‘Kick-Ass’ Movie Got Pretty Damn Good Reviews From Top Critics

‘Kick-Ass’ Movie Got Pretty Damn Good Reviews From Top Critics

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‘Kick-Ass’ movie got pretty damn good reviews from Top critics. Lionsgate released their new action,adventure,comedy flick “Kick-Ass” into theaters this weekend. Most of the top movie critics seemed to really enjoy it. They gave it a couple of As and Bs. However, there were a couple who didn’t think so highly of it,and gave it a D and a C. It stars: Aaron Johnson, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Mark Strong, Chloe Moretz, and Nicolas Cage.

Ty Burr from the Boston Globe gave it a B-. He said, it was “nowhere near as subversive as it thinks it is.” Roger Ebert over at the Chicago Sun-Times gave it a very weak D rating. He stated, “Let’s say you’re a big fan of the original comic book, and you think the movie does it justice. You know what? You inhabit a world I am so very not interested in.”

Michael Phillips at the Chicago Tribune gave it a C-. He said, “I started hating this movie around the midpoint.” Luke Y. Thompson at E! Online gave it an A-. He stated, “Kick-Ass is being promoted like Watchmen, from the writer of Wanted, and while it has elements of both, it’s far more satisfying than either.”

Owen Gleiberman from “Entertainment Weekly” gave it a B+ rating. He said,it was “an enjoyably supercharged and ultraviolent teen-rebel comic-book fantasy.” John DeFore at the “Hollywood Reporter” gave it a B+. He said , it was “Funny, unexpectedly violent romp lets a regular kid play superhero for a while.”

James Berardinelli at Reelviews gave it a strong A- rating,stating, “This film isn’t just violent, it revels in bloody mayhem.” “Kick-Ass” movie is in theaters now. You can read more reviews at Yahoo! movies by Clicking Here.

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