‘Shorts’ Movie Was Silly, Yet Entertaining

‘Shorts’ Movie Was Silly, Yet Entertaining

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Warner Bros. new comedy,adventure flick, “Shorts” hit the theaters this weekend,and it was pretty entertaining. It was almost kind of too kiddie for me,but I never got board watching. It was a pretty fast paced movie,and all the magical wishing rock stuff kept me intrigued.

In a short synopsis, “Shorts” revolved mostly around Toe Thompson (Jimmy Bennett) at first,then got everyone in the mix when he’s hit on the head with a rainbow colored rock that grants anyone who holds it, whatever they wish for.

The story was kind of told in a jumbled way, in a series aptly called “Shorts”(as in short story). Basically from what I gathered, a character named Loogie (Trevor Gagnon) first found the rock,and made some bad wishes. He corrected them,and then got rid of it.

Then that’s when it eventually found its way to Toe Thompson who’s always bullied at school and has no friends. He uses the rock to wish for some friends. After that, the rock somehow mistakenly gets picked up by his sister who makes a wish unknowingly,which turns her boyfriend into a giant.

From there,each person who possesses the rock always finds a way to lose it. It eventually makes its way around the whole town,creating chaos with a whole bunch of selfish,non thought out wishes.

When the grown ups eventually get their hands on it, they are just as bad. So bad,in fact, that the kids decide that they must ban together in an effort to eventually get rid of the rock.

Again, the movie was very entertaining. It’s a good family movie to go watch. I thought the ending was kind of silly,but funny at the same time.There’s one scene that involved a huge,giant booger. It was really freaky,but unique at the same time. The movie itself was chaotic,even the way it was told,but still entertaining.

Grade : B –

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