New Big Brother 19 POV Ceremony Results Revealed Yesterday, September 11th,2017

New Big Brother 19 POV Ceremony Results Revealed Yesterday, September 11th,2017

Alright, so the POV ceremony took place yesterday morning, September 11,2017. We didn’t expect much to happen here since as previously reported, Paul went ahead and told Alex on Sunday afternoon that he would not be using the POV on her. He did not want to blindside her. So, essentially Paul got rid of all the entertainment we would’ve experienced at the POV ceremony because Alex would’ve totally been shocked and acted out of emotions. Oh well.

With all of that said, Paul did not use the POV at the POV ceremony yesterday. So, HOH Josh’s nominations stayed the same leaving Alex and Kevin on the chopping block. Alex is filled in on half the story of what Paul is doing. She still doesn’t know that Paul has been working with Christmas and Josh this entire time.

He ran her a line of BS saying that he couldn’t use the veto on her because Christmas and Josh are working together without him and would get mad at him and not give him their jury vote. He also said Kevin would do the same.

Alex reacted pretty calmly and even said that she would give him her vote. She also said she would try to get Jason to give him her vote. But, Jason was informed by Josh’s goodbye message that Paul has been running the whole show. So, we don’t know how Alex will react to that when she hears about it from Jason at the jury house.

According to Big Brother Network, Josh talked alone with the cams again and said he might try to get the votes split and send Kevin home instead in an effort to screw with Christmas and Paul. Josh has been constantly disagreeing with Paul’s plans as of late because it’s been causing he and Christmas to have to take the blame for a lot of these latest moves they’ve been pulling.

The thing is sending Kevin home over Alex would not be good for Josh’s game at this point because Alex would still work with Paul and Kevin is a poor competitor. With that said, Alex is still the main target and will be the one going home this Thursday night unless a crazy change of plans suddenly takes place or some crazy super power is given to Alex. So, definitely expect to see her walk out that door this Thursday night. No doubt about it.

Oh, actually we forgot. They’re taping a special eviction episode today since we’re nearing the end of the season. That episode will feature Alex’s expected eviction. They will air that episode tomorrow night, Wednesday, September 13,2017. Then we’ll see another LIVE eviction episode this Thursday night, September 14,2017, which will probably feature Kevin’s eviction if Paul, Christmas and Josh’s plans work out the way they want them to.

They’ve definitely been planning to send Kevin home right after Alex. But, they have to make sure Kevin doesn’t win the next HOH and POV competitions to carry out that plan. Since Kevin’s never won a competition or even came close to winning one, the odds are very high for Josh, Christmas and Paul to win those two important comps. That’s the reason why they chose to bring Kevin this far.

After all that happens, we’ll see the final three houseguests battle it out in that final three part HOH competition. From there, they’ll contemplate who to take to the final two if they win it because the final round of it won’t actually get played until the LIVE finale show which we’re guessing will air next Wednesday night, September 20,2017.

Let’s go over some of these conversations that took place yesterday, September 11th. At around 10:55 am pacific time the feeds came back on after the POV ceremony wrapped up. Paul went to talk to Alex in the Have-not room after he didn’t use the POV on her. He asked her, “Can we talk?” She declined. So, he left. Afterwards, Alex shut the door and started calling the houseguests counterfeit. Then she started reading the Bible again.

At around 11 am, Paul and Josh talked about what Alex said at the veto meeting. Paul said she tried to guilt trip him during it. Kevin still asked Paul what he can and cannot do in regards to his speech he wants to give. Paul just had to finally tell him, “It’s your speech. You can do what you want.” (Somebody needs to remind Kevin he’s 30 plus years older than Paul and he doesn’t need his permission to do stuff. What the hell?)

At around 11:05 am, Alex stopped by the memory wall to pat Jason’s picture. She also apologized and said she’ll see him soon. At around 11:11 am, Paul and Alex had a small fight. Paul walked into Alex’s room to talk to her. She immediately said, “I still don’t want to talk” as soon as he stepped into the room. Paul said, “I know you don’t wanna talk but can you just like listen to me for the four things I have to say and I’ll leave you alone.”

Alex said, “I just don’t wanna hear them.” Paul said, “But it’s not anything asking or begging you. I’m not throwing a pity party.” Alex said, “I understand your plan and I don’t like it. So, I don’t want to hear it.” Paul said, “Because what I said over there is not exactly.” Alex cut him off and said, “I don’t wanna hear it.”

Paul again tried to say, “I just want to make two points to you.” Alex said, “I don’t wanna hear it. I know what your points are. You’re selfish. I don’t care.” Paul said, “You haven’t heard them.” Alex said, “I don’t wanna hear them.” Paul said, “They’re not selfish Alex.” Alex said, “I don’t wanna hear them. You made your choice to win. That’s fine.”

Paul said, “There’s a point I want to make to you from the beginning that you don’t know and it’s not to do anything other than for you to just understand my brain.” Alex said, “I understand your brain.” Paul said, “ But, I don’t think you do Alex.” Alex said, “Paul I do not want to hear it.” Paul finally said, “Alright, I’ll respect your choice.”

After Paul left, Alex went back to quoting Bible scriptures over and over again. It was really weird. She would just repeat them and not stop like she was in a trance or something. I wouldn’t be surprised if CBS makes a small video montage of it for the TV Show. Ha! Ha!

Anyways, at around 11:20 am, Christmas tried to imply that Jason didn’t feel bad for accidentally breaking her foot. She said something’s mentally wrong with him. So, that was sort of interesting. At one point, Josh and Paul complained about how Kevin is just getting on their nerves by constantly telling them what he’s going to say during his speech. They wish they could just tell him to shut the f@#ck up.

At around 12 pm, Josh, Christmas and Paul talked in the HOH room. At one point, Christmas laid her head in Paul’s lap while he played with her hair. There was enough intimacy there to cause Josh to ask them if they’re in a showmance. They both said “no” to that question.

There was a moment where Christmas definitely complained about Alex’s speech saying, “What makes you think we didn’t work as hard as you did. B#@tch shut the fuck up and sit down!” At around 2:20 pm, Paul, Christmas and Josh started making fun of Raven again talking about how she would always stick her butt out provocatively when she went to pick things up.

At around 2:55 pm, Josh and Christmas complained about Kevin wanting to make it to the end without winning anything. Josh mentioned that he worries Paul will boot him at the end.

At around 8 pm, Alex said Dominique was right when she called Paul a snake earlier in the season. At around 8:33 pm, Alex talked to herself about how everyone in the house is a liar. She said, “I think Paul is still lying about stuff.” At around 8:56 pm, Alex said, “Jason wouldn’t have done this to me. Paul cost me the whole game.”

At around 9:08 pm, Kevin talked alone to the cams. He said, “If I can make it to the top four, anything is possible. I want to make it to the top three so I never have to go to jury.” At around 10:15 pm, Paul tried to tell Alex goodnight and she never responded. She literally isolated herself from everyone except maybe Kevin all day long.

At around 10:35 pm, Alex told Kevin, “Study dates if you want to win any of the remaining competitions.” At around 10:47 pm, Paul told Kevin, “Do not listen to Alex if she gives you any dates because she wants to trick you.” At around 10:58 pm, Paul told Josh about Alex trying to help Kevin. They agreed that she’s definitely being bitter. At around 11:01 pm, Josh tried to talk to Alex. She told him, “You’re all shady. I will be seeing my true friend in a couple of days.” She said everyone abandoned her and played a shady game.

At around 11:05 pm, Paul and Christmas told Josh, “ Go watch Kevin to make sure he and Alex aren’t talking.” Christmas said, “Everytime I see Kevin, I want to bash his face in.” At around 11:22 pm, Paul told Josh to unload on Kevin after Alex gets evicted so he’ll be too shaken up to play well in the following HOH competition.

At around 12:05 am today, September 12,2017, Christmas told Kevin, “ I never really betrayed Alex because I never promised her anything beyond making the final five.”

At around 12:28 am, Kevin told Paul, “ I understand you’ll probably have to put me up in the next round if you win HOH.” Paul said, “Yeah, if you don’t win HOH or veto, you’ll inevitably be going on the block.”

At around 12:37 am. Kevin told Paul, “ If I win HOH, I’m putting up Josh instead of you.” At around 1 am, Paul told Christmas and Josh, “Kevin warned me that the two of you are coming after him.”

Alright, that was pretty much it for the majority of conversations that took place yesterday and into this morning. It appears that Alex is getting more bitter every second that passes. As she continues to process things out, she’s starting to see that Paul totally screwed her over. She feels that Jason was her only true friend now. With this new mindset Alex has taken on, it appears that Paul might not get her jury vote after all.

I actually think it might have been better if Paul would just have gone ahead and told her the full truth about him, Christmas and Josh working together this whole time. That probably would’ve made more sense to her and actually showed that he was at least loyal to someone. Right now, it just seems like Paul shafted her to win the money and isn’t really loyal to anyone.

It’ll be interesting to see how everything plays out once Alex and everyone are finally in the jury house contemplating Paul’s game. Just to recap, Paul did not use the veto to save Alex yesterday at the POV ceremony. That means the nominations are officially final. Either Alex or Kevin will get evicted today during a special eviction that will be aired tomorrow night, September 13th. We expect Alex to during that eviction.

Then this Thursday night, we’ll see a new LIVE eviction show play out. If things go Paul, Christmas and Josh’s way, we should see Kevin walk out of the house during that eviction. After that, we’ll see the final three part HOH get played out. So, there’s some big things coming up this week. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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