Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 To Bring Back Jo’s Violent Husband Paul For Something Big

Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 To Bring Back Jo’s Violent Husband Paul For Something Big

According to a new report from, the production team for ABC’s hit medical series, “Grey’s Anatomy” has decided to bring back Jo Wilson’s messed up husband Dr. Paul Stadler at some point in the upcoming 14th season. Former Glee star, Matthew Morrison (above) portrays the character. They say he confirmed his upcoming return to Grey’s Anatomy while doing a recent interview with The Argonaut.

He told them that the role is going to big stating, “It’s been a crazy ride since the show. I have a big role in Grey’s Anatomy coming up.” The last time we saw his Paul character in action was in the 23rd episode of season 13 titled, “True Colors.”

During that episode, Paul was attending the Minimally Invasive Surgery conference in Los Angeles, California. Unbeknownst to him, character Alex Karev was following him throughout the entire day. Towards the end of that day, Paul passed Alex on his way to grab a cab.

He offered to split the cost of the cab to the airport with Alex, but Alex told him he could have it. In that episode, it was also revealed that Jo was married to Paul. She ended up leaving him for being extremely abusive to to her. Not only did Alex leave, she created a new life with an entirely new name!

With all that said, it’s definitely going to be quite intriguing to see what they will have him doing when he returns. Currently, ABC hasn’t officially announced Morrison’s return or what his character will be up to when he does. So, it sounds like they really want to keep his storyline under very tight wraps. Hopefully, some new intel will pop up in regards to this in the upcoming weeks. We’ll have to sit tight and wait and see.

As previously reported, we’re supposed to also see the return of Dr. Teddy Altman at some during this season. Characters Stephanie Edwards and Eliza Minnick will not be returning. We’re hearing that we’ll also see more scenes between Maggie and Jackson. So, that should be pretty interesting.

The new season 14 is currently due to premiere on Thursday night, September 28,2017 with a huge two-hour episode! Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Grey’s Anatomy Facebook page for more Grey’s Anatomy news by Clicking Here.

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