‘Zombieland’ Movie Focused Mostly On The Comedy & Drama

‘Zombieland’ Movie Focused Mostly On The Comedy & Drama

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Columbia Pictures released their new comedy / horror movie, “Zombieland” this weekend, which stars : Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, and Abigail Breslin. I just got done watching it,and it was pretty funny for the most part.

Woody Harrelson was hilarious as Tallahasse who was the ultra tough zombie killing slugger. Jesse Eisenberg did a good job making up the other half of the comedic duo,as Columbus who is the sort of the awkward nerd type guy. Bill Murray also had funny cameo appearance in the film.

“Zombieland” focused around Columbus and Tallahasse and their little journey in a world that is now totally made up of zombies. Columbus starts out, alone and gives us his rule list of how to survive in “Zombieland.”

After losing his car in a zombie attack, Columbus meets up with Tallahasse,which started off as an intense stare-down,as noone can be trusted in “Zombieland.” It turns out that Tallahasse has a thing for twinkies,so they stop at a supermarket where they eventually get fooled by a girl and her sister,posing as victims of a zombie attack,and take steal their vehicle and weapons.

Later on, they catch back up with the two girls,and end up crashing at Bill Murray’s house in California. Columbus ends up developing a relationship with one of the girls,and convinces Tallahasse to help save them when they get themselves caught in the middle of a huge zombie attack at an amusement park.

The movie definitely had its funny moments,and was more of a comedy / drama, than a horror flick. The zombies were more of a side thing. The movie really sort of focused on the group of the only four humans left,and how they developed trust in each other.

It did have a lot of action towards the end. I liked the movie because it wasn’t like the typical zombie flick. It focused more on the people and the comedy,instead of just all out zombie attacks,though,it did possess that as well.

Overall,the movie was very entertaining and I never got bored watching it,mostly because of the comedy.

Grade : B

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