New ‘Hangover 2’ Movie Delivered Tons Of Laughs,Great Storyline & More

New ‘Hangover 2’ Movie Delivered Tons Of Laughs,Great Storyline & More

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New ‘Hangover 2’ movie delivered tons of laughs,great storyline & more. Warner Bros. Pictures released their new comedy flick “The Hangover Part II” into theaters this weekend. I just got through checking it out,and I thought it was a complete riot.

It was extremely funny,and the plotline turned out to be better than I thought it would be. The movie stars: Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Jeffrey Tambor, Mike Tyson, Justin Bartha, Ken Jeong, Bryan Callen,and Nick Cassavetes.

In the flick, all the original guys from the original Hangover: Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms), Alan (Zach Galifianakis) and Doug (Justin Bartha) joined back together to head to Thailand for Stu’s wedding to Lauren. They decide to have it their because his wife’s Asian,and her family lives there.

When they finally get there, a few things are brought to light. Lauren’s father doesn’t really like Stu that much,and his most prized possession is his 16 year old son Teddy who is a genius. However, he’s reluctantly decided to give Stu his blessing to marry Lauren.

After dinner, the guys decide to go to a beach bonfire. They manage to drag Stu and Teddy along after Lauren convinces him to have a little fun. A few hours later, they throw back a few drinks,and the next thing you know,the guys have another crazy night that they have absolutely no memory of.

They also have a really big problem. They’ve lost young Teddy,but discovered his finger was somehow cut-off with his Stanford ring still attached to it. Stu also has a Mike Tyson tattoo on the side of his face, Alan’s head has been shaved,and there’s a funny little monkey running around. They also have no idea where they’re at.

Eventually, they discover that the crazy Asian guy Chow (Ken Jeong) took them out for a crazy night on the town in Bangkok. Needless to say, the guys quickly scramble to try and find Teddy after Chow passes out from a strong hit of cocaine.

Their search for Teddy sends them on another crazy trip through the city of Bangkok where they find an old monk they kidnapped,discover they stole the funny little monkey,Phil gets shot in the arm, they learn the monkey sells drugs,and more. It’s pretty wild.

After searching for a day and half,and getting caught up in a secret sting operation with the FBI, they still have not found Teddy. They’re just about to give up hope until Stu has an epiphany that ends up saving the day. I thought the movie was very fun to watch. I was skeptical about how the plot was going to be with this type of follow-up,but they managed to pull off a really good plotline.

However, I think if they tried to do this a 3rd or 4th time,it would get sort of ridiculous and unrealistic,but for a 2nd movie,it was believable enough. There was never a boring moment in the film. Mike Tyson showed up to sing another song,but I don’t think it was as good as the one he did in the original. They probably could’ve left him out of it.

Bradley Cooper did an excellent job again as cool and calm character Phil. I think this is definitely one of his best roles. I gave the movie an A- grade. Follow us on Facebook for more movie news,reviews,and more by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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