Big Brother Season 8 Winner Evel Dick Said Really Bad Things About The Big Brother 19 Cast

Big Brother Season 8 Winner Evel Dick Said Really Bad Things About The Big Brother 19 Cast

Recently, the folks over at Big Brother Network got to chat up the very outspoken winner of Big Brother season 8 Evel Dick (above). He pretty much had nothing good to say about the current season 19. He even went as far as to say that this was probably the worst season ever! He said returning houseguest Paul Abrahamian is entirely to blame for all the bullying that went on this season and more.

The first topic of discussion that they tackled was some of these houseguests comparing their game play to his. They asked him about this. He told them that unlike this season’s houseguests, he did his own dirty work. He didn’t get other people to gang up on a person.

Evel Dick stated, “When I played, I did my own dirty work. I didn’t need the house to gang up on someone, isolate someone, attack someone. When I went full EvelDick on them, it was Dani and I against the house, and I made it clear. I asked the producers to please play one DR session on the show where I said I was doing it to take the target off of Dani and put it on myself. I didn’t orchestrate this mob mentality giving lines for others to attack people with like Paul has.”

Evel also talked about the time that Paul was trying to get Cody to take a swing so he would get kicked out of the house. Evel said he never tried to use such tactics. When Big Brother Network asked Evel about these personal attacks, he stated,”These people have tried to provoke someone to the point of violence in order to get them tossed out of the game.

I talked a lot of sh@#t and got personal at times but my goal was never to get them to take a swing at me in order to get them tossed out of the game. What I said about them was true. I didn’t make sh@#t up. Basically, what I said were things the other people said with a twist or lie to make themselves look better. But, I knew better and knew they were lying. So when I needed something, I used their own lies against them.”

They asked him if he ever needed to apologize to anyone during his season. While he didn’t apologize, he did explain to his fellow houseguests why he did the things he did and that really helped.

Evel explained, “After hell week, I didn’t apologize for what I did or said, but I did speak to everyone individually and explain why I did what I did that week. Even a non apology, apology or explanation goes a very long way in that house. That’s why I could still get some of those people to work with me after all that even though I cut some of them to the bone with things I said prior.”

Next, they asked Evel why he thinks the house used such a heavy mob mentality this season. He didn’t hesitate to put the blame on Paul. He definitely believes he encouraged all of that with these novice players. He stated, “Because that’s what Paul was telling them to do and HGs like the c@#ty potato head Alex and Josh are more than happy to oblige.

Too stupid to see they are burning jury votes while keeping Paul’s hands clean. These HGs are the biggest flock of sheep ever on Big Brother. They ask Paul if they can nap, brush their teeth and take a sh@#t. It really is pathetic. Paul is at the bottom of all of this every time. He encourages it. He comes up with things for them to say and do. Like Josh with the pots and pans. That was Paul. The bashing of Cody’s military career was Paul. Even what to say. Christmas didn’t miss a beat jumping in and adding things to say as well.

And again, with the rapey rodeo cowboy. When they were coming up with sh@#t to rip Kevin with, Jason was saying he was going to say that to Kevin even though Kevin and Jason were close. He wanted to be one of the cool kids. Man, that is going to backfire on his a@#. Paul was again orchestrating all that. And again, these idiots were more than happy to jump in with horrible things to say to Kevin.”

Evel also revealed that he thinks season 19 would have been extremely different if Paul had never returned. He went as far as to say that Paul actually poisoned the cast! He said,”This season would have been so different without Paul in the cast. An entirely different season. I feel like Paul poisoned this cast. Would it have been a good season? Who the hell knows. But, it would have been very different.No doubt.

I saw an interview with Allison Grodner. She was asked why they put a returning player in again this season when the majority of fans didn’t want any returning players. Her reply was almost comical. It’s definitely comical now seeing how this season has played out.

She replied that it’s only one person and shouldn’t have that much affect on the game. They gave Paul more advantages than any returning player ever on Big Brother. Why give returning players advantages to start with? It’s a big enough an advantage just being a returning player in and of itself.

I mean if you can have someone like Nicole who was terrible and evicted twice on her original season. Then come back and win her second season with all her advantages and production bullsh@#t. That shows you that returning players shouldn’t get sh@#t but a spot in the house. Period.”

Lastly, Evel just straight up said season 19 was probably one of the worst seasons in history when he was asked how he would rate this season! He said production has just gotten too far out of hand with the way they manipulate this show. It has now become a shadow of what it used to be.

Evel stated,”To me, in my opinion, this is one of if not the worst seasons in the history of the show. The more production manipulates the game, the worse the seasons have become. The show is a shadow of what it once was. I loved this show which is why I wanted to go on it.

I had never tried to get on any other show. I was a fan since season one and thought it would be a cool way to spend a summer. It looked like a great game to play. And back then, it was an even playing field for everyone. Not anymore.

If I was in charge, I’d like to see the show go back to playing with no vetos for a summer, no twists, no DR or producer manipulation. Just old school Big Brother. A back to basics season and let people play the game. There are quite a number of alumni that have said they will never go back on the show because of what it has become.”

Well, that’s what season 8 winner, Evel Dick thinks of season 19. We honestly couldn’t agree more. Production just keeps getting worse. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like they’ll ever change because the ratings keep staying the same or go up due to no competition during the Summer months.

As previously reported, they’re going to deliver a new Celebrity edition of Big Brother this winter. Hopefully, it’ll make up for this awful 19th season. We can only hope.

Just a reminder. The LIVE eviction show will be airing tonight at 8 pm central time on CBS. And we should be seeing Kevin get evicted which will leave Christmas, Josh and Paul as the final three houseguests that will battle it out for that final three part HOH unless Josh and Christmas decide to throw that one to Paul too. We’ll see.

Also,CBS will be airing another special Friday episode tomorrow, September 15,2017 at 7pm central standard time. Be sure to tune in for that. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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