Jackie Chan’s ‘The Spy Next Door’ Movie Brought Lots Of Laughs & Action

Jackie Chan’s ‘The Spy Next Door’ Movie Brought Lots Of Laughs & Action

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Jackie Chan’s ‘The Spy Next Door’ movie brought lots of laughs & action. Lionsgate’s new action/comedy flick, “The Spy Next Door,” starring Jackie Chan hit theaters this weekend,and I must say it was pretty entertaining,delivering a lot of laughs and action fight scenes. It also stars: Madeline Carroll, Alina Foley, George Lopez, Billy Ray Cyrus, Amber Valletta, and Katherine Boecher.

“The Spy Next Door” movie revolved around character, Bob Ho (Jackie Chan) and a group of funny kids. Bob is a secret spy who is trying to get out of the biz,but he agrees to take a look at one more secret file for a friend. Bob is also dating a mother, Gillian (Amber Valletta) who has three kids. He wants to marry her, however, she wants to wait until he establishes a good relationship with her kids first.

He ends up watching over them, when Gillian goes away on a trip,and this is when all the trouble starts. One of the kids named Ian (Will Shadley) tips off a couple of Russian spies when he downloads a secret file onto his ipod from Bob’s computer. He and the kids start to grow closer,but their relationship gets even stronger when the Russian spies find them. Bob has to expose his secret of being a secret spy in order to protect them .

From there, the action really picks up and it becomes a real fun movie to watch. Things almost go downhill for Bob and Gillian’s relationship,but the kids eventually come through for Bob. The movie showed a lot of great Jackie Chan fight scenes,and even got the kids involved. It also offered some good comedy.

Overall, the movie was way more entertaining than I thought it would be. The movie critics gave it pretty bad reviews,but I thought it was a fun movie to watch. It’s a very good movie for the family as well.

Grade: A

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