had introduced to him earlier.

Terrence Bundley (Terence Stamp), the hilarious self help instructor has a long talk with Carl at the seminar and convinces him to make a promise to him that he will say “Yes” to every opportunity that presents itself. After much prodding and prying in front of a huge crowd he convinces Carl to agree to the promise in what is a very passion filled moment of the film. Immediately after the seminar Carl is presented with an opportunity to give a homeless guy a ride to his destination. He runs out of gas while doing this generous deed which leads him to meet his eventual future love, Allison (Zooey Deschanel) at a gas station . She gives him a crazy hell of a ride back to is car on her scooter where they sort of make out. After that he ends up saying “yes” to things which include approving almost every loan that came in,putting all his friend’s drinks on his tab,getting laid by a 70 or 80 yr old lady,learning Korean, going on a date with a Persian lady from a Persian dating site,taking guitar lessons,learning how to fly a plane,etc.

He sees Allison again after saying “Yes” to attend a concert for a less than desired band in which she’s the lead singer of. They have a good laugh about it afterwards and start dating. They end up doing all kinds of spontaneous things and fall in love,but their happiness gets halted when the police arrest them under suspicion that he might be involved in terrorism from all the new activities he’s been doing. His friend, Peter who’s a lawyer gets him out of trouble by explaining to them what’s been going on with the whole “Yes” seminar thing. Allison,however isn’t to pleased to hear that he’s just been saying “Yes” to everything because he thinks he has to and it makes her unsure if his feelings for her are real or if it’s just because he’s been saying “Yes” to everything.

In a final conclusion after numerous unreturned phone calls from Allison. Carl tracks her down and convinces her that his feelings for her are real and they get all mushy again one final time.

My Take : I thought the movie was very hilarious. Jim Carrey was exhaustingly funny. The film flowed together pretty well from beginning to end with a nice build up and good storyline. Also the scenes with the seminar guy had me laughing out of my seat. The movie was just crazy funny the whole way through. Jim Carrey once again proves why his films are a success, bringing all the “Funny” he has with him into this film. If you want a movie you can go see to just laugh your ass off. I would definitely recommend,”Yes Man”.

Grade : A

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4 Responses

  1. Max Coutinho says:

    Hi Andre,

    This sounds like a good movie to give a couple of cheap laughs lol! Can you imagine what would be like to say “yes” all the time?

    Merry Festivities!!


  2. I’m sorry, I’d have to disagree with you,

    I wasn’t laughing most of the time,
    the only funny character is Jim Carrey’s dorky geeky Boss.

    The rest of the story, well instead of ‘crazy funny’ it’s more like ‘silly and stupid’

    I’m gonna have to say NO to this movie

    Rama’s SCREEN

  3. yes man is crazy funny chractar (jin carrey’s dorky geeky boss) .Movie was also good which wasn’t laughing most of the time.

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