Big Brother Host Julie Chen Made Harsh But True Statements About This Season 19 Cast

Big Brother Host Julie Chen Made Harsh But True Statements About This Season 19 Cast

Recently, the folks over at Entertainment Weekly got the chance to chat it up with Big Brother host Julie Chen (above right) to get her thoughts on the season 19 houseguests and what they did. She apparently thinks what most of us have been thinking and definitely wasn’t afraid to say it.

All these houseguests were just Paul’s sheep. Julie went as far as to say that this wasn’t even Big Brother and that they should’ve called it “Big Paul!” Ha! Ha! We couldn’t agree more. She also said Paul is just going to take that $500,000 away from them like a Big Bad Wolf hiding under a cloak.

She stated, “The general feeling I have about this season is that it’s not Big Brother. It’s Big Paul. Paul is running the house. Paul is the puppet master and everyone inside the house is happy to be led by him and that to me is amazing that he’s got them all fooled. He’s like the Big Bad Wolf and at the end he’s going to take off the cloak and take that check away from you.”

I think most of us can say, “Amen, Julie” to that one. During this same interview, Julie also addressed all the bullying that’s gone on this season. She definitely thinks that there’s been worse seasons of bullying than this one. She also said that a lot of times the houseguests that appear to be getting bullied don’t actually feel like they’re getting bullied. So, they generally try not to interfere with what’s going on.

Julie stated, “I think there are summers in the past where the behavior has been worse. Part of the game is that we don’t interfere with what’s happening. Anyone who we feel like is getting bullied, they don’t necessarily feel like it. They’re just living Big Brother. If they’re in the Diary Room saying, ‘I can’t take it. This is abuse.’ That’s a different thing. No one has come forward and said that.”

After that,Entertainment Weekly pointed out how a lot of the houseguests were socially targeted and how Josh tortured people with the pots and pans banging. They talked about how houseguest Megan Lowder actually walked off the show because the torment got so bad for her. Josh called her a snake and a bully at on point. He also accused her of disgusting game play.

Julie told them that the viewing audience sometimes overreacts to what’s going on in the house. They’ve interviewed people who appear to have gotten bullied and it’s often times not the case through that particular person’s eyes.

Julie stated, “We also see after a day a lot of self-correction. There’s so much activity in the house that things always settle down. Sometimes, when I’ve interviewed evicted houseguests about x, y, and z they’re like, ‘Oh no. We were kidding. We’re good. I’m going to be best friends with these people.’ So, sometimes it’s us making a bigger deal not knowing what it’s like to be in that person’s shoes. It’s Big Brother.”

That’s all Julie had to say to them for that particular interview. As previously reported, this season is going to finally wrap up tomorrow night, September 20th with a huge two hour finale show. During it, we’re going to see the third round of the final HOH competition get played by Paul who won the first round and Josh who won the second round.

They’ve both seemingly made an agreement to take each other to the final two if they win this last HOH. However,Josh has expressed doubt to the live feed cameras at moments during this last week.

Despite all that, he has seemed to finally think his best shot of winning is by going up against Paul in the final two. He might be right if the current rumor going around is true. It’s claiming that all the jury members except for Raven and Matt are very bitter at Paul. So, Paul could face a lot of problems trying to sway them to give him their vote.

Yesterday, September 18,2017, Paul told the live feed cameras he would cry if he doesn’t win it this second time around. So, we could be in for a very emotional moment from Paul tomorrow night if he gets shafted again. He’s been practicing his final two speech a lot these last couple of days. So, we can tell he really wants this win.

We’ll see if he can make that a reality tomorrow night,September 20,2017 at 7 pm central standard time on CBS. It’s going to be a two hour live event. So,be sure to prep for that and stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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