Grey’s Anatomy Jessica Capshaw Talked New Season 14 Arizona Girlfriend Details

Grey’s Anatomy Jessica Capshaw Talked New Season 14 Arizona Girlfriend Details

Recently, Entertainment Weekly got to chat with Jessica Capshaw who portrays character Arizona Robbins in ABC’s hit drama series “Grey’s Anatomy.”

During this particular interview, they talked more in depth about Arizona’s new girlfriend relationship that was revealed in last night’s season 14 premiere episode. Apparently, Arizona hooked up with Andrew Deluca’s sister Carina. It was revealed that Carina is an OBGYN.

At one point, Andrew walked in on Arizona and Carina while they were making out. Entertainment Weekly asked her how this new relationship will differ from her past ones with Callie and Eliza.

She said that it’ll be totally different. But, she also pointed out that every relationship is different. She stated, “It’s totally different. Listen, every relationship is different, right? In life, nobody has the same relationship even though you’re the same person who has a relationship with everyone.

But I think that this one, she’s Italian, there’s like an English-as-a-first-language sort of romance to it. She’s got this Italian accent and she’s beautiful, and it’s revealed that she is in the hospital for specific research reasons that also make her kind of exotic and sensual and all of this good stuff. I think it’s fun. Who’s to say it’s over the top? It’s not over the top, but it’s very high drama. It’s high stakes and high business.”

Currently, Jessica doesn’t know if this new relationship is just a fun fling or if it will develop into something more serious. She thinks the writers will adjust as their storyline progresses.

She said, “That remains to be seen. I do not know. It really makes sense to me, but you have to see what happens between two people you know? You have to see what kind of chemistry they have, and what do people really respond to in them, and what do you like about it, and what do you not like about it, and does it make you want to see more. Does it make you want to see less?

And honestly, I don’t think any of the writers are like sitting around waiting for fans to react and then write something new, but I think that it becomes very obvious what’s working and what’s not. So then they sort of adjust. So, I think that’s what they will probably do here.”

They asked Jessica, “Is Arizona worried that dating DeLuca’s sister may damage their relationship?” She responded by telling them that she doesn’t think Arizona doesn’t care. However, in the same vain, these things just happen. She stated, “I don’t think she doesn’t care. I mean listen. I’ve been a happily married woman for a really long time, but if I think way back into my dating years, didn’t everybody date somebody’s sister or brother? And the brother or sister is never happy about it but it happens you know?”

Jessica talked about Arizona’s mindset after Eliza disappeared. She said Arizona was a little upset about it. But now, she’s ready to just have some fun. She stated, “She thought that she had a little bit of a thing going. So, I think she was disappointed when all of a sudden she left. And again, I think she just didn’t even understand that people can do that to each other. Just all of a sudden leave. But now I think from what comes next, her actions show that she’s ready to have copious amounts of fun.”

Alright guys. That wraps up the details that Jessica revealed about her new Arizona girlfriend situation for this brand new season 14. We definitely think it’ll be interesting to see how that will all play out. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Grey’s Anatomy Facebook page for more Grey’s Anatomy news by Clicking Here.

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