Top Movie Critics Gave ‘Sherlock Holmes’ Movie Great Reviews

Top Movie Critics Gave ‘Sherlock Holmes’ Movie Great Reviews

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Top movie critics gave ‘Sherlock Holmes’ movie great reviews. Warner Bros. Pictures new “Sherlock Holmes” movie starring Robert Downey Jr. hit theaters today,and the top movie critics appear to be pretty happy with it,giving it great reviews. It got mostly Bs and only two Cs. It stars: Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, Rachel McAdams, Mark Strong, Eddie Marsan, and Kelly Reilly.

Roger Ebert from the Chicago Sun-Times gave it a B. He said, “Guy Ritchie’s film is filled with sensational sights, over-the-top characters and a desperate struggle atop Tower Bridge.”

Owen Gleiberman of Entertainment Weekly gave it a B- rating . He stated, “A top-heavy light entertainment.” James Berardinelli over at Reelviews gave it another B-,stating, “Guy Ritchie’s ‘re-interpretation’ of Holmes feels more spastic than kinetic.”

Peter Travers from Rolling Stone gave it a C. He said, “Downey is irresistible. The movie, not so much.” Kirk Honeycutt from the Hollywood Reporter gave it a C+. He stated, “Fits Arthur Conan Doyle’s creation, but few among modern moviegoers will care.”

Claudia Puig over at USA Today gave it a B-. She said, “Sherlock Holmes has been reimagined with fighting skills as potent as his intellectual acumen.”

“Sherlock Holmes” movie is in theaters now.

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    perfect story and casting members, no wonder this movie got good reviews.

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