New Celebrity Big Brother USA Cast Rumors Have Already Started Popping Up, New Details

New Celebrity Big Brother USA Cast Rumors Have Already Started Popping Up, New Details

According to a new report from the people over at the Christian Post , some new celebrities names have already started turning up as possible houseguests for the upcoming Celebrity Big Brother edition that’s due to air this winter 2018. Before we start running off these names, we want to say that none of these people have been officially confirmed to appear on the show.

Some of them are just rumored to possibly be in talks to appear on the show, but no official decisions have been made by CBS. It does make sense that the network would actively be in talks right now with multiple celebrities as they’re trying to get the season put together in time for a possible January or February 2018 premiere date.

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With all that said, the Christian Post is reporting that Skid Row front man Sebastian Bach is reportedly in talks with the show to possibly participate. Bach has also appeared in a few Broadway plays. He’s appeared in quite a few Television shows and movies. Some of them are: Showtime’s Californication, Trailer Park Boys, Tom Green Live, Adults Only, the movie Rock Of Ages, Gilmore Girls and more.

Another rumored houseguest could be Vince Neil from popular rock band Motley Crue. They’re claiming the Big Brother production was possibly looking to get the two rockers Sebastian Bach and Vince Neil together in the house for a possible clash of two, strong personalities.

The next possible celebrity that has been rumored is Brandi Glanville. She’s a former model. She’s also appeared on The Celebrity Apprentice, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, CW’s 90210 TV series, some movie called “Missing at 17” and Sharknado 4:The 4th Awakens. They say that Brandi has been teasing a new project, but she hasn’t revealed exactly what it is yet. There are many people suspecting it might be Celebrity Big Brother.

They mentioned that professional skateboarder Bam Margera is rumored to appear on the show. Bam has appeared in other major productions. I think his most popular appearances were all those “Jacka#$” movies that were a result of the TV show. They were a video documentary that featured a group of crazy guys pulling off outrageous and gory stunts. He would certainly bring something interesting to the Big Brother house.

Other rumored celebrities include: comedian Kathy Griffin, actor Neil Patrick Harris and actor Ryan Lochte. Neil Patrick Harris is most famous for his work in CBS'”How I Met Your Mother” comedy series and his more earlier role as Doogie Howser in “Doogie Howser, MD.” That show ran from 1989 to 1993. Ryan Lochte has appeared in the 30 Rock TV show, CW’s 90210 TV series and more.

Actually, both Kathy Griffin and Neil Patrick Harris have appeared on Big Brother in the past as guests. Kathy showed up to be a human Zingbot, and I think she hosted a competition. Neil appeared way back when Dr. Will Kirby was on to pay the house a visit. Will was ecstatic to see him.

Alright guys. That’s all the intel that we have for the new Celebrity Big Brother season as of right now. Of course we’ll definitely update you on anything else that pops up. We suspect we’ll start hearing more things later this month and definitely in November.

Update for October 16,2016: A new wild and crazy rumor has surfaced via They’re saying that a very popular star from AMC’s hit drama series, “The Walking Dead” may be considering doing Celebrity Big Brother. This star is none other than actor Norman Reedus who portrays the extremely popular character Daryl Dixon!

Please make note that this is very much a rumor and has not been officially confirmed by CBS. In fact, Bigbrotherus said that CBS hasn’t even approached him to do it yet. We’re sure they would love to have him, but they’re saying he hasn’t been approached yet.

Additionally, they’re saying Reedus would be open to the idea only if the prize money was to go to a good cause. Not to his bank account. From what we’re hearing, it appears that the winner will donate the money to charity. So, that definitely meets Reedus’ criteria in that regards.

They said another thing he might be concerned with is how it will affect his perception with his fans because this type of show typically requires people to do generally unfavorable things that they wouldn’t normally do in real life like lie, be sneaky, manipulative and so on and so forth.

Update for October 18,2017: The people over at The Hollywood Reporter just put out another article that reveals a couple of other celebrities that would definitely be interested in participating in the Celebrity Big Brother edition.

They are: Kaitlyn Bristowe from ABC’s The Bachelor and The Bachelorette reality dating shows. Former NSYNC boy band member Lance Bass and former MTV “The Hills” star Spencer Pratt.

Kaitlyn and her fiance Shawn Booth are still together from the show, and they booth told The Hollywood Reporter that they really want to do Celebrity Big Brother so bad. She told them,”That’s the one show that we can think of that we’d want to go on after being on our kind of show.”

During their conversation, Kaitlyn also revealed that she has a Big brother strategy already in place. She said, “We know what we would do. We were talking to Spencer and Heidi Pratt who did Celebrity Big Brother in the U.K. and were treated as one houseguest. We’re all for it. Do we have to apply?” Kaitlyn also revealed who her favorite Big Brother houseguests are. She mentioned season 19 winner Josh Martinez. She actually wants him as her new best friend. Season 18 winner Nicole Franzel and Britney Haynes from seasons 12 and 14.

Next, they revealed what Spencer Pratt has to say, and they pointed out that he has already competed two times in the UK version of Celebrity Big Brother. He apparently thinks Big Brother is great and definitely wants to be on the U.S. version. He told them, “It’s the Willy Wonka golden ticket of reality TV. Who doesn’t want to be filmed 24/7 for CBS? That’s like dying and going to heaven.”

Pratt also revealed what his strategy would be stating, “You can’t just go in there and be a villain. You need a strategy. You need to figure out who the strongest players are. Then take them out. You have to be able to adjust to what happens in the game.” So ,it does sound like he has a very solid, general strategy for the Big Brother Game. Pratt’s personal wish list of celebrity Big Brother players are: Nene Leakes, Scott Disick, O.J. Simpson, Billy Bush, Caitlyn and Brody Jenner and last season’s runner-up,Paul Abrahamian.

Former NSYNC band member Lance Bass is ecstatic about it. He thinks that it’s finally about time they did a U.S. version. He’s refused to do the UK version claiming there’s really no game involved in their version. He told The Hollywood Reporter,”It’s about time! They ask me to do the British one every single year, but there’s no game to it. Depending on the cast, I might be tempted to go in the house because I really think I have a strategy to win the game.”

Bass also revealed a moment where he played a pretend game of Big Brother with season 10 winner Dan Gheesling, and he claims he’s the only person to ever get Dan out. He stated, “We created a Big Brother event at my house four years ago and Dan and his wife played with us. I was the only person to ever get Dan out. I had to turn on him at the very end.”

The Hollywood reporter also revealed that Big Brother Host Julie Chen hinted that other NSYNC band members have shown interest in competing in the celebrity edition. She told them, “I won’t say names, but maybe more than one member of *NSYNC is trying to get in there.”

Alright guys. What do you think of the new possible celebrities that might be interested playing Celebrity Big Brother? Let us know in the comments.

We’ll definitely keep an eye out on how the casting develops. Hopefully, this rumor turns out to be true. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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