New Limitless Movie Delivered Interesing Plot,Lots Of Drama & More

New Limitless Movie Delivered Interesing Plot,Lots Of Drama & More

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New Limitless movie delivered interesting plot,lots of drama & more. Relativity Media released their new action/thriller movie “Limitless” into theaters this weekend. I just checked it out,and thought it was excellent. However, the ending was a bit confusing. The movie stars: Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro, Abbie Cornish, Anna Friel,and Tomas Arana.

“Limitless” revolved around character Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) who was a down and out writer with a book contract,but couldn’t think of a word to write. He eventually ends up running into his ex-brother-in-law Vernon who gives him what he claims is a new,safe,revolutionary drug that would help him with his writing.

Eddie reluctantly takes the pill. Then about 30 seconds later, his mind opens up,and he is immediately impressed with the results. He’s able to think of small,detailed things that he’d long since forgotten that help him in his present situations. He was able to finish his book in about four hours. However, he wakes up the next day to find that the effects have worn off.

This leads him back to Vernon to score some more of the drug. Unfortunately,he finds him shot dead on arrival because somebody else wanted the drug as well. After rummaging through Vernon’s apartment, Eddie finally locates the complete stash of the drug.

He then uses it to party it up with people he’s just met,gets a makeover,and starts trading stocks. He eventually generates over $2 million for a brokerage firm,which catches the attention of big-timer Carl Van Loon (Robert De Niro). Carl was impressed with him,and brought him onto his team to get involved in a $40 million deal. Sadly, Frank started experiencing crazy side-effects from the drug,and got caught in a bind with a loan-shark who wanted him to keep supplying him with the drug.

All of this led up to a fiery conclusion that involved gun shots,fighting,killing,and more. After all the smoke cleared,Eddie was left standing,but it sort of ended with an odd conclusion that left me guessing if he was still on the drug or not.

Nevertheless,I thought it was a very entertaining film. I found it to be highly intriguing. It never had a dull moment in it. I gave the movie an A. “Limitless” movie is in theaters now. Get your “Limitless” movie tickets by Clicking Here.

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