Big Brother 19 Houseguests Said Really Bad Things About Raven August 22.They’re Cringing

Big Brother 19 Houseguests Said Really Bad Things About Raven August 22.They’re Cringing

Alright guys. Some very interesting conversations took place on the Big Brother season 19 live feeds yesterday, August 22nd,2017. Apparently, a lot of things that Raven’s (above) been doing and saying have really raised suspicions of multiple houseguests. Paul is extremely annoyed by her to the point where he said she makes him cringe. Christmas called her a B@#tch. The first conversations took place at around 4:16 pm pacific time.

It started off with Alex, Jason and Kevin. Jason just straight up called Matt and Raven liars. Alex said, “You think they are?” Jason replied with, “Yeah.” Alex went off into a rant saying, “They’re room is dirty. They’ve got their crap everywhere.” Jason said, “She puts her f@#cking underwear everywhere.”

At 4:17, Jason started talking about Raven’s cooking saying, “They always cook and clean because someone told them it’ll make everyone like them.” Alex said, “That’s not true. We can cook and clean for ourselves.” Jason said,” I would rather not eat the sh@#t that she makes, period. I’m not eating another thing that she cooks. I will guarantee you that. If I take it, I will just throw it in the trash.” Alex said, “It’s too spicey.” Jason said, “ I’m just not eating her sh@#t. It sucks.”

Kevin said of Raven, “You try to be nice.” Jason not fully understanding the statement said, “No they don’t. They’re fucking a@#holes. “ Kevin said, “No, we try to be nice. I have daughters that are her age and younger that act way more mature than her. They would not pout or cry in this house about anything. They would go to church with me when they were little and never say a f@#cking thing for two hours.”

Alex asked them, “Do you think Raven really started a dance studio at 16 years old.” Jason said, “Somebody started it for her.” Kevin said, “Yeah, absolutely. It’s hard to talk about her medical issues, but I’ve never seen a more healthier person in my life. It only comes up when it’s convenient. And then otherwise, she’s doing flips. You see her doing flips and what not? I tried to jump over a chair and couldn’t make it.” Then Jason laughed hard at that one.

At 4:19 pm, Christmas joined their conversation. Alex said, “We were just talking about Raven’s business. She started it at 16 years old. I’m just confused with all that debt and stuff to start a business when you’re 16.” Christmas said, “I’m just guessing because it’s pretty similar. My friend is a ballerina. She started her own studio. I started a small crossfit and grew into mine. It’s much cheaper to do it in the town that she’s in. But rent and stuff. I don’t know. She also graduated high school at 16.” Alex said, “she home schooled” or something.

Alex said, “It’s just so confusing because she seems so healthy and stuff. I don’t know.” Then Alex said, “She’s 250,000 in debt.” Christmas said, “allegedly.” Alex said, “She very well could be because pacemakers are very expensive but I mean…” Christmas said, “and that’s legit.” Alex said Raven’s mom and stepdad don’t work. “Nobody works in her family. She did say someone helped her pay her debts. It is $250,000 but somebody helped her with that, but she keeps bringing that number up.”

Christmas said, “a lot of stuff she gets, her insurance doesn’t cover. That’s why she won’t refill her medicine.” Next, they talked about Raven’s terrible diet. Christmas said, “She eats cookies and ice cream all day long.” Alex said, “no fruits, no vegetables.” Christmas said, “That isn’t exactly helping the situation.” Jason said, “ And remember when she said she couldn’t eat red meat? She asked if she could eat your beef jerky in your hoh basket.” Christmas said, “She didn’t eat it though.” Jason said, “She didn’t eat it but she asked.”

Alex said, “Raven doesn’t drink any water either. Only Sprite and tea.” They also talked about Raven freezing her eggs and how she doesn’t want to adopt. They were whispering at this point so it was hard to make out everything they said. They also mentioned how Raven said her brother is totally free of any diseases like that’s kind of strange.

At 4:25 pm, Kevin said, “All this time, I thought I was the only one that noticed these things.” Jason said, “ Everyone’s just too scared to say anything.” Alex said Raven claimed she drinks Sprite because it settles her stomach. “It doesn’t. There’s too much sugar and stuff.” Chistmas said, “Raven drinks Sprite because Matt drinks Sprite. If I drink that stuff, it gives me cramps because of the sugar.”

Jason started complaining about Raven’s bacon. Alex said, “ you can’t even taste the bacon.” Jason said, “Yeah it’s nasty.” Alex said, “I think that’s why they casts her to see the drama of when people try to take her out” or something along those lines. Jason said, “No one wants to be the one that’s not sympathetic.”

Alex also said Raven’s not always second place. So, I guess Raven made that claim at some point. Alex said, “She’s only come in second place once in the hocus pocus. She’s never come in second place again.” Christmas said, “I know. She’s just riding that wave.”

Jason said, “I think their only goal was just to make it to jury and they’re just laughing their f#@cking a@@es off now.” Christmas said, “I think she cares.” Alex said, “I don’t think Matt does.”

At 4:38 pm Christmas said, “Raven said she rejected Cody.” Jason said, “Cody said she was trying to get with him and he wouldn’t.” Alex said, “Cody said he rejected her straight off the bat and she kept following him around.”

Jason said, “I remember because the first night, I came down to the kitchen and it was him ,Jessica and Raven. Christmas said, “I actually believe Cody on that one.” So, basically they think Raven was lying about the whole Cody situation as well. She claimed he tried to kiss her in the first week or something.

Later on at 8:12 pm, Christmas and Paul really blasted her. Paul said, “Raven and Matt have done nothing this whole season.” Christmas said, “I think zingbot got it right about them.” Paul said, Matt told him, “You and Raven are the best players this year.” Paul started thinking, “Did you just put Raven in my category? How?”

At 8:16 pm, Paul said Raven and Matt are just bizarre. Christmas said, “And she keeps lying about little stuff.” Paul said, “Yeah, She lies a lot. I think she’s a compulsive liar.” Christmas said, “Yes.” Paul said, “She believes her own lies.” Christmas said,” The first indicator is she has to do everything.”

Christmas said something about how Raven said she liked some artist that Christmas likes. Then Christmas tripped her up by asking her a question about the artist. Paul said, “There was another similar situation like that. She told Kevin she was on a softball team. Kevin asked really? What position did you play? Raven said I was just on the team. I didn’t really play.” Paul said, “I was like what?”

Paul went on to say, “She had no answers. She is a compulsive liar. She just says sh@#t to say sh@#t. One time, she was just saying things in Arabic. She was like yeah. I speak Arabic.” Paul said, “I’m speaking Armenian not Arabic. Those are two totally different languages. She was like oh.” So, apparently she was trying to mimic Paul or something at one point.

Christmas went off into rant about how Raven uses her stuff without asking. She said, “I know that b@#tch uses my sh@#t without asking. Come use the shower. I don’t care. Just don’t touch my f@#cking sh@#t.” Paul said, “She uses my f@#cking comb. Don’t use my f@#cking comb.” Christmas said, “That’s weird.” Paul said, “It’s just a bizarre thing. Don’t you have your own brush? I don’t know what your hair’s like or your scalp.” Paul also complained about Matt always using his cologne and shampoo.

Christmas said Raven also used up all of her highlighter makeup and eye shadow. She said, “There was a time where she reached over and said I’m going to use your make up.” Christmas said she was thinking, “didn’t you bring enough of your own f@#cking make up?”

Christmas said Raven uses it without asking, period. “It just drives me crazy. Plus the constant little lies.” Paul said, “It’s super weird. That’s why I didn’t feel comfortable wit the idea of letting her win hoh.” Paul also said their mannerisms are a little rude. “They seem like the type of people that would order the most expensive thing on the menu and then split the check.”

Christmas said, It’s weird how they connected.” Paul said, “They banged.” Christmas said, “I mean their personalities.” Paul said, “It’s not weird. It was very calculated.” Paul said, “How could she say she likes my band?” Christmas said, “You should have asked her what’s the lyrics to one your songs.”

Paul also said, “She looks at people to see if they’re looking at her. She’s so weird. She does the same dances to every song.” Christmas said, “Yes. How did I not see that?” Paul said, “It’s always the same thing. I have to talk sh@#t. It’s observations. I have to.”

Christmas said, “Raven has to be the center of attention no matter what.” Paul said, “Raven is just really f@#cking weird. I don’t wanna kiss in front of thousands of people or bang. Or act like I don’t understand my zing. It’s so cringy. Anything Matt and Raven do, I cringe. It’s like watching a dog take a sh@#t. You don’t want to watch it but you can’t stop.”

Then they went on to make made fun of the things Matt and Raven say to one another in public and her accents. Paul said, “She dolphin spit water at Matt once. I would never even humor dating a woman that dolphin spit water at me, scratches me, throws baby powder on me while I’m in the shower. That’s just a lot.”

Christmas said she asked Matt during the first week if he and Raven are for real? He said, “Never in the real world.” Paul said, “I honestly cannot even stand them anymore. Not even in a game sense. I just can’t. They make me cringe.”

Shortly after that, Christmas got called to the diary room. She left off with, “Good Chat.” Damn right it was. Also, this isn’t the only time these conversations have occurred. It just started happening multiple times yesterday. So, we really felt the need to report it.

I feel like something could come to head with the whole Raven situation in the upcoming weeks. I’m betting someone’s going to call her out. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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