‘The Last House on the Left” (2009) Movie Review

‘The Last House on the Left” (2009) Movie Review

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In this remake of the classic film, ” The Last House on the Left”. Mari Collingwood ( Sara Paxton) and her parents, John Collingwood and Emma Collingwood go out to there vacation home that’s out in the middle of nowhere. Mari goes to spend the day with her friend Paige ( Martha MacIsaac ) that works in a convenience store. While there, a under aged boy named Jacob walks in to buy some cigarettes. He tells Paige that he’ll hook her up with some good smokes back at his motel if she hooks him up with the cigarettes. Jacob takes them back to the hotel thinking that his criminal father (Krug),uncle(Giles), and father’s girlfriend (Sadie) won’t be back for the day.

They have a good time smoking until his father and the rest show back up at the place suddenly. Since they are criminals on the run , they can’t risk the new visitors, Paige and Mari telling anybody. So, they take them out to the woods, end up killing Paige,Krug rapes Mari, Giles shoots her when she tries to swim away in the nearby river. Thinking she’s dead they make their way to the “Last House on the Left” which oddly enough is Mari’s parent’s house. Not knowing what they have done, Mari’s parents take them in and nurses Giles’ wounds that he had incurred while fighting the two girls. They eventually let them sleep in their guest house since there is a big storm that night.

Mari finally makes it back to her house with the gunshot wound and all. Her parents quickly get her in the house and treat her. Her mother notices a bracelet left around a cup Jacob was drinking from which is Mari’s. He left it there to tip them off because he didn’t like his father. So, now that they know who did this. They kill off the uncle (Giles) first. Then they make their way into the guest house, and with the help of Jacob, they are able to put a bullet in the father’s girlfriend ( Sadie). Mari’s father (John) and Krug have a final showdown in the house which eventually ends up with Krug on a table paralyzed from the neck down. John rolls him up to a microwave to where his head is in it,and turns it on until his head explodes. It was quite justifying,graphic, and gruesome.

My Take : I thought the build up was good. It had a good storyline to put all the sequences together. It totally kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time wondering what the crazies would do next. The movie didn’t have a boring moment in it,and it was pretty unique in the way it played out. It sort of varied from the way that I thought it would go.If you like a good thriller ; you should check this one out.

Grade : B

Movie : The Last House on The Left
Release Date : March 13,2009
Studio : Rogue Pictures
Cast : Tony Goldwyn, Monica Potter, Sara Paxton, Garret Dillahunt, Rhys Coiro, Martha MacIsaac, Riki Lindhome, Aaron Paul

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  1. Eric Redman says:

    So Ya i saw this shit in the theaters last night .,. and ya its fuckin crazzzzzyyy .. best part is how its differnt from the older one .. miss the chainsaw tho … luvin the microwave tho.. prtty tight … chyaa . ight wel back to skool

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