Big Brother 19 Josh Started More Intense Fights With Mark Last Night August 14th,New Details

Big Brother 19 Josh Started More Intense Fights With Mark Last Night August 14th,New Details

Alright Big Brother fans. We’ve got more fights to report for you guys. And I think we always will as long as crazy Josh is in the house. Anyways, let’s get right into it. Apparently, Josh has a real big problem with Mark’s flip flopping. We knew he didn’t like it before, but he really decided to call him straight out about it last night, August 14th,2017 on the live feeds.

The first fight sparked up at around 11:20 pm Pacific time. Paul and Mark were having a conversation about how he’s not listening to what Cody says. Then Josh came into the room to straight up call Mark out on the shady game play that he thinks he’s been playing.

Josh started with, “I have something to address with you. What’s the deal? Where do you stand? One minute you want to backdoor Cody. The next minute, you’re clicking up with him.” Mark tried to say that he just spent one night with Cody in the hot tub. After that, Josh told Mark, “Why don’t you just be a man and say where you stand in this game. I personally like you but this is my issue with you in the game.”

Josh asked Mark, “Do you know that Cody was campaigning to get me on the block?” Mark replied with, “ No, I didn’t. I’ve heard three names he’s campaigning against.” Then Josh asked him, “ Do you know Cody was trying to flip the house against us?” Mark answered, “No, I don’t.”

Next, Josh told Mark, “You’ve been clicked up with Cody ever since he walked back into the house. You are guilty by association. You’ve also proven it by your actions.” Then Josh gave him another line of questioning. He asked, “Why were you salty after Cody got nominated?” Mark said he wasn’t salty. Josh said, “If I was going off your demeanor, you seemed salty when Cody got put up. You bolted to the backyard.” Mark denied it again saying, “I just went outside to tan. What do you want me to do? Throw a parade?”

At this point, Josh asked Mark, “So, you don’t have any idea what Cody’s been doing this whole time?” Mark answered, “ I haven’t Josh.” Josh then said, “In my eyes, the line is drawn between me and you. Personally, I like you a lot. Gamewise, the line is drawn. Cody has thrown out the whole house’s name including yours to save his butt and you are still clicked up with him!”

In response, Mark just went back to saying, “I just spent one night with him in the hot tube.” Out of frustration, Mark asked Josh, “ When have I ever spent time with Cody 1 on 1?” Josh said, “Fool, you’re always with Cody.” Josh went on to say that he’s a totally sold on the fact that Mark is flip flopping based on the actions he’s shown thus far.

Josh also told Mark, “People are annoyed with you because of the shady things you do. You’ve f@#cked up on multiple occasions. The line is drawn. Just know where I stand and that’s it.” He went on to tell Mark, “I would appreciate it if you would also take a stand and admit that you are with Cody instead of flip flopping and faking the funk with everybody.”

Mark responded to that by saying, “I understand how it looks. I never asked anyone to keep Cody in the house because I’m assuming it would just be a 7-0 vote. I never said anything bad about anyone to keep Cody off the block. You can look at my actions.”

After that, Josh said he was going to get Cody to talk about this because he’s tired of all the bull sh@#t. At 11:29 pm, Josh was seen talking to Cody in the backyard. He told Cody, “I just want to clear the air because I know where you stand. You don’t like me. You want me out of the house. I respect it. It’s a game. But Mark keeps throwing your name under the bus when it’s convenient for him. Mark keeps flip flopping to both sides and doesn’t own up to it.”

Cody responded by saying, “I never threw your name around. So, if anybody told you that, they’re lying to your face.” From there, Josh asked him if he wanted to come up stairs to talk with him and Mark about this. Cody answered, “No. What’s the point? I’m going home this week Josh. I’m staying out of the game this week. Your name never got brought up or anything like that. All they’re trying to do is stir you up and I want no part of it.”

Josh in typical fashion just didn’t know when to stop talking or asking Cody the same damn thing. Cody stayed calm and patient though. He just simply told Josh once again, “I don’t want to have a conversation with anyone Josh. I just want to be left alone. I don’t really like much of anyone here. I realized Mark was shady earlier in the game.

No one needs to point that out to me. I understand that Jess was the only one that stood by me in this game. There isn’t a single person you can trust in this house. You need to have this conversation with Mark. I’m not a part of this. I don’t want to be a part of this.” Josh the asked Cody, “So your attempt was to flip the house this week.” Cody replied, “ Against what? I’m getting backdoored.”

At 11:35 pm Mark and Paul made their way out to the backyard to join Josh and Cody and this is where things really started to heat up. Josh explained that he respects the fact that Cody wants him out and that he knows where he stands with him. He has a problem with Mark trying to play the whole house. He said, “One moment, he wants to backdoor Cody. The next moment, he wants to team up with Cody to get me out of the house.”

At this point, everyone else came to watch the big fight. Josh said to Mark, “I’m making it very clear to Cody that you’re shady as f@#ck. Flip flopping from the jump. Everyone is on to your sh@#t. Nobody’s buying your act anymore.” After that, Cody walked off as things got even more heated.

Mark started getting pissed off saying to Josh, “ Why would I want you in this house? I wanted you out before Cody even came back in.” Josh said thank you. “You finally said it to my face. That’s all I wanted is for you to tell me like a man that you wanted me out!”

Josh accused of Mark of saying that he wanted to go back to being friends with him when he won HOH. Mark replied with, “Why would I ever do that?” He did it in a very loud tone too. Josh also got loud and responded, “So, I’m crazy? You’re actions are sh@#t in this house. You’re a f@#king liar and a flip flopper.”

A few more similar words were said before the feeds cut out for a second. By 11:42, they came back on and Mark had left the backyard area. Then Josh and everyone just started making fun of Mark and how Cody stormed off. It was riot.

Alright guys. That was it. Josh gave us another good 20 or so minutes of great footage to report. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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