‘Venom’ Movie May Be in The Works

‘Venom’ Movie May Be in The Works

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One of Spider-Man’s biggest enemies, Venom from Spider-Man 3 may be about to get its own solo movie. Sony has hired writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick to start writing a film based soley on the “Venom” character. “Venom” is an evil version of Spider-Man created by the symbiosis of an alien life form and a human to host it.

There’s currently no known plot available or any information on who may star in the film,but it does sound interesting. In Spider-Man 3, “Venom” had all the powers of Spider-Man with a few added editions of big freakin alligator looking teeth and a slithering tongue.More like Spider-Gator or something. He also appeared to be physically bigger and stronger than Spider-Man. It was pretty freaky.

“Venom” originally tried to use Peter Parker as a host,but Peter rejected him so he took over another human in the film played by Topher Grace formerly of “That 70’s Show”. I do find it interesting that they would make a movie based soley around an evil character such as this. it really makes me wonder how the plot would read. Oh,well as further developments occur,well let you know.

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  1. i like topher grace as venom on spiderman 3 and 4 and venom movie he’s cool and awsome and greast i like topher grace i like him as venom i love topher grace so i will see topher grace on spiderman 4 and venom coming soon im glad im a venom fan.

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