Top Critics Gave Latifa’s ‘Just Wright’ Movie Below Average Reviews

Top Critics Gave Latifa’s ‘Just Wright’ Movie Below Average Reviews

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Top Critics gave Latifa’s ‘Just Wright’ movie below average reviews. Fox Searchlight Pictures released their new Queen Latifah romantic/comedy flick “Just Wright” into theaters this weekend,and the top movie critics didn’t find it to be too great,giving it below average ratings overall with Cs and Ds. However, one critic thought it was ok with a B- rating. The movie stars: Queen Latifah, Common, Paula Patton, Phylicia Rashad, Pam Grier, James Pickens Jr, Mehcad Brooks, Michael Landes, Dwyane Wade, Dwight Howard, Rashard Lewis, and Bobby Simmons.

Andrew Barker at Variety gave it a B- rating. He said, “Painting by numbers often gets a bad rap: While it takes little originality to fill in the romantic-comedy blanks, even a simple, competent job can sometimes feel like a breath of fresh air.”

Michael Rechtshaffen over at “The Hollywood Reporter” gave it a C. He stated, “That it squanders a terrific cast in the process — one that also includes Common, Phylicia Rashad and Pam Grier — makes it all the more disappointing.”

Keith Uhlich over at Time Out New York gave it another C rating. He stated, “Too much of this love triangle rings false.” Melissa Anderson over at Village Voice gave it a disappointing D rating. She said, “Another movie, not as awful as this one, might one day find better use for the easygoing vibe between Queen Latifah and Common, the stars of Just Wright.” “Just Wright” movie is in theaters now. You can read more movie reviews at Metacritic by Clicking Here.

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