One Of ‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Characters Just Got Upgraded

One Of ‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Characters Just Got Upgraded

Recently the folks over at revealed that the production team for CBS’ hit soap opera show “The Bold And The Beautiful” has decided to give one of the characters a bit of an upgrade to full contract status.

This character is the Justin Barber role which is portrayed by actor Aaron D. Spears (above right). First of all, congratulations to Aaron. This is probably why we’ve been seeing a lot more of him in recent weeks. This upgrade probably means we’ll keep seeing more Bill business mischief in the future because they’ll need Justin around to help assist with it.

He’s definitely been deeply involved in the scandal to help Bill get his confession erased and to retrieve any physical copies of it. Then Justin was definitely in the thick of things when Bill demolished the Spectra Fashions building. One could even say he’s the one to blame for it coming down with Liam and Sally inside since he failed to double check if they were inside.

It looks like he’s not going to take too much heat for that. Most of the focus is on Dollar Bill Spencer since it was all his idea. Aaron first took up the Justin Barber role way back in 2009. So, this upgrade has been well earned. How do you guys feel about the Justin Barber character being upgraded to a contract role? Do you hate it? Do you love it? Do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the comments.

In related news, there’s a lot more crazy drama that’s coming up for The Bold And The Beautiful this month. They’re about to revisit this Bill and Steffy affair situation that seemed to be budding a few weeks back, but it was halted by some other storylines they needed to get out of the way.

This time, the Bill and Steffy thing is going to get taken all the way. Steffy’s hurt and vulnerable right now since Liam stupidly confessed to her that he kissed Sally. We have official confirmation that Bill and Steffy are going to do a whole lot more than Liam and Sally did, and it’s going to happen either this week or next week. Definitely before Thanksgiving. So, all of you guys should get prepared for that.

Meanwhile, it’s also been confirmed that Sally will continue to fantasize about having a life with Liam. So, we might possibly see some more infidelity on that end, but we don’t have any official confirmation of that.

CBS officially confirmed the Bill and Steffy infidelity. I guess they just figured it was already so obvious that they might as well just go ahead and tell us. Whatever the case is, they let it slip.

Here’s what we can’t wait to see. We want to see what Liam’s reaction will be when he finds out about Bill and Steffy. We definitely think all hell will certainly break loose after that. We suspect that Steffy will keep it a secret for a while. It’s definitely going to be interesting to see how it actually plays out.

A few months back, there was speculation that Bill could possibly get Steffy preggers. However, that was in the midst of the blackmail situation, so that rumor never panned out. These new set of confirmed teasers does make that outcome a real possibility. If that were to happen, the current storyline would just get flipped upside down and inside out. Anything could happen at that point. We’ll know more after this upcoming week plays out.

Also, another reminder is that Thorne Forrester will be returning to the mix. He’s being played by former ABC General Hospital Jasper “Jax” Jacks star Ingo Rademacher this time. The show decided to recast the role which put poor Winsor Harmonon on the outs. It got a lot of fan backlash too, but they’ll just have to accept it.

We’ve heard that Thorne will possibly mix things up with the Brooke and Ridge storyline, but nothing has been officially confirmed. Oh, wait a minute. There is some official confirmation. We’ve got a confirmed spoiler teaser that says Ridge will hope to reconcile with Brooke, but Thorne may get in the way of that when he returns from Europe. Thorne will vow to best his brother both at work and in more pleasurable pursuits. So, look for that to happen later this month too.

The Bold And The Beautiful airs every Monday through Friday at 12:30 pm central standard time on CBS. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Bold And The Beautiful Facebook page for more Bold And The Beautiful news by Clicking Here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think this so awful for a for a father to sleep with his son’s wife,(even in soap opera) but this must be the new morality of today where everything is ok, so instead of getting these two young people over this vey rough spot in their marriage and go on, you all think a sordid affair is much better. I don’t have to watch this, so even though I like Steffy and Liam I will just switch the Channel.

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