Another ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Guest Male Character To Arrive In Late October, New Details

Another ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Guest Male Character To Arrive In Late October, New Details

According to recent report from Entertainment Weekly , the folks over at CBS’ hit soap opera show “The Bold And The Beautiful” have decided to bring on another guest character. They dipped back into CBS’s Big Brother pool to cast this role. This guest will be played by none other than Josh Martinez (above). He was the one who actually won this latest season 19 of Big Brother.

For those of you who don’t know Big Brother. It’s a reality show where 16 houseguests are put into house for three months and have no contact with the outside world. Each week, they mingle, make deals, compete in contests and then decide to vote out a houseguest at the end of each week. That’s a brief rundown of it. Josh made it through the full three months and was the last person standing. He was awarded $500,000 as grand prize for his troubles.

Now, he will be tackling this guest spot on The Bold And The Beautiful. While in the Big Brother house, Josh pulled a lot of antics. He banged pots and pans in people’s faces and started a lot of heated confrontations. Whether the Bold And The Beautiful will utilize that remains to be seen.

Unfortunately, all we know is that Josh will appear on the show in the Tuesday, October 24,2017 episode. Also, he will film a scene with actor John McCook who portrays character Eric Forrester. So, maybe they’ll throw Josh in the middle of all that Sheila and Quinn drama that’s going on. We’ll just have to wait and see. As of right now, the October 24th date is the only date he will appear in. But, you never know. They may have him back in the future.

Josh recently hit up his Twitter account to reveal photos of him on the Bold And The Beautiful set. In one of the photos, he was seen posing with Liam Spencer star Scott Clifton. You guys can see that photo by Clicking Here.

Josh captioned one of the photos with the words: “Surprise! I’ll be serving up meatballs on @BandB_CBS!! Watch 10/24 as I represent @CBSBigBrother! #BB19 #TeamMeatball #BoldandBeautiful.”

This was the second person that the Bold And The Beautiful has casts from the Big Brother set. As previously reported, the Bold And The Beautiful also casts Jessica Graf from Big Brother. She was the first one they called up. She’s due to appear in tomorrow’s Monday, October 2,2017 episode and Tuesday’s October 17,2017.

So, it certainly sounds like they want to do more work with her. Recently, she told Big Brother reporters that Bold And The Beautiful does have plans to bring her back in the future for even more appearances. If that’s truly the case, that could get pretty interesting.

All we know about her character is a brief description that says she will be a hostess at show’s Il Giardino restaurant where crazy Sheila will be working as she spies on the Forrester mansion. Jessica will be in scenes with characters Sheila Carter, Katie Logan and Wyatt Spencer. She filmed her scenes way back on September 5,2017.

In related news, this upcoming week will feature Liam pissing Steff off even more after she learns of his latest gift he’s offered Sally. We’re also hearing that Steffy and Bill will get closer. And we all know if they get any closer, they’ll be kissing at this point.

In this past Friday, September 29,2017 episode, Bill was already rubbing his fingers through Steffy’s hair and grabbing her hand while giving her compliment after compliment. So, I think it’s pretty obvious where they’re taking that storyline. We still think it’ll be interesting to see it play out though.

The Bold And The Beautiful airs every Monday through Friday at 12:30 pm central standard time on CBS. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Bold And The Beautiful Facebook page for more Bold And The Beautiful news by Clicking Here.

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