‘Where The Wild Things Are’ Movie Was Interesting & Unique

‘Where The Wild Things Are’ Movie Was Interesting & Unique

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Warner Bros. new “Where The Wild Things Are” movie was very interesting and unique. It made its nationwide debut this weekend and stars : Catherine Keener, Max Records, Mark Ruffalo, Lauren Ambrose, Chris Cooper, James Gandolfini, Catherine O’Hara, and Forest Whitaker.

I really wasn’t that into the movie at first,as this is not usually my type of film,but as it went along,it started to pick up for me,and I found pretty entertaining.

“Where The Wild Things Are” centered around a young boy named Max who seemingly likes to get himself into troubled predicaments. He starts snowball fights with some kids,and ends up biting his mom really hard when she tries to discipline him.

He ends up running off,and getting in a boat,which eventually lands him on an island where he discovers strange and unique creatures that want to eat him at first,but he convinces them that he’s a king and has special powers. He then leads them to do all sorts of new things,and to participate in his wild ways and games.

He makes friends with some of them,but others didn’t like him that much. They accept that he’s king without asking for any proof of his powers or abilities. He eventually pisses one of them off to the point,that it becomes dangerous. Max eventually realizes that his wild ways may not always be the best,and eventually returns home with a new-found appreciation for his “pre-wild things” life.

Overall, I thought the movie was kind of slow at,but was a necessary buildup for the adventures, that were to follow. It was very unique film. I enjoyed it,which is pretty amazing,since I don’t usually like these types of films. I think it’s a good family movie.

Grade : B

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