Big Brother 19 Mark Has Caused A Change In Plans August 20th,New Details

Big Brother 19 Mark Has Caused A Change In Plans August 20th,New Details

According to a new report from Big Brother Network, Mark who is the house’s main target for eviction this week tried to talk with current HOH Christmas and her main sidekick Josh in the HOH room yesterday, August 20th at around 6:05 pm pacific time. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to get them to change their focus on getting him out, but he did get them to change their totem pole.

Before he went to talk with them, the totem pole was to go after Jason next. Then somehow blindside Matt. After that, go after Kevin. After Mark talked to them, they decided that Alex should be their next target before Jason. Shockingly, Christmas and Josh made this decision without their king Paul. But I’m sure they’ll eventually run it by him so he can talk them out of it should he see fit.

Anyways, during the conversation, Mark asked Christmas if there was any chance he could change her mind about their fatal plans to evict him this Thursday night. He said, “ I know it’s unlikely, but I’d regret it if I didn’t try.”

Christmas replied with, “ I appreciate your effort but it’s still not going to happen. I like you personally but you were aligned with the wrong people.” After that, Mark tried to tell her, “The only time I turned my back on someone was to help you when Cody flipped on you.”

At one point, Josh chimed in to tell Mark, “ you’re making some good points but seeing how you turned on Cody doesn’t make you look very trustworthy.” From there, Mark told them, “if Matthew or Raven win HOH, they’re coming for you guys. If I stay in the house, I’m a bigger target than you.”

After that, Mark resorted to throwing Alex’s name out there to possibly help his case. He told them, “Alex is a huge competitor. If you send her out this week, I will have your back for the rest of the game.” After that pitch , Mark left the room. Immediately, Josh shutdown considering any of Mark’s pitches to stay. Then they both agreed to still get rid of Mark this Thursday night.

But again, it did get them rethinking Alex’s place in their line up of people they need to get out next. It changed it quite dramatically too. She’s apparently been bumped from being with them in the final four to the front of the line for eviction. Previously, they had agreed to go after Alex’s main sidekick Jason next. But now, they just want to straight up go after her next. When they were rethinking things, Christmas brought up the change of plans to get rid of Alex before Jason.

By 6:36 pm, more talking had led to them officially locking in their change of plans. They started thinking that it’s too risky to have Alex with them in a final four situation. Instead, they would like to have Raven be with them until then. So, the new plan is to go after Alex next. Then they want to target Jason, Matt and Kevin.

This of course is all subject to change at any moment as more conversations are had. Also, anyone could end up winning HOH in the next couple weeks. Then they also have the Power of Veto comps along with this new “Apple Tree” twist which could award any of the people with a game changing power.

Mark already one the first power which was to save a friend. Then he decided to give it to Paul of all people which was extremely lame. Mark claimed he always pays his debts or something crazy like that. When said that, I was thinking, “why have you convinced yourself that you owe anyone anything?” It was just really strange. I actually think he deserves to go just for doing that. The last thing anyone should do is give Paul extra safety in this game. Production has already taken care of that.

Alright, so as previously reported, Jason and Matt are currently on the chopping block. Jason won the Power of Veto this past Saturday night. We totally expect him to use it to save himself later on today, August 20th. From there, Christmas will replace Jason with Mark if she follows through with the plan. Then we’ll see Mark get evicted this Thursday night unless something extremely crazy happens that would cause the house to decide to evict Matt instead.

Update: At around 2:45 am pacific time today, August 21st, Christmas surely enough told Paul about Mark’s pitch to go after Alex this week instead of him. Paul told Christmas, “ it’s a mistake in the game to keep a big player under the promise that they’ll help take out others for you because then you still have to go back and get them out later.”

The POV ceremony is expected to happen at anytime today. So, we’ll be back with that report after it happens. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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