New ‘Green Lantern’ Movie Delivered Cool Special Effects,Action & More

New ‘Green Lantern’ Movie Delivered Cool Special Effects,Action & More

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New ‘Green Lantern’ movie delivered cool special effects,action & more. Warner Bros. Pictures released their new super hero/action flick “Green Lantern” into theaters this weekend. I just checked it out,and I thought it was very cool to watch as it featured a lot of action and special effects scenes.

The movie stars: Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard, Mark Strong, Angela Bassett, Tim Robbins, Temuera Morrison, Jay O. Sanders, Taika Waititi, Jon Tenney, Geoffrey Rush, and Michael Clarke Duncan.

In the flick, character Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) is very talented pilot that almost costs a deal for his company by trying a crazy stunt with the a plane,and crashing it,while on a test run with the beautiful Carol Ferris (Blake Lively). Eventually, Hal gets called to do something much greater than flying planes.

One day,he meets a dying purple alien after being raptured up in a green bubble that chose him. He was told to take the lantern and ring,and make the oath,even though he didn’t know what the oath was.

Meanwhile, a great enemy named Parallax was threatening to destroy Earth with the yellow power of fear,and had infected a college professor named Hector Hammond (Peter Sarsgaard). His brain starts to grow,and he gets super powers,which he uses for evil.

After being trained by other Green Lanterns, Hal starts to foil the plans of Hammond to hurt other people,including the lovely Carol Ferris. Hal eventually devises a way to stop Hammond,but that turns out to just be the easy part as he has to deal with the huge Parallax creature.

The Parallax battle leads to a huge conclusion that teaches Hal a lesson about conquering fear,and embracing his Green Lantern will. It also taught the other,older Green Lanterns a great lesson as well. I really enjoyed watching the movie. It showed cool special effects that included Hal creating things out of thin air,flying through the air,and more.

The plot was also equally as interesting as it revealed all the Green Lantern powers meant nothing unless Hal could learn to overcome the yellow power of fear,which held him back from reacting. It was pretty deep.

I thought Ryan Reynolds did a great job as the Hal aka Green Lantern. I knew he was the best one for the role when they were casting two years ago. Gossip Girl starlet Blake Lively was excellent and gorgeous as Carol Ferris,and they definitely left it open for a sequel,so I’m sure we’ll see at least a couple more installments if it does well at the box office. I gave the movie an A grade. Get your “Green Lantern” movie tickets at Fandango by Clicking Here.

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