‘Extract’ Movie Brought Laughs,Drama,And A Crazy Ben Affleck

‘Extract’ Movie Brought Laughs,Drama,And A Crazy Ben Affleck

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Miramax Films new comedy, movie, “Extract” came out this weekend,starring Jason Bateman and Ben Affleck. I must say it was much funnier than I thought it would be. I mean the movie trailers looked funny and all,but the actual film was far from any let down,as well. I almost didn’t recognize Ben Affleck as the bartender and crazy best friend,but he was hilarious.

“Extract” revolved around a character named Joel (Jason Bateman) who is a business owner of a flavor extract plant,and has hired a bunch of misfit workers to help run it.

However, he’s been offered the opportunity to sell it to General Mills. All he has to do is keep everything running smoothly until the deal is finalized. Unfortunately he falls prey to the incompetence of his workers which cause a lawsuit that could bankrupt his company.

Meanwhile, his personal life is going to hell, as well. He complains to his best friend, Dean (Ben Affleck) about barely having sex with his wife. Joel eventually goes for a plan Dean concocts while under the influence of a drug.

The plan is to hire a gigolo to seduce his wife,and if she cheats,then he is free to cheat on her without feeling guilty. This brings us to the beautiful Mila Kunis who plays a temp named Cindy.

She comes to work at Joel’s plant,but unbeknownst to him,she’s an ex-convict who’s currently out on parole.He thinks she’s very attractive and wouldn’t mind having an affair with her.

Joel eventually finds out about her little parole secret and in doing so,saves his company in the process. His plan to have his wife seduced sort of backfires on him,but it works out in the end by revealing problems in their marriage.

The movie was extremely hilarious. I liked the plot and or story that it told. Most of the characters in the film were amazingly funny. 90210’s Dustin Milligan,who played Brad,the gigolo,showed the depth of his acting, as he made me laugh hysterically. Jason Bateman was great as usual. I like his personality in films.And again, Ben Affleck did an amazing job as well. Overall, it was a very good comedy.

Grade : B +

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