Inception Movie Delivered Action,Suspense & A Great Storyline

Inception Movie Delivered Action,Suspense & A Great Storyline

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Inception movie delivered action,suspense & a great storyline. Warner Bros. Pictures released their new Leonardo DiCaprio action,sci-fi flick “Inception” into theaters this weekend. I just got done watching it,and I definitely agree with the top critics’ positive reviews for this movie. I thought it was great. It had action,suspense,special effects,and a terrific, original storyline. It stars: Leonardo DiCaprio, Ken Watanabe, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Ellen Page, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Tom Berenger, and Michael Caine.

“Inception” revolved around character Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio),and his desire to do just about anything to get back to his kids. Dom has the unique ability to navigate through people’s subconscious mind while in the dream state when the mind is most vulnerable. Unfortunately, Dom has been using this ability for criminal activity,and it’s part of the reason why he’s a fugitive and can’t return home to see his kids.

However, he’s eventually offered one last,near-impossible task that would pardon him if he successfully completes it. The task is aptly called “Inception” where one plants and idea into someones mind so that it will grow and change their direction or objective. The task turns out to even more difficult than expected once they get into the subject’s mind and realize he’s been trained with a subconscious defense team that gives Dom and his team all sorts of trouble by getting shot at and attacked. It also involved falling into a state of limbo where they could get trapped for many years,possibly forever.

Also Dom has to deal with issues in his own mind that eventually interfere with the whole mission. His sidekick dream architect Ariadne (Ellen Page) comes along for the ride to help him out with that. The movie was very exciting to watch as they went three levels deep into the dream state,under heavy attack. It provided a lot of action,drama,and suspense,along with some great special effects.

Leonardo DiCaprio played the Dom dream expert role well. Also Ellen Page did a great job as character Ariadne who was recruited by Dom to be his dream architect. The movie had so many elements to describe in a review,but believe me,it was awesome. The storyline was very unique,and really made me want to follow along with what was going on. Inception is in theaters now. Get your “Inception” movie tickets at Fandango by Clicking Here.

Grade: A+

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