‘It’s Complicated’ Movie Got Pretty Good Reviews From Top Movie Critics

‘It’s Complicated’ Movie Got Pretty Good Reviews From Top Movie Critics

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‘It’s Complicated’ movie got pretty good reviews from top movie critics. Universal Picture’s new romantic comedy, “It’s Complicated” hit theaters today,and the reviews are in. They look pretty good. It got all Bs,and just one C. It stars: Meryl Streep, Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin, John Krasinski, Lake Bell, Zoe Kazan, Mary Kay Place, Nora Dunn, Bruce Altman, and Rita Wilson.

Roger Ebert from the Chicago Sun-Times gave it a B-. He said, “It’s Complicated is perfectly plausible if you are only willing to believe that Meryl Streep sells a whole lot of muffins.”

Lisa Schwarzbaum over at Entertainment Weekly gave it a B rating. He said, ” It’s Complicated is middle-aged porn, the specialty of Meyers, who also set ladies and interior decorators drooling over homes and gardens in 2006’s The Holiday. Specifically, the movie is middle-aged femme porn. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, au contraire, but let’s understand one another: This is a fantasy about a triumphant ex-wife desired all over again by her ex-husband.”

Reelviews’ James Berardinelli gave it another B rating,stating, “It’s Complicated represents Meyers’ most accomplished work to-date, and is a substantial upgrade over The Holiday. Meyers unapologetically writes from a woman’s point-of-view, and that quality makes her movies refreshing.”

Peter Travers at Rolling Stone gave it a B-. He said, “In this unapologetic chick flick from writer-director Nancy Meyers — she profitably reinvented the genre with What Women Want and Something’s Gotta Give. ”

USA Today’s Claudia Puig rated it a C. He stated, “”It’s Complicated is vacuous overall, although attractively packaged. The film makes a few incisive observations about divorce and midlife sexuality, peppered with mildly dark humor. But it stops short of being revelatory and lacks clever banter. With sharp comic talents like Streep, Baldwin and Martin, you would expect something funnier, edgier and smarter.”

“It’s Complicated” movie is in theaters now

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  1. Barbara Payton says:

    This movie was great!!!!! Loved it – funny, sad, cute and oh just like what life can be at times 🙂 “complicated”

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