Top Critics Gave New Nanny McPhee Returns Movie Mixed Reviews

Top Critics Gave New Nanny McPhee Returns Movie Mixed Reviews

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Top critics gave new Nanny McPhee Returns movie mixed reviews. Universal Pictures released their new comedy/family flick ” Nanny McPhee Returns” into theaters today,and the top critics gave it some pretty mixed reviews. I guess it just came down to a matter of taste with this movie. The highest rating it got was a B+ and the lowest was a D-. The movie stars: Emma Thompson, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Rhys Ifans, Maggie Smith, Asa Butterfield, and Ralph Fiennes.

Tom Russo from the Boston Globe gave it a C. He said, “disappointing.” Michael Phillips at the Chicago Tribune gave it another C rating. He stated, “The first film came out five years ago. It was charming. The return is more pushy than charming, which is odd given the pedigree of its key collaborators.”

Lisa Schwarzbaum at Entertainment Weekly gave it a B. She said, “Kid viewers will have fun with the references to barnyard poo, poo of all sorts, poo to reckon with.” Bill Gibron gave it a B+. He stated, “a joy to behold, an oasis of originality and wit in a genre that is frequently bereft of both.”

Mike Hale at the New York Times gave it a C. He said, “Neither the dangers of the plot,a dissolute uncle who wants to sell the farm, a father missing in action,nor the forbidding Nanny McPhee herself are as fearsome as they were the first time around.”

Claudia Puig at USA Today gave it a C+. She said, “The end result, while entertaining, is the kind of unruly mess you can’t imagine the indomitable Nanny McPhee tolerating.” Mick LaSalle at the San Francisco Chronicle gave it a B. He said, “Has a lighter spirit than its predecessor, but it arrives at the same warm and touching place.”

Glenn Whipp over at the Los Angeles Times gave it a B +. He stated, “The animals are impossibly adorable, but never threaten to upset the film’s delicate balance between magic and a more sobering reality. It’s a fairy tale in the best tradition.” “Nanny McPhee Returns” movie is in theaters now. Get your “Nanny McPhee Returns” movie tickets at Fandango by Clicking Here. You can read more movie reviews at Metacritic.

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