Tyler Perry’s ‘I Can Do Bad All By Myself’ Was Funny & Drama Filled

Tyler Perry’s ‘I Can Do Bad All By Myself’ Was Funny & Drama Filled

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Tyler Perry in conjunction with Lionsgate released “I Can Do Bad All By Myself” this weekend. It’s a drama / comedy movie which featured Tyler Perry’s funniest character, Madea. It was extremely hilarious,yet had a strong story, filled with drama.

The movie revolved around three parentless children,and their aunt with occasional funny scenes from Madea. The kids break into Madea’s home one night,and try to still her vcr. Madea catches them,and takes them to her aunt April’s (Taraji P. Henson) house to demand the cash for her broken window and vcr.

They are eventually forced to stay with April after their grandmother and mother have died. There’s just one problem, April is selfish, doesn’t like kids, and is sleeping with a married man, mostly because he helps to pay her bills.

Meanwhile Sandino (Adam Rodriguez) who is a Spanish immigrant,handyman, gets assigned to fix up April’s home by the local church in exchange for pay and room and board via her basement. April soon realizes that the unshaven Sandino cleans up nicely,and has a strong positive effect on her family.

While her married boyfriend, Randy has a negative effect. So negative in fact, that it comes to a strong,drama filled head.

Sadino is eventually able to break through the strong emotional walls that April has built up and teaches her how to love. The movie also had appearances by superstar singers, Mary J Blige and Gladys Knight. They both performed great singing performances in the film.

I thought the movie brought some great comedy and drama. More so, on the drama side, as it did tell a strong emotional story. Tyler Perry was great as Madea. It’s a real emotional movie too, with the ability to bring a tear to ones eye near the end,as April starts to show her love for those kids.If you’re really into drama with a little comedy on the side,then this movie will suit you perfectly.

Grade : B+

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