New Paranormal Activity 4 Delivered Mediocre Suspense,Thrills And A Ridiculous Ending

New Paranormal Activity 4 Delivered Mediocre Suspense,Thrills And A Ridiculous Ending

New Paranormal Activity 4 delivered mediocre suspense,thrills and a ridiculous ending. Paramount Pictures released their new horror/thriller flick “Paranormal Activity 4” into theaters this weekend. I just watched it,and thought this was quite possibly the worst one yet. While it did serve up some suspense,it took them quite a while to get around to it,and once it did,it was too predictable and mediocre.

The ending was very ridiculous,and I was really hoping they wouldn’t do that. It stars: Katie Featherston,Kathryn Newton, Matt Shively,Brady Allen,and Tommy Miranda. The new flick takes place five years after Paranormal Activity 2, which ended with Katie kidnapping Hunter. From there, we see a happy go-lucky family that consisted of this very cute,young,blonde chick named Alice,her adopted little brother named Wyattmand her parents.

Eventually,, a weird little kid named Robbie comes lurking around Alice’s house,and eventually stays there for a few nights after his mother supposedly got sick and had to go to the hospital. Once little Robbie started staying at their house,a few little weird,paranormal things started happening,which freaked Alice out. However, her parents wouldn’t believe her stories.

The odd little things kept continuing here and there. Then finally, at about the last half hour of the movie,the craziness started to pick up. Wyatt started claiming he was the kidnapped Hunter kid. Robbie’s mom turned out to be crazy Katie. Then in classic “Paranormal Activity” fashion, bodies started flying through the air until they were snapped in half.

Then crazy Katie started chasing Alice around,resulting in a very odd and completely ridiculous conclusion before cutting out. I know these movies are just supposed to be spooky fun and not amazing,but they got real lazy with this ending. It was very disappointing. However,they probably will make another one.

I also thought they took a rather long time to really deliver anything scary and suspenseful in this one. Usually,they can start to deliver some really good stuff at around 40 minutes in,but I swear, this movie went a little past an hour before things really started to pick up,and given that the movie only ran an hour and 35 minutes,that’s pretty bad. Anyways, I gave the movie a C+ grade. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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