‘Couples Retreat’ Movie Delivered Non Stop Laughs

‘Couples Retreat’ Movie Delivered Non Stop Laughs

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Universal Studios new comedy, “Couples Retreat” hit the theaters this weekend. It looked funny, it quacked funny,and by golly it was funny. Very,very funny. I couldn’t stop laughing during this movie.

Jason Bateman,Vince Vaughn,Faizon Love,and Jon Favreau were all very funny in this movie. The movie also starred : Malin Akerman, Kristin Davis, Kristen Bell, Kali Hawk, and Jean Reno. It really had an all-star cast.

“Couples Retreat” centered around the four couples,when Jason (Jason Bateman) and Cynthia (Kristen Bell) have marriage problems and want to go on an expensive therapeutic vacation to try and heal their relationship. They talk the other couples into go along with them because they can’t afford the trip without the group rate.

Jason and Cynthia promise them that they can have all the fun,and not have to do the therapy part of the trip if they go. However, when they get there,they come to realize that they all have to participate in the couples therapy sessions,in order to stay on the island.

It gets extremely funny from there,as the couples get involved in all sorts of funny situations like : getting caught in the ocean with sharks circling them, and getting instruction from a half naked male yoga instructor who puts them in tons of weird sexual positions and even joins in.

The couples also realize that they had problems they were unaware of,after talking with the island therapists.It starts to cause tension among the couples,but in the end, a retreat over to the singles side of the island ironically helped bring them all back together.

Overall,I thought the movie was excellent.It had tons of laughs every second. It got kind of smoochie, smooch at the end,but they still even managed to make that part kind of funny. If you’re looking to see a movie that’s just freakin hilarious, then “Couples Retreat” is a must see film.

Grade : A

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