‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Will Deliver Deadly & Shocking Storylines In November 2017

‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Will Deliver Deadly & Shocking Storylines In November 2017

Hey, “Bold And The Beautiful” fans. We just got a whole lot of official teaser storylines from CBS about what is in store for your favorite soap opera in November 2017. One particular storyline really stood out to us because it’s going to get taken to a whole other lever that’s even more deep than we could’ve imagined.

This is mainly because it could lead to the death of someone very important! The storyline we’re talking about is the one featuring Liam and Bill. Yes, we know it’s already intense as hell. We saw that at the end of Friday’s episode when Bill finally revealed his true motives in pretending to make up with Liam.

But that was just the beginning. The new CBS teasers for November 2017 tell us that Liam is not going to just sit down and take whatever Bill is dishing out. He’s going to keep trying to fight back which means things are going to get very dangerous. So dangerous in fact that it will lead to someone getting killed! The big question is who?

We’ve learned that Bill is definitely going to move forward with demolishing the Spectra building later this week. However, Bill will offer to relocate the Spectra operations to another place and actually pay for it out of his own pocket. But, Liam is going to turn it down. We guess he just has to have Sally be in that same building that Bill wants. Whatever the case, Liam’s resistance will undoubtedly cause major problems as Bill will be relentless in his attempts to get his huge sky scraper building built.

We’re told that Liam and Sally will try and stage a sit-in at some point in an effort to make Bill look bad when he tries to demolish the Spectra Building. This obviously won’t go over well with Bill.

Now, this is the part where things are going to get really dangerous. The CBS description reveals that a death has indeed happened. In their teaser description they reveal some very intense scenes that lead up to the building getting demolished.

This first one involves the Spectra team and Bill. CBS’ description tells us that they will refuse to exit the building when Bill comes to try to demolish it. This will make him extremely angry! Beyond that, they don’t reveal what he does to get them out of the building, but we can only imagine it’s something very extreme and intense. We’ll have to tune in to find that part out.

After that, CBS revealed another teaser that involves Steffy and Wyatt. They explain that these two will have a moment were they fear Liam is putting his life at risk by going against Bill! They didn’t give specific details about how Liam’s life may be at risk in their description.

So, that’ll be another thing we’ll have to tune in to find out. We imagine that it has to do with Liam still possibly being in the building when Bill tries to demolish it. Whatever the case, there’s going to be a deadly situation going on, and that means we’ll see drama to no ends.

In this next teaser, they reveal that Bill will succeed in demolishing the Spectra building at some point, and that the Spectra team will be there to see their dreams crumble! But, here’s where a really big twist will come into play.

They’re telling us that Steffy and Bill are going to eventually find out that someone was still in the Spectra building when it was demolished! Yeah, they didn’t say there might have been someone in the building. They made sure to say that there was definitely someone still in the building when it was demolished. In light of that, we can now add murder to Bill’s resume of crimes.

Also, that’s not all. Things will definitely get much worse. Another CBS teaser tells us that Bill and Liam are going to engage in a major stand off at some point because Liam will refuse to relocate. They go on to explain that this confrontation will end in Bill being terrified that he has killed Liam!

They didn’t reveal any other specific details as to what exactly happens to make Bill think he killed Liam. So, we’ll certainly have to tune in to see what all happens with that situation. We can only imagine that it will probably involve a very intense fight between these two. So, it’s most certainly going to get real crazy. Even crazier that we could’ve ever imagined.

If you thought that was it, think again. There was yet another very intriguing teaser that CBS revealed will happen. They’re telling us that at some point Bill is going to realize that he loves someone that’s “forbidden.” Forbidden is definitely the key word there. Who is this person? That’s the huge question for that particular teaser.

If we had to guess, we would say it’s Steffy based on the conversations they’ve had over the past, few weeks. Plus, he’s always complimenting her, and she’s definitely “forbidden” as they describe it. She’s married to Liam which means she should be off limits. Of course, this is yet another storyline that we’ll have to tune in to see what actually happens. There’s no doubt that it will be extremely interesting and drama-filled though.

This Bill is just all over the storylines for November 2017. I mean he is some piece of work. In reality, he should be locked up right now. However, since this is a TV show, they need him roaming about in society continuing to ruin people’s lives and creating crazy amounts of drama to keep the ratings up.

We honestly don’t know if this Bill madness will ever end. CBS has definitely made it clear in this latest batch of teasers that Bill is certainly the show’s main “go to” guy to keep the drama going. There’s no doubt about that. They’ve got him possibly killing someone. Then in the midst of all that,he’s going to fall in love with this “forbidden” person. I mean it’s just not going to end. I would hate to be the actor who plays him Don Diamont in a crowd of unstable fans right now. It would not end well.

There’s one other storyline that CBS mentioned which sounds very interesting. This one is going to involve Brooke, Ridge and the return of Thorne Forrester played by a new actor Ingo Rademacher. We previously reported that Thorne is set to return in late November.

The CBS teaser description for these three characters reveals that Ridge is still going to be looking to reconcile with Brooke. However, Thorne may get in the way of that when he returns from Europe! They go on to say that Thorne will for some reason make a vow to best Ridge in both work and in more “pleasurable” pursuits. So, that most certainly sounds quite intriguing to say the very least.

The big question is will Thorne actually come between Ridge and Brooke? That’s another storyline that we’ll have to make sure we tune in for to see how it all plays out. It certainly sounds like it could deliver a new batch of drama to compete with all the madness Dollar Bill Spencer is bringing to the table.

Alright guys. How are you feeling about these crazy Bill storylines for November 2017? Let us know in the comments. The Bold And The Beautiful airs every Monday through Friday at 12:30 pm central standard time on CBS. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Bold And The Beautiful Facebook page for more Bold And The Beautiful news by Clicking Here.

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