‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Quinn Actress Rena Sofer Injured Herself Pretty Badly, New Details

‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Quinn Actress Rena Sofer Injured Herself Pretty Badly, New Details

According to a new report from the people over at Soapcentral, the beautiful Bold And The Beautiful actress Rena Sofer (above) who plays character Quinn Fuller has apparently injured herself pretty badly while playing tennis! They say she actually broke her freaking ankle.

Rena recently hopped on her official Instagram account to share a few details about her pretty serious injury. She revealed that she was trying to go for a high ball when her injury occurred. She wrote, “So this happened… best tennis of my life so far. DAMN that high ball!!!! That caption was accompanied with a picture of her broken ankle. You guys can view the pic on Rena’s Instagram by Clicking Here.

Later on after that post, Rena hit up Instagram again to post another message about her injury. She wrote, “These two have literally saved my life these last two weeks. I’ve been laid up with a broken ankle and they never left my side. Along with #uncleIggy who isn’t pictured. #alfieandmega #adoptdontshop #puppylove.” She accompanied that caption with a photo of her hugging her two dogs. You can view that one on Rena’s Instagram by Clicking Here.

On a bright note, Soapcentral said that Rena told them she’s definitely on the road to recovery. She also hopped on her official Twitter account to say that she’s getting better. She also gave a special thanks to her former castmate Linsey Godfrey who just recently finished up a Bold And The Beautiful storyline arc for her character Caroline Spencer.

Rena said that Linsey actually helped her get better by writing, “I’m getting better with many thanks to @linseygodfrey who is using her expertise to help me get on my feet. Or foot. she’s my friend. ?And she got me up and walking!!!”

Linsey tweeted back to her saying, “Yep! And then you were off! Superwoman!” In another tweet, Linsey said that neither her or Rena have time to be injured, and she also gave Rena some very nice complements. She wrote, “And we are both incredibly stubborn! Haha! Neither of us have time to be injured hahaha! @RenaSofer is so amazing! She’s so strong!”

This comment was in reference to when Linsey got seriously injured back in 2015 when somebody hit her with a car while she was walking on a sidewalk in Los Angeles, California. It was a crazy, freak accident.

Lastly, we’ll address the big elephant in the room which is will this affect Rena being able to report for work on the show? Unfortunately, that information is unclear right now as no details have been released about that. We can only imagine that this injury would her work unless they just shoot a lot of scenes of Quinn sitting down and not walking.

Or maybe they can write it into the storyline that she broke her ankle. Unless they do something like that, we may see Quinn missing in action for a few weeks because soapcentral noted that a broken ankle can take up to eight weeks to heal. Whatever the case, we’re sure Rena will report back to work as soon as she possibly can.

If any other intel pops up about her status, we’ll definitely let you guys know. Right now, she’s a big part of two intense storylines. One of them involves her ongoing saga with crazy lady Sheila Carter. Sheila’s got a huge scheme plotted out to set Quinn up by getting her to cheat on Eric with the new hired help Mateo.

Then just this past Friday, October 13,2017, we saw Quinn throw a major hissy fit after seeing her son Wyatt heavily making out with Katie after just barging into her home all unannounced. We’re hearing that Katie and Quinn will now start clashing bigtime! There’s actually a scene coming up where Quinn is going to severely threaten Katie by telling her, “I swear I’ll tear you apart!” I mean she’s just absolutely livid.

So yeah. There’s definitely a lot of scandal and drama going on with Quinn right now. So, it’ll certainly be interesting to see how Rena’s ankle injury could affect these intense storylines in the future.

We know the show is pre-taped at least four or so weeks in advance. So, it’s possible they may have already shot enough material to complete her current storylines. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Update for October 20,2017: Some more recent photos of Rena on her official Instagram show her already out and about and walking on the ankle. So, she appears to be recovering quite nicely. Good for her. Actually, on second thought, we don’t know if those were taken before the broken ankle or not. They seem to have been, but we’re not sure. Anyways, if they were taken after she broke her ankle, she’s definitely recovering well.

The people over at Soaphub covered this story too, and they pondered how the writers will work this hurt ankle situation into the show’s storyline. Soaphub threw out possible ideas like having Quinn possibly sit behind the desk a lot, or throw her into a lot more of those Mateo massage scenes. We hope that she is able to keep walking because her storyline has gotten even crazier since we last updated this post.

Quinn has started a crazy beef with Katie after catching her in bed with Wyatt. It was so bad that Katie actually tried to convince Eric that he really needs to look into finding someone else to spend the rest of his life with sooner rather than later!

Katie definitely thinks the old crazy Quinn is still there no matter how much Quinn tries to pretend she’s changed. There’s no doubt in our minds that the producers created all this tension so they could move that whole Mateo situation farther along.

Mateo appears to really be making his moves on Quinn. He tells her he’s there for her when Eric walks out and so on and so forth. It definitely looks like things will get quite interesting with this progressing storyline. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Bold And The Beautiful Facebook page for more Bold And The Beautiful news by Clicking Here.

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